Save 9% On Buying The iBuypower Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop SlateMR 215a

February 23, 2022

You can now get the iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop at 9% lower than the actual price. You can now save 9% of your cash with this deal and get a free 1-year warranty.

Using this iBUYPOWER Desktop, you may improve your present gaming setup. Its 8GB of RAM and Intel i5 11400F processor allow you to multitask, and its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics card depicts fast-paced gameplay without ripping the screen. A 480GB solid-state disk and a 1TB hard disc are also included in this iBUYPOWER Desktop for storing your favorite games.


  1. With a revamped and updated style, Windows 11 delivers all of the capability and security of Windows 10. It also includes new tools, sounds, and applications. Every element has been taken into account. All of this comes along to provide you with a novel PC feel.
  2. For intensive gaming, complicated modeling, and HD video editing, native six-core processing delivers aggressive yet power-efficient performance.
  3. For extensive multitasking, you’ll need 8GB of system RAM. DDR4 RAM with fast bandwidth to operate graphics-intensive PC games and video editing software, and many apps and browser tabs simultaneously.
  4. A solid-state drive with a capacity of 480GB (SSD), this gives enough room for your favorite games and data, as well as quick booting and download speed.

Product Specifications

  • Processor Model: Intel 11th Generation Core i5
  • Processor Speed (Base): 2.6 gigahertz
  • Storage Type: SSD, HDD
  • Total Storage Capacity: 1480 gigabytes
  • Solid State Drive Capacity: 480 gigabyte
  • Internet Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Number Of Ethernet Ports: 1
  • Number of HDMI Outputs (Total): 1
  • Number of USB Ports (Total): 3
  • Number of USB 2.0 Type-A Ports: 3
  • Number of USB 3.2 Type C Ports: 1
  • Number of DisplayPort Outputs (Total): 1
  • The number of DisplayPort Ver. 1.2 Outputs: 1
  • Item Weight: ‎35.5 pounds
  • Item Dimensions LLxWxH: ‎18.9 x 8.66 x 19.3 inches.


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