PowerApps and SharePoint – An Introduction

May 5

In this article today we will be looking at PowerApps and SharePoint, and how they work together, more so we will be looking at Microsoft SharePoint services that come with using PowerApps. So, what is PowerApps? PowerApps is a platform that was launched by Microsoft in 2015, it is a platform that enables individuals to build and use custom solutions. You do not have to be a technical expert or have any special software skills to be able to use PowerApps and SharePoint, anyone can use them!

Let’s take a look at PowerApps in a little more detail, which will then be followed by a closer look into SharePoint services.

PowerApps has powerful capabilities and can be run across different platforms. You can use PowerApps and run them across all of your devices whether it’s an Android, iPhone/iOS, or your web browser.

It is a service that can be applied to build and use custom-built business apps, connectors, and services which can then be connected to both your data and the work you are doing across the web or your mobile devices. This can all be done without the wastage of time and money on custom software development.

What are some benefits of PowerApps?

  • With PowerApps you can build apps quickly with the point-and-click feature in the app design.
  • You can easily connect your app to different and various sources of data and use features similar to Excel to log information.
  • PowerApps offers integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • You have the option of choosing from a large assortment of templates of you can begin from scratch with a blank canvas.
  • You can build your apps onto Dynamics 365.
  • You can integrate with Artificial Intelligence to improve your apps.
  • You do not require coding experience to use it.
  • You can publish your app onto different platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows 10, and the web.
  • You can customize SharePoint Online.
  • You can extend the reach of your apps with portals.
  • PowerApps are responsive by design.
  • You can extend your app capabilities by using Azure functions or by using custom connectors to connect to custom systems.
  • PowerApps stores data all in one, safe and secure place.

Manage all your business data with PowerApps, either through an app that was created by yourself or one that someone else created and shared with you. There is no number to the apps that you can create with PowerApps.

An Overview of SharePoint Development Services

PowerApps introduced SharePoint and its integration to the platform gradually, now the use of PowerApps and SharePoint together have become incredibly popular with users. One of the SharePoint services offered is the ability for teams to use SharePoint lists to access, share, and collaborate upon data.

This grants them the ability to build apps using PowerApps that use SharePoint lists as the source of data. With SharePoint development services there are always new updates and added features of how to use SharePoint services. While you may need to take on a SharePoint consultant, like AlphaBOLD, for certain SharePoint development services, for others you can manage on your own!

So, what are some ways to use SharePoint services?

An Overview of Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps are similar to PowerPoint, with blank designs allowing users to connect to data sources to input their information and create custom forms, views, etc. While several templates are readily available for users, they can also create their own customized ones. Below are some benefits to using Canvas Apps:

  • They are easily configured with drag and drop options, easy formulas, and hint text.
  • There is no need for custom CSS or scripts as the design is easily configurable and also compatible with all your devices.
  • It is easy to build forms, views, etc.
  • You can create multiple data sources from which the app consumes its data.
  • Parts of the PowerApps library is accessible from your mobile or tablet.
  • You can easily export and import as an App.
  • It can be configured on modern pages by using the PowerApps web part.

Another one of the SharePoint development services that you can ask a SharePoint consultant like AlphaBOLD to show you is SharePoint Form customization. You can use PowerApps to customize forms on SharePoint by choosing “customize form” from the list/library option. These forms are only available with SharePoint not within the PowerApps gallery. Below are some benefits to using SharePoint form customization:

  • The permissions that are applied to the list are also applied to the app as well and can be customized as per your requirement.
  • Can be tagged to your item forms and accessed directly from the list.
  • While it is not Infopath’s replacement, most of Infopath’s form customizations can be transferred to Office 365 using PowerApps.
  • It improves the functionality of the SharePoint form greatly with different features such as collections, variables, etc.
  • It can be used to customize both the List as well as the Library Forms.
  • It is easy to trigger Power Automate workflows using the form.

Why do SharePoint Consultants suggest PowerApps?

With these SharePoint services the benefits definitely outweigh the cons! But that is not to say that the integration of SharePoint is without its own limitations. PowerApps can still be considered as a relatively new platform and the integration of SharePoint a newer feature still.

Yet despite their recent introductions, they still only have a few problems and limitations that users come across. Microsoft is sure they regularly update PowerApps though, and it is safe to say that even these limitations will be problems of the past once these updates are put into action.


PowerApps is still a service that is finding its way in the tech world and many advancements have yet to be made, despite this, the popularity among users is evident and will only continue to grow. New features are continually being added to PowerApps and users can expect some great ones. If after reading this article, your interest in SharePoint services has grown, contact AlphaBOLD today, the SharePoint consultant that is guaranteed to provide you with the best service!

We also assist companies to resolve their business issues with business intelligence solutions. We help you use actionable insights to drive planning and decision making, as your reliable business intelligence service provider all over the journey.


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