How to Use Templates to Create a More Professional Instagram Theme?

May 14, 2022

Nowadays, Instagram content creation has been rising because it reaches many users. The quality of visual resources quality is important due to its possibility to increase visibility and recognition and even make better business performance.

However, not all content is useful. The themes must be professional to have the expected success. That’s why the content creation tools are fundamental for your Instagram profile, focusing on development, engagement, and sales.

One of those tools is Mojo App. With 840k ratings, it has 4,9/5,0 stars. Also, it has more than 30 million downloads, and it was awarded by Apple as the Best of 2019. Here is everything that you need to know about this valuable application that will help you to grow your business and your brand.

Quality Content: Why and How to Create It?

Although features like hashtags or strategies such as a certain frequency of publications works, the content quality is essential and matters to get engagement. Only quality content can get more impact and followers because Instagram is a visual platform. Profiles that have blurry photos, the captions are missing, and don’t use stories are boring to users. Instead, people follow accounts with informative, educational, inspirational, or all of these topics.

Before starting posting is necessary to have a content plan. This strategy must include your content theme, captions, the best hashtags, your profile grid, and an application capable of creating professional content and a good instagram story template.

The theme refers to the aesthetic of your profile. It is just how your profile looks. This is important because it represents your brand, products, and services. The theme will be effective if it looks nice, the colors make the right match, and the information is easy to process through your eyes. For better results, the theme should be consistent over time. 

The captions are a component useful to engage the attention of people because they explain further and give more information about the images, reels, and videos. Use a language according to your brand purpose, and don’t forget to include emojis because accounts with many followers get more engagement by using them.

Do some research about the hashtags because some will work better than others. A good way is to try searching for keywords related to your business and see what kind of content and the reach of your competitors. 

The grid refers to the pattern that appears in your posting feed.  It is recommended to plan it carefully to have an idea about what your profile will look like. Remember that careful visual planning will help to grow the number of followers.

What Does Mojo App Offer?

This tool has hundreds of Instagram story templates, text effects, and high-quality animations. Its features make it easier to create stunning and original social content. Mojo App has more than 500 exclusive animated templates, mojo text styles, soundtracks, and more.

Its templates extend to each aspect of life, such as fashion, healthy lifestyle, fitness, and photography, among others. Due to its powerful edition functions for Instagram stories, influencers, content creators, Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), and technology stores have installed Mojo. Also, common users are using and discovering all its creative advantages.

Mojo App is a new and simple way to create content for social media with a professional appearance. With this app, you can create attractive content by using animated templates, music, and text effects. Your photos or videos can be included in any template, and it is possible to share them easily from your mobile or save the video in your picture library. 

Also, you can edit videos by creating collages or adding special effects and filters. The Mojo App music library can be used without worrying about copyright because the selection is allowed for commercial purposes on any social media channel. A unique feature of this app is that it is possible to create a story with multiple sites and add, at the same time, a soundtrack to the story sequence.  

Mojo Pro includes more advantages such as complete access to templates and text styles, e-commerce templates that promote your brand, sell online, and show your business, and the possibility to add and animate your fonts, logotype, and brand colors, among others. 

The Instagram story templates and reels will boost your feed and increase your followers, and that will have a positive impact on your business. Give a try to Mojo App and get the highest benefits of your presence on social media. 


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