What Are Discord Spoiler Tags – How To Use Them?

August 5, 2021

Have you ever done the chit chat on the Discord server? Do you know about Discord Spoiler Tags? Are you using this feature to gain some attention? Well, if not, then try it in discord to mark your message as spoilers while chatting with your friends, communicating in the gaming sessions, or white-collar interactions. It’s super fun!

If you want to collect some more information regarding Discord Spoiler Tags extensively, then stick to this article. 

You will also get well-curated techniques to apply this feature effortlessly. So let’s dive into it right now.

What Are Discord Spoiler Tags?

Discord Spoiler Tags permits you to conceal the text or images on discord and allow the other people present on the server to determine whether they like to view the contents or not. Spoiler Tags in Discord is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac. Along with implementing them, you can also employ bold, italics, code formatting or linking functions in your text. 

You can also use this feature to alert people about messages which they might not be prepared to perceive. If any user wants to see the Spoiler Tags, they can see it simply by double-click depending on their choice. Once the feature is applied, you can see the text in grey or solid black box over the text, and if you have practised for images, it gets blurred.

Suppose you go into any specific channel on discord, and you might see that there is something hidden, and it’s got a black mask on top of the text, and you can’t read it. It is known as Spoiler Tags on discord. No matter if you hover over it or move your mouse. So basically, to read this, you would have to click on it, and then boom, it’ll get highlighted, and this is how you mark it as a spoiler on discord. One can execute this for both text and images. You may desire to do this if you don’t want to spoil video games, movies, books or anything similar like that. You can hide it from other users to prevent this situation. 

 Discord is a fantastic messaging platform. There is a lot of stuff that some people do not know, and those often include distinct text formatting. Now, let’s see how you can use them in various ways.

Method 1- Using Discord Spoiler Tags To Mark The Image In Mobile App

Directly, you cannot upload an image and turn it into a spoiler picture in a way you can do it on your PC. But what you should do is you need to go to your gallery, and you have to select the image you want to add. Then tap on the Share button right there, and then you have to save it to your files. So now it got saved on your phone. 

After that, go to the files upright, and you can notice the picture right there, and what you need to do is rename the file. Now you have to go in front of the name and type in caps lock with underscore like SPOILER_. After this syntax, name it whatever you like or leave it as it is, and now you have done it. 

For example- ” SPOILER_Beautiful Scenery”.


You can observe that you have finally added the spoiler tags, and now you can share them.

So if you want to share it, then go to the discord server you wanted to, and you don’t really have to add a comment and now click on the post and send it on that server. Hopefully, right now, you can see that it is the spoiler image, and if you click on it, you can see that it removes the spoiler. So this is the way you can send a spoiler image on discord mobile. It’s a little bit complicated as compared to a PC.

Method 2- Using Discord Spoiler Tags To Mark The Text In Both Mobile & PC

Now, you will take a look at discord and how to make spoiler text. So, if you type something and don’t want to spoil a plot of a fantastic game, then you have to put it in a tiny little box which is a characteristic of Spoiler Tags. Now, the text will be blacked over or say it will get hidden. It can also be applied to spark people’s curiosity or see who can resist the temptation of clicking the spoiler text. 

So, to make spoiler text in discord, you have to use straight lines (|) twice and this pipe-like symbol located just right on the shift key. You need to use the shift key and straight line (|) both at a time. Don’t confuse it with “I”

Anyway, use two of them, and then you can write your secret stuff. Then at the end, again, use two of the straight lines. You don’t need to give space between words, and there you have it. 

For example- ||Waoo!! This new feature of Spoiler Tags is superb.||

To view this, you can’t put your cursor over it, or if you do it, then it will do nothing. You have to click on it, and then you can see the spoiler. If you move to another channel and then return to the previous server, then you need to click it again to see it. 

Method 3- Another Way Of Using Discord Spoiler Tags To Mark The Text In PC

To do this for text, go ahead and start typing a message with backslash (/) and then all of the commands come up there, and the steps you are going to do are called spoilers. Do slash spoilers (/spoiler), and then type your spoiler text next. 

For example- /spoiler This is a spoiler

Once you have typed your spoiler text, then hit the Enter button. Now you can see that your text gets hidden beneath the solid black solid box. So, if you go over there, then you can’t see it. But when you click on it, there the spoiler is, and you’re good to go.

Method 4- Using Discord Spoiler Tags To Mark The Image In PC

To do spoiler tags for images, go ahead and click the addition (+) symbol and then add an image to this message chain. First of all, select an image from the gallery, or double click on the image and upload it. But right at the left side bottom, you will see something that says Mark as Spoilers. Make sure that it is marked tick and then click the blue button of Upload

Now, you will spot that the image will have the spoiler tag on the top of an image. Once the image has been marked as Spoiler Tags, then it automatically gets blurred. In the case that, if people want to view it, then they have to click on it. Subsequently, they can see the image that you are trying not to spoil the content. So that’s how you do image and text Spoiler Tags.

Method 5- Few More Discord Markdown Tags 

There is no better place than discord to discuss movies, games in all your favored entertainment. But, if you’re trying to keep the main events unrevealed from friends, then you can go for spoiler tags in discord. Let’s use plenty of markdown elements to change the display of your text in Discord Spoiler Tags. 

Spoiler tags are just one of the many ways you can modify your text in the discord server. You can combine Spoiler Tags with other markdown options. Start by typing the vertical bar twice, then begin entering your text. You can make certain words bold by entering two asterisks or even make your text bold plus italic and entering three asterisks. 

For example- *This is Italic*

                       **This is Bold**

                       ***This is Bold and Italic***

                       __This is Underline__

                       –This is Strike Out–

Your text will change as you enter it. So it’s easy to see how you are affecting your message before you send it. So, whenever you discuss the latest movies or web series with your server, make sure you hide your messages behind spoiler tags.

Final Verdict

Using Discord Spoiler Tags is immensely fruitful, mainly if you wish to cover up your secret message or other content that other people might not be ready to see. You can also hide the text messages, images, or gifs which might get posted erroneously. If you are using a PC, then Discord Spoiler Tags is easy to use.

If you have any queries related to this topic, feel free to ask. In which way you are using Spoiler Tags, let me know in the comment section below. I will be glad to hear from you guys.


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