How to Save on Medical Marijuana Card Certification in Ohio

October 19, 2021

Are you looking to get medical marijuana card certification? Now, in Ohio, a medical marijuana card is simply an identification card that will be issued to you as an indication that you are registered as a medical marijuana patient. With this card, you get access to all the benefits and rights that the State of Ohio grants under the medical marijuana law.

Getting approval for this card requires that you complete a three-step certification process. Now, you can decide to go the telemedicine way or make a physical office visit. Though there are some benefits to the good old traditional in-person visit, getting your certification through telemedicine at offers more advantages. In this overview, we will look at the advantages of a telemedicine visit over an in-person visit.

Differences Between a Telemed Visit and An Office Visit

Availability of Various Forms of Care

Unlike in the office visit where the appointment must be in-person, telemedicine appointments can be conducted in either of the following ways:

  • Live Video Conferencing

This is a two-way video-based appointment that allows you to talk to your medical marijuana doctor. The doctor can provide immediate and real-time advice to the patient while at the time evaluate your eligibility. Considering it offers an experience close to an in-person visit, it is the most popular form.

  • Patient Monitoring Through RPM

RPM – Remote Patient Monitoring – devices are another way that your doctor can evaluate you for eligibility. However, your will need to be fitted with particular devices for the process to work.

  • Mobile Health

Mobile health in telemedicine essentially makes use of mobile applications to monitor and track health performance.

There are many ways through which you can get virtual care. Regarding medical marijuana card certification, you will need to have access to a live video conferencing link.

Waiting or Queuing Time

In most cases, an in-person visit may require you to wait behind a queue before you can get your turn. Normally, if the queue is long and the medical personnel is few, the waiting will be longer than the consultation itself. In addition to waiting, you might have to factor in the travel time you need to commute from the hospital to your home or workplace. If you book a medical marijuana telemedicine visit in Ohio, you won’t have to worry about waiting for hours before your turn can be made available.

The Risk of Infection

Health care facilities are normally the holding areas for people with all types of conditions and illnesses. In case of an outbreak, catching an infection at the healthcare facility is quite high. Therefore, an in-person visit opens you up to the risk of infection, leading to complications and a high cost of treatment. On the other hand, telemedicine appointments ensure that you are protected from catching these infections. For instance, if you apply for medical marijuana due to critical care conditions, getting an infection will only worsen your condition. You can ensure this does not happen by booking a telemedicine visit.

Transportation Time and Costs

Virtual care is saving more than lives. Essentially, it ensures that you get to keep that extra dime in your pocket. Now, going for an office visit may require you to drive over or hire the means of transportation. Additionally, you might have to make arrangements for work or home engagements due to the waiting time. These arrangements are essential if you don’t want to cause inconveniences. For something as simple as medical marijuana card certification, you should just sit back and book a virtual session. That way, you will be able to channel your finances to better use.

Convenience in Regards to Patient with Mobility Problems

Office visit has never been friendly for people with mobility problems. An office visit for a disabled person may be more devastating. With telehealth, a person with limited mobility will not worry about long waiting hours in uncomfortable environments. If you have limited mobility and want a medical marijuana card, schedule a telemedicine visit at the comfort of your home.

Technology Limitations

Virtual care can only be so good. Since the use of telemedicine facilities requires some acquaintance with technological devices, some individuals feel left out. For instance, older people may not be skilled in setting up the internet and making a video conference appointment. Additionally, when there is a problem with the connection or the devices, they may not be in a position to provide solutions. For this reason, in-person visits are more advisable.

Doctor-Patient Rapport

Apart from the treatment routine, patients sometimes tend to have a preference for a certain doctor. This is especially if there is an existent rapport. While an office visit offers this advantage, the virtual care option only focuses on service delivery and not personal level connections.

Physical Examination

If you have a condition that requires a physical examination before your card can be issued, the best route to take is the office visit. Virtual care does not offer much in regards to physical examination and evaluation.

How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio

You can get your medical marijuana card certification in three simple steps. These are:

  • Scheduling An Appointment

Essentially, in this step, you get to schedule an appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor. Normally, you can decide to make a telemedicine or office appointment, depending on your preferences. A telemedicine medical marijuana appointment in Ohio will be conducted online, while an office appointment will require your physical presence.

  • Talk To a Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor

Once you’ve booked your appointment, the next step is to talk to the medical marijuana doctor. Typically, the doctor will ask you questions and evaluate your eligibility for the card. This session lasts for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Card Issuance

Once the doctor approves your eligibility, the doctor will make an online recommendation to the state for card issuance. In Ohio, you can get your card the same day.


In a nutshell, you can save on your medical marijuana card certification by avoiding extra costs and inconveniences. Essentially, virtual care available through telemedicine offers you convenience and ease of getting the card without the hustles of an office visit.


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