How to Get More Comments on Instagram

November 24, 2022

Many people only check their Instagram feed every few days. When they do, they wonder why some posts seem to get more exposure than others. Why isn’t the feed chronological, so nothing gets missed? 

Instagram changed its algorithm in an effort to show users their preferred content. The posts may be hours old or a few days, but they still show up on the person’s feed. As a result, social media marketers are finding it harder to bring attention to their organic posts. However, there are ways they can get more comments on Instagram. The following ideas are ones every social media marketer should try. 

Ensure the Account is Public

A private account can only be seen by those who the page owner has approved. To extend the reach of the business, allow anyone to see the posts. This can be done in the Settings section of the site. While in Settings, enable push notifications. This makes it easy to like or reply to comments. In addition, it will allow new people to comment on the site, which is always good for ensuring the post gets more exposure.

Consider Buying Likes

One way to increase comments and likes quickly is to purchase them through a reputable supplier. Doing so helps a new business gain more attention and can benefit established companies looking to boost engagement. To purchase these likes, shop at

Offer Interesting Content

If the content doesn’t catch a viewer’s eye, they will keep scrolling. Allow more team members to post on the site. This helps to keep the feed interesting and ensures there is fresh content for viewers to explore. It’s always best to have input from a large group, as doing so helps to attract more viewers. Each person brings their own perspective that might attract a new viewer. 

Post this content regularly. It doesn’t have to be daily. In fact, experts recommend keeping posts to once a day. Consider timing the posts, so they don’t get lost in later postings. 

Giveaways and Contests

Promote a contest or giveaway on Instagram and require users to comment on the post to get an entry. To increase comments, give them one entry for each day they comment. Another way to boost comments is to allow users to post their own content and have them mention or tag the brand in the post. 

Allow Someone to Take Over the Feed for a Day

A great way to generate fresh content is to allow an influencer or colleague to take over the feed for the day. They’ll bring a different feel to the feed, which can help to draw more comments. Consider taking over their feed at the same time. 

Encourage Engagement

One way to encourage engagement is to ask followers a question. When they do so, ask them to tag a friend to see if they want to join the conversation. This can be something as simple as posting two items and asking which they prefer or making a statement and asking if they agree or disagree. 

Share Video Content

People like to see more than photos on Instagram. They also enjoy videos. When they see a video, they are inclined to stop and view it. However, don’t just post any video. Ensure it is compelling, and encourage viewers to share their thoughts about the content in the comments. 

Include Hashtags

Hashtags should be used on all posts. This will help individuals in the target audience find the business. In fact, hashtags have been shown to increase engagement, and an influencer might even join the conversation if they see a hashtag related to a topic they are interested in. Their comment could lead to new people finding the post and the business. 

Show Faces

Yahoo Labs and Georgia Institute of Technology joined together to study which posts get more engagement. They found those with human faces generate more likes and more comments. In fact, both likes and comments increase by over 30 percent. They believe it may have something to do with nonverbal communication. In addition, these posts show the human side of the brand. 

These are only a few of the countless ways anyone on Instagram can encourage comments on posts. Other ideas to consider include posting pictures of animals, responding to comments, including emojis in captions, and offering to set up a question-and-answer session. Allow followers to submit their questions to be answered during this session. 

Any engagement on the social media site is beneficial. It helps to move posts up in the feed. In addition, the posts are discoverable when a person clicks the explore tab. Implement these tips for great results in little time. 


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