How to Connect Your Router to a VPN – Learn How to Surf Privately

November 24, 2021

Most people do not even know that they can connect their router to a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. A VPN creates a secure and private remote connection from your home or office network to another network in a different location. It does this by encrypting your data using a protected authentication method like a pre-shared key or a username and password.

The best way to protect your entire network is to install a VPN on your router. A router VPN  saves you the trouble of downloading individual VPNs to all your devices and allows you to use them without any connection limits.

Installing a VPN app on your android or iPhone, your office laptop, or your home desktop or tablet is a great way to improve your online security. But installing it directly to your router will let you control your router’s IP address so you can browse the internet freely and anonymously.

How to Connect Your Router to a VPN

Connecting your router to a VPN means that you are essentially connecting all your devices to a secure network that the VPN provides to all your devices, all at once. A Router VPN guards any device – be it a phone, laptop, PSII, Xbox, or tablet – connecting through them.

Follow the steps given below to connect your router to a VPN easily:

1. Make sure you have downloaded or subscribed to a VPN provider

The first step is to ensure you already have a VPN installed on one of your devices. There are loads of VPNs out there, and you’ve probably heard of most of them. If you are willing to pay for a subscription, well and good.

But there are also companies that offer Free Unlimited VPN, which might give you all the benefits of a private connection at no cost.

2. Prep your router

There are ways to bypass the whole process of installing a VPN  on your router by purchasing a VPN router. These kinds of routers don’t require any setup and have a VPN already running on them.

But we’re going to assume you already have a WiFi router and don’t really intend on shelling out money to get a new one just for VPN. Why waste money when you can get it all done for free? Make sure your router can support VPN functionality, though.

3. Login as Admin

Go to your router and locate that sticker that is usually at the bottom of it. This will have all the login details and other information written on it. Once you have the login details and the IP address written down, go back to your device.

Using a desktop? Connect it to your router using an ethernet cable if you have one, along with the usual WiFi username and password.

Hop on to any browser, type in the IP address, and login as the administrator.

4. Activate VPN

Locate the VPN tab. It might be hiding behind the Security option. Look for your VPN client, create a new server profile. You can also do a manual setup to establish either or a PPTP connection instead of an open connection, where you can specify the location of your VPN server. Just click activate, and you will see that your router is now connected to a VPN.

You’ll see how any device that connects to your router will also be connected through that VPN server using that same encryption.

How to Surf Privately

Once you have a router VPN, you can immediately surf the internet privately and securely. There are some revolutionary IP-sharing VPNs for routers that are completely free and can be downloaded with just one click.

A free unlimited VPN provides you with complete online security and privacy while hiding IP addresses. With a router VPN, you can go on any website without third parties knowing your true and original IP address; that’s the biggest advantage of a VPN. It shouldn’t matter where you are logging on from, as long as you are providing their website with traffic.

Does VPN really make your connection private?

Yes! A VPN is the best way to make your connection to the internet 100% private, secure, and anonymous. According to Forbes, everyone should use a VPN in 2021.

It creates a stable and protected pathway between your device and another network by hiding your real IP address. It makes your connection private and prevents hackers from gaining access to you by hiding your online footprints and geographical location.


A router VPN is one of the best ways to reach any website from anywhere in the world, no matter the connection barriers.

By selecting your desired VPN geography, you can use the internet without worrying about anyone prying on your browsing activity and downloading history. It enables users to take their online privacy into their own hands and surf the internet privately.


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