How Gambling Licenses Work Online

March 18, 2023

Gambling continues to be popular on many online platforms. The legalization of online casinos and sports betting gave way to the entry of more and more companies. However, to operate legally, it’s crucial to obtain a license.

The licensing requirements will vary from state to state or country to country. Without the necessary permits, legal repercussions can confront service providers.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the basics of online gambling permits, including how they work and how to obtain them. Let’s dive in!

What is an Online Gambling License?

In a nutshell, an online gambling license is a legal document proving that a company can operate lawfully within a specific jurisdiction.

Like their land-based casinos, their online counterparts are subject to regulations. Hence, one of the most important is to secure the necessary permit before operating.

The issuance of permits to online gambling operators can help deter crime by regulating the major players. To add, it can also ensure fairness. Further, it might prevent the exploitation of vulnerable populations, such as children.

Initially, it might seem like getting a permit is a burden to the operator. However, in the long run, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Why Is Licensing Important for Online Casinos

You might be wondering why casinos go through the hassle of applying for a permit. Well, like other businesses, it must follow legal requirements.

Further, acquiring a legal permit can deliver a plethora of benefits, including:

The Most Common Online Gambling Licenses

If you’re looking for an online, make sure it has the necessary permit to operate. It can be from different authorities, including the following:

Among others, many people consider the UK Gambling Commission the gold standard. It has a strict application process. Hence, you can expect that casinos with a permit from such has a good reputation. Check out for a list of online platforms licensed in Great Britain.

Some, however, are only rubber stamp regulators. They issue permits only to earn money from the fees they are paid. So, watch out and evaluate the permit a specific online casino holds.

How Online Casinos Choose Licensing Jurisdictions

Online casinos choose from various jurisdictions where they will apply for a permit. One thing they consider is how easy it is to apply. Some authorities have stricter requirements.

Cost is also a crucial consideration. Operators might choose gambling authorities or commissions that charge a lower rate for licensing.

Of course, the popularity of the gambling authority is also important. If the casino obtains a permit from one that’s not popular, people might not trust the platform.

Requirements for Obtaining a License

The requirements can vary depending on the location. For the purpose of this post, however, let’s talk about the case in the United Kingdom.

Casinos must apply for an operating permit to operate in Great Britain. It’s crucial to submit the necessary documentary requirements, such as the following:

More so, licensing casinos also comes at a cost. The operator will shoulder the payment. Meanwhile, the specific prices can vary depending on the gaming authority processing the permits.

CuraƧao offers one of the cheapest licensing rates. Meanwhile, Gibraltar is often the most expensive. It’s also among the strictest licensing authorities in the online gambling market.

What It Means for Players

Licensing is important not just for businesses but also for players. It’s one of the first things to look for when playing on an online gambling platform. In most cases, you’ll find the license at the lower portion of the website.

Among others, a permit would mean a safe and secure experience for players. It shows that the casino has been vetted by a legal authority. Hence, it passed tests to prove the platform’s legitimacy.

More so, the permit can also translate to the fairness of the games. It means they have been evaluated to prevent rigging. Therefore, you can expect a fair winning rate.

Wrapping Up

Overall, licensing requirements are crucial for online casinos. It allows legal operation while also providing players with peace of mind. While it can be costly for the operator, it is worth the money because of its many benefits.


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