How Do Online Casinos Use Artificial Intelligence?

March 2, 2022

Technology is growing at a faster rate than ever. Most industries now make use of various types of technology for different purposes. The gambling industry has not been left out, as it employs technology in developing sophisticated apps and websites with cutting-edge interfaces to provide the best user experience. 

More interestingly, online betting and gambling companies now use artificial intelligence, one of the latest advancements in technology, to further improve the quality of experience for both themselves and the users. Artificial Intelligence or AI – the ability of computers to mimic the human mind – is changing our interaction with services and businesses ranging from healthcare, marketing, and technology to retail stores and online casinos.

 Discussed below are five ways in which AI has influenced online casinos:

Prevention of fraud

One of the downsides to the use of technology is the increase in cybercrime. Ironically, the more sophisticated technology gets in terms of security, the higher the rate of cybercrime. Criminals are always on the lookout to defraud people of vital information and money. 

The story is the same for the online gambling industry – after all, there is a lot of money involved. The good thing is that criminals don’t often succeed, thanks to the adoption of AI.

Artificial intelligence monitors every player, and it checks for any suspicious activities; if any are suspected or found, the system can intervene. AI imparts some fairness in online casinos, such that every player is presented with equal opportunities and subjected to the same conditions.

Provision of the level playing field

Still, on the issue of fairness, AI roots out cheating players and creates a level playing field. Over time, some players have used bots or probability programs that increase their winning chances. AI is designed to observe every player’s behavior. For example, someone who keeps on winning at blackjack tends to play the game rather quickly, which might be a trigger for AI to monitor potentially fraudulent activity. Artificial intelligence ensures that everyone has a fair chance at winning.

Improved support services

Customer service plays a key role in providing a positive experience at an online casino. It is essential for operators to provide support that is easily accessible and offers fast response times. Many of the leading casino sites use artificial intelligence chatbots. These allow online websites to provide chat support services.

The bots are programmed to answer questions that are posed by players and provide a support system for fast and accurate responses to inquiries. They also minimize the need for human support agents, cutting down on operating costs.

It is estimated that 78% of businesses worldwide are using artificial intelligence for support options. This is expected to increase as online casino operators look for ways to cut costs and reduce the number of human employees. The impact of AI is positive, as it allows casino sites to provide fast support services to those with general inquiries. 

Improve UX and CX

The most amazing thing about AI is its ability to learn, study and analyze data, and provide relevant information based on this analysis. This is no different in online casinos – AI observes and analyzes a player’s behavior, and using its sophisticated systems, predicts action that a player is likely to take.

 This adoption of AI is also beneficial to users, as operators can attract and keep players with the data collected, thereby maximizing their profits. In addition, chatbots – although impersonal – can help you with minor challenges you may experience while on the website or using the apps.

All of this, combined with the impressive browser or app interface, makes any NZ online casino experience seamless and exciting.

Boost revenue

The adoption of AI in online casinos not only makes gambling simpler and more enjoyable but also generates revenue for operators. Operators collate data about players – via club cards and loyalty programs – that helps them decide what makes a player tick.

 Also, operators can generate revenue from players who withdraw their winnings, especially those who withdraw a large sum of money. Although some players might want to leave their winnings and let it accumulate, operators will sometimes run a promo to encourage withdrawals – at a cost, of course. 

Although AI is not without some drawbacks, the benefits of adopting the technology far outweigh any pitfalls. Gambling industries have been able to improve user experience customer services, reduce the chances of suspicious activities, generate more revenue and provide you with tips on how to become a professional casino player. Ultimately, AI has facilitated an effective approach to responsible gaming. 


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