23 Google Tricks and Shortcuts

November 22

Google is the smartest and powerful search engine that can populate you with many results as per your phrase. For its service, this search engine is widely used throughout the world. Google is regarded as the only tech giant that holds the full world in its database. Google not only delivers you the results of every search but it has some important interesting features that are unfamiliar to many. The Google tricks and shortcuts that will take your experience using this search engine to the next level. Today I will list here some amazing Google tricks and shortcuts.

23 Google Tricks and Shortcuts

Below I am listing some entertaining and amazing that you haven’t seen before. When you will know all the tricks and shortcuts of Google you can apply those to your friend’s system and surprise him. As Google updated regularly so some tricks might not work.

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1. You can play and also have fun with Google Chrome. There are many hidden games on Google. One of those is bubble game in which you will see that bubble will erase everything on screen. For that type “zerg rush” on the google search and hit enter. The game will start.

2. Thi is another google trick applying which you can have some transition effect on your Google. It is a trick which you can show to your friends with a keyword.  Type “do a barrel roll ” on Google search and hit enter. You will automatically have 360-degree transition effect on  Google for a while.

3. We normally use Google search to search any content or articles but do you can even search a  particular image on Google. Yes, Like normal Google search they also provide you to search image. Same as Google search engine there is Google image search. You need to upload an image or paste a URL  to search engine and Google will deliver everything related to it like source, personal information, etc.

4. You can check the nutrition value of two food simply on Google. It will help you to choose the right to eat and for diet. Just type burger or pizza on the search engine and hit enter. This is, for example, you can differentiate between any food.

5. Sometime in sitting before a computer screen, you might forget other thing or work. So Google also avails you to remind you of a specific time. Yes, you can ser timmer on Google. Type “set a timer to 2 minutes and 2 seconds” and hit enter.  Click on the first very first line which will redirect you to a stopwatch. Google will remind you of 2 minutes and 2 seconds through an alarm music.

6. Google also help you to translate any language to another. If you are quite familiar with English but don’t know other languages then you can simply translate a sentence to any other languages. Open your Google Search engine and type Google Translate. Then select language and enter the word or sentence and then translate it to your desired language.

7. If you are on a tour somewhere in the globe and wish to see the sunrise and sunset which is romantic then Google will help you.  Just open Google and type sunrise in Germany or Sunset in Germany, it will show the exact time of sunrise and sunset in that place.

8. Like as Sunrise and sunset you can even check on Google the weather forecast for a place. Google will show you the temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed. Type on Google California Forecast, it will show all the details.

9. If you want to know the exact time of a place then Type on Google the name of place and time. For eg California Time.

10. Google even help you to do a calculation.Type calculator on Google and hit enter.

11. You can even calculate the tip on Google as it provides an easy Tip calculator. Type tip Calculator and hit enter.

12.   You can even check on Google the arrival and departure time of a flight.  Type “Flight number Location airways”. For example, type flight 111 us airways.

13.  If you love to watch series and episodes then Google will list you all the episodes and its names. Type, for example, GOT episodes.

14. If you are waiting for a film and want to know the tentative release date then take help from Google.

15. It is another Google tricks using which you can see which films are showing near your location on theatre.

16. All people have their favorite musician or singer and if you want to hear songs then type “songs by artist name” and hit enter. Google will show you the list. Click on any song and view it on Youtube.

17. Google will assist you with everything. It is another google tricks where google will show you the result what you speak out. Click on the mic icon “Search by voice“. What you will speak Google will refine you the results.

Google Shortcuts

18.  To open the homepage of Google press  Alt key with Home.

19. If you want to see a page in fullscreen then press F11.

20.  If you have open many tabs on Google Chrome browser then to open the last tab press ctrl+9.

21. If you want to delete any private data on Google Chrome browser then press ctrl+shift+delete keys.

22. To open new Google Chrome browser window press ctrl+N.

23. F5 to refresh or reload any page on Google.

Google is one of the smartest search engines which now used by maximum people in the Earth. It helps us by providing the filter result as per our phrase search. Apart from it, you can even use Google for entertaining purpose using some tricks and shortcuts. These 23 Google tricks and shortcuts provide us more convenient and efficient on browsing. If you have discovered any other Google tricks then drop it in the below comment box.


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