How to Use Chromecast Setup on Windows, Mac & Android?

April 19, 2018

Google Chromecast is the best in class video-streaming dongle which is designed to convert your dumb TV into Smart TV. This device enables the users to enjoy online movies, music and even do lot more in your normal TV. Besides your TV, the Google Chromecast can also be used with your Mac, Windows and Android devices to stream online videos, YouTube videos, and Netflix and even browse the internet using this dongle. Below the steps are explained on how to Set Up Chromecast on Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

What are Chromecast Requirements?

  • HD supported with HDMI and USB Port
  • The Chromecast Device including power plug, cable and more
  • Android 4.2 version or above
  • iOS 8 or above
  • Windows and Mac PC
  • Wi-Fi connectivity on running device.

How to Setup Chromecast for Android and iOS Devices?

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to setup the Chromecast device for the Android and iOS devices. However, you need the Chromecast Application downloaded online on your device prior to starting the process of setting up the device. You will find the Chromecast App for free download from Play Store and Apple Store in Android and iOS devices respectively. So, download the application and install it on the device to successful Chromecast Setup.

Instructions for Chromecast Setup on Android and iOS

  • Launch the web mobile browser on your Android and iOS device and visit the official website of Chromecast i.e.
  • You will be redirected to the webpage of Chromecast Setup from where you need to download the Chromecast App
  • Now you need to download the Google Home App on your Android and iOS device
  • Install and open the application on your respective phones

  • Connect the device to Wi-Fi once the application is launched
  • There you will find the option “Cast” at the right top corner of the home screen, from the search bar search for “Chromecast Device”
  • Click on the “Device” icon and again click on “Next”
  • Now you need to choose the country and setup the chromecast
  • You will get a code both on your Phone and TV screen which you need to tally and when the codes match you need to click “I See the Code” option
  • And finally, you are required to set the Wi-Fi username and password and click on “OK” button to successful complete the setup process of Chromecast on Android so as to cast anything from the Smartphone to TV.

Stream Video through Chromecast using Android

After installation the Chromecast App successfully, you can run the cast on TV using your Android or iOS device and watch online videos.

  • Click the Google Home App to launch it on your device
  • You will see a variety of apps on the home page of the application
  • Click the favourite app and start streaming or listening to music on TV
  • You can use the Android or iOS device to control the cast on TV like controlling volumes, changing videos and audios and more

How to Setup Charomecast on Windows and Mac PC?

Unlike Android device, users are not required to download and install Chromecast App on your Mac or Windows PC to set up Chromecast. However, they would require running the operation via Cast option which is already present in Chrome Browser.

Chrome browser is highly recommended when it comes to setup Chromecast on Mac and Windows PC. You are not required to install or download the additional application as the Chrome Browser also has built-in apps in the extension to support the process of Chromecast setup. You would also require a fast internet connection or Wi-Fi connectivity to run the Chromecast on TV using your Windows and Mac PC.

Chromecast Setup on Windows, Mac

Step One – Launch Chrome Browser

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your Windows and Mac PC and find the built-in option called “Cast” from the menu of the browser and click it. You will be connected to the Chromecast Device directly.
  • You need to ensure that you are using the latest Chrome version to avail this benefit. To know this you can go to the menu and click on “Help” and again click on “About Chrome” to know the version of Chrome you are using.

Step Two – Start Chroemcast

  • From the menu section of the Chrome Browser you will find the “Cast” option from where you can start Chromecast. But you need to ensure that the device has plugins all the equipments including the Chromecast Device

  • Once you click on the “Cast” button you will find two options from where you need to choose the “Cast Desktop” option and you will quickly search for the nearby Chromecast device.
  • After it finds the nearest Chromecast device, you will be notified and you need to click on “Continue” button.
  • Now you are required to connect the device with Chromecast using Wi-Fi or internet and this will successful complete the Chromecast setup on Mac and Windows PC. Soon after the setup is complete the TV screen will appear as Mirror image on the screen of your Mac PC and Windows PC.

How to Stream Videos Through Chromecast using Mac and Windows?

After successful setup of Chromecast and it is connected with your Mac and Windows, you can start streaming movies and music from PC and you can also cast with the popular website like Netflix and YouTube to stream your favourite videos and movies. There are also other websites that are supported by the Chromecast and you are required to search for your favourite movies which you can stream through Chromecast using the Mac and Windows PC.


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