Get Free V Bucks: Best Ways To Earn V Bucks In 2021

If you are a Fortnite player and looking for Free V bucks, you are at the right place. All Fortnite enthusiasts know how important V bucks are for them to level up in the games. Here you can find a few working methods to get V bucks at zero cost.

What is V Bucks?

V bucks are the virtual currency of the Battle Royale game in Fortnite. You can use this currency to buy passes for the Battles, Cosmetics, loots, New worlds, Gaming modes, gliders, etc.

Fortnite V bucks

Basically, V bucks are used to level up quickly without putting a lot of effort to clear all the tasks. It will enhance the gaming experience with customized characters and weapons, helping you move forward in the game effortlessly.

If you want V bucks to make any in-game purchases, you need to buy them by spending real-world money. If you are someone who doesn’t spend money, you can log into your Fortnite or Playstation Account, launch the game and buy items for cash.

Can we get Fortnite V bucks for free?

Despite the fact that you want to reach the next levels as quickly as possible, V bucks are quite expensive to spend money on. The cost varies from $9.99 to $99.99 for 1000 to 10000 V bucks, and you don’t want to spend so much money to make purchases inside the game.

Purchase V Bucks Card in Fortnite

But you don’t have to worry. We have found some ways using which you can earn free V-bucks. You can use these tricks and spend a little time, and you can make a lot of Fortnite currency without spending a penny from your pocket.

All these methods are working and will get you guaranteed V bucks free Gift cards. So try out these methods as per the instructions.

Earn Fortnite Currency inside the Game

The following methods help you earn free V bucks within the Fortnite universe.

Method 1: Login Daily

Login Daily to Fortnite for Free V Bucks

When you log in to Fortnite, some V bucks will be credited to your Account. You will get this virtual currency once every day. It’s the most straightforward way to earn free V bucks.

Even though the earnings are comparatively very low compared to the price of the items you want to purchase, there is no harm in some Bucks getting added to your account daily. And anyway, if you love playing Fortnite, it wouldn’t be a problem to login once each day.

Method 2: Participate in Daily Quests

Save the World daily Quest

If you own Fortnite Save the World mode, you can use this method. You can take different challenges in this gaming mode and complete them. You will earn V bucks for every challenge you complete in Save the World game.

You can also choose to participate in Save the World Campaign. You can unlock missions by playing more, and by accomplishing the missions, you will earn more free V bucks.

The currency you earn will be added to your Account and can be used in Battle Royale mode as well. So take part in as many challenges as possible to make more and more V bucks for free.

Method 3: Take Part in Battle Pass Challenges

Win V Bucks in Royale Battle Pass

In Fortnite Battle Royale gaming mode, you can find Battle Pass Challenges. If you are using Fortnite for free, you can participate in three challenges a week and more if you have the paid version of Battle Pass.

You will be given a target to kill so many numbers of players or collect some amount of wood, etc. On completing these challenges, you will earn V bucks and level up in Battle Pass for free. 

As you reach higher levels, you will get to unlock treasures and earn rewards that include V bucks, skins, pickaxes, etc. The advantage of this method is that you enjoy playing, and you will be making free V bucks as well.

Get V Bucks outside Fortnite 100% Free

These are the methods you can follow to earn free V Bucks codes and Gift cards. You can also make money online quickly and use that money to purchase items or V Bucks on Fortnite Store.

Method 1: Online Survey Sites

If you are looking to earn free gift cards and money online, there are many survey sites you can try. They will offer you to earn points for performing simple tasks. Here we have given a few popular survey sites.


Swagbucks Online Survey Site

Swagbucks is popular for letting its users earn money for filling in surveys. All you have to do is take some surveys, watch video advertisements, signup for a newsletter, and browse through their search engine.

All these tasks are simple, and you can do it in your free time. You will earn points in return for this. Once there are enough points in your balance, you can redeem them to get gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, etc. 

You can also transfer these points as money to your bank account via Paypal and then use the cash to get Free V Bucks in Fortnite.


PointsPrizes : Win V Bucks Gift Cards

PointsPrizes is a survey site similar to Swagbucks. Here also, you will get points and V bucks gift cards for performing simple tasks. You can choose to fill surveys, watch videos, download apps, and use them to earn points.

These points will later redeem your gift cards or money as per your preferences. Get these points to your Account via Paypal, and you can use them to make purchases in Fortnite Store and buy V bucks.

You can try SurveyJunkie, Vindale Research, CashPirates, LifePoints, etc., for similar services. Earn money online in your free time and spend it on free V bucks.

Method 2: Social Media Giveaways

V Bucks Giveaway Challenges

You must be knowing that many popular gamers and the Fortnite gaming page itself announce giveaways on various occasions. You need to check these pages regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Participate in these giveaway challenges, and you might get a chance to win V bucks gift cards. Another place you need to be looking at is Youtube gaming streams. You can get to win V bucks codes for free by participating in gaming challenges here.

Free V Bucks Generator: Scam Or Genuine?

Free V Bucks Generator

You must have seen plenty of websites promising you to generate Fortnite V Bucks for free. Please be careful while visiting such a website because most of them are a scam. You end up with nothing wasting your time and efforts.

Many of these websites collect your information for their benefit. They ask you to click random links that are not secure, and there is a chance of malware attacking your device. Stay away from such sites for your safety and security.


I hope you now know how to earn free V bucks easily. The methods given in this article are working and safe. You can try all of these methods to make more and more V bucks without worrying about anything.

I hope this article was helpful. Please keep reading our articles. Thank You.


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