Firehouse Subs Menu Prices

Have you ever heard the name of Firehouse Subs? The best Sandwiches subs serve only @ Firehouse Subs Restaurant.

Yes, the chain of this fast food becoming very successful all over the world because this taste never gets you anywhere. You select the perfect place to get important information with the latest updates in Firehouse Subs Menu Prices.

I surely said you would love to take visit your nearest Firehouse Subs Locations. Because the healthier food makes life more Healthy So in that purpose they also making Firehouse Subs Nutrition Chart.

You not only enjoy your food but also taking so many benefits offered by them like Firehouse Subs Coupons. So, Don’t wait to imagine just to take visit Firehouse Subs Near You by using links I have given in this article.

If you are planning for a function or for any occasion you wanted to order in the group the best cater I suggest you is Firehouse Subs Catering Price List with the perfect Menu and Prices you will find here.

So we started with the Firehouse Subs Menu Prices 2020 updated from the reference sites and make the perfect chart. 

Firehouse Subs Menu Prices

Firehouse Subs Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, and Beverages 

Firehouse Subs Under 500 Calories Subs Menu and Prices 2020

Hook & Ladder Light$5.49
Turkey & Cranberry$5.79
Momma’s Homemade Chicken Salad$5.79
Turkey Salsa Verde$5.79
Sriracha Beef$5.79
Capt. Sorensen’s Datil Pepper Grilled Chicken$5.79

Firehouse Subs Under 500 Calories Salads Menu and Prices 2020

Hook & Ladder Salad$7.29
Momma’s Homemade Chicken Salad$7.29
Firehouse Salad with Meat (Turkey Breast, Grilled Chicken or Honey Ham)$7.29
Italian with Grilled Chicken Salad$7.29
Firehouse Salad$5.29

Firehouse Subs Catering Dessert Platter Menu and Prices 2020

Cookies Platter$18.9924 Pc.
Combination Platter$20.9924 Pc.
Brownies Platter$22.9924 Pc.

Firehouse Subs Hot Subs Menu and Prices 2020

Corned Beef Brisket$5.89Medium
Honey Ham$8.39Large
Grilled Chicken Breast$8.79Large
Smoked Turkey Breast$5.89Medium
Honey Ham$5.89Medium
Smoked Turkey Breast$8.39Large
Premium Roast Beef$8.39Large
Grilled Chicken Breast$6.29Medium
Premium Roast Beef$5.89Medium
Corned Beef Brisket$8.39Large

Firehouse Subs Kids’ Combo Menu and Prices 2020

Includes 12 oz Drink, Kid Dessert & Fire Hat
Kids Grilled Cheese$4.09
Kids Meatball$4.09
Kids Honey Ham$4.09
Kids Turkey Breast$4.09

Firehouse Subs Combo Menu and Prices 2020

Includes Medium Drink
Brownie Combo$3.29Large
Cookie Combo$2.64Large
Chip Combo$2.64Large
Chip Combo$2.39Medium
Brownie Combo$2.89Medium
Cookie Combo$2.39Medium

Firehouse Subs Sides Menu and Prices 2020

Slaw Side$1.09
Fire Hydrant Hot Sauce$5.99Bottle
Firehouse Chili$3.89Bowl
Cookie$0.851 Pc.
Cookies$1.252 Pc.

Firehouse Subs Catering Box Lunches Menu and Prices 2020

Lieutenant Includes Medium Sub, Chips, Pickle & Cookie. Rookie Includes Medium Sub, Chips & Pickle.
Catering Box Lunches – Lieutenant Deluxe$6.99
Catering Box Lunches – Rookie$5.99
Catering Box Lunches – Lieutenant$6.69
Catering Box Lunches – Rookie Deluxe$6.29

Firehouse Subs Catering Platters Menu and Prices 2020

Deluxe Platter$44.99
Standard Platter$39.99
Half Platter: Subs & Salad$32.99
Half Platter: Subs & Snacks$27.99

Firehouse Subs Cold Subs Menu and Prices 2020

Momma’s Chicken Salad$6.29Medium
Tuna Salad$8.49Large
Tuna Salad$5.99Medium
Momma’s Chicken Salad$8.79Large

Firehouse Subs Drinks Menu and Prices 2020

Dasani Water$1.89Bottled
Fountain Drink$1.89Medium
Vitamin Water$1.89Bottled
Fountain Drink$1.69Small
Soft Drink$1.89Bottled
Fountain Drink$2.14Large

Firehouse Subs Hot Specialty Subs Menu and Prices 2020

Club on a Sub$8.79Large
Firehouse Steak & Cheese$6.19Medium
New York Steamer$8.49Large
Firehouse Steak & Cheese$8.69Large
Firehouse Meatball$5.89Medium
Hook & Ladder$5.89Medium
Firehouse Hero$6.39Medium
Firehouse Pepperoni Meatball$6.89Medium
Turkey Bacon Ranch$8.79Large
Club on a Sub$6.29Medium
Firehouse Pepperoni Meatball$9.39Large
Firehouse Meatball$8.39Large
Sweet & Spicy Meatball$8.39Large
Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket$9.49Large
Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket$6.99Medium
Firehouse Hero$8.89Large
Hook & Ladder$8.39Large
Sweet & Spicy Meatball$5.89Medium
New York Steamer$5.99Medium
Turkey Bacon Ranch$6.29Medium

Firehouse Subs Catering Drink Menu and Prices 2020

Unsweet Tea$4.491 Gallon
Bottled Beverages$10.0010 Pc.
Sweet Tea$4.491 Gallon
Cherry Lime-Aid$5.991 Gallon
Lemonade$4.491 Gallon

Firehouse Subs Catering Salads Menu and Prices 2020

Deluxe Salad$37.99
Catering Salad$27.99

Firehouse Subs History

In 1994 Firehouse Subs  Restaurant was founded in Jacksonville, Florida by firefighter brothers, Robin and Chris Sorensen.

Firehouse Subs Secret Menu Prices
Firehouse Subs Secret Menu Prices

Depending on the location, Firehouse Subs Prices are reasonable considering the fun atmosphere you will get here. Firehouse Subs gives different hot & Cold Subs with the best catering facilities.

Firehouse Subs Locations

You can find the nearest Firehouse Subs restaurant. Or if you wanted to make an online order it’s not getting late. Just to find from your locations and make your day more special with Firehouse restaurant. 

Enter your City name, State name, or Zipcode. The map will show you the perfect way to reach_Location Info

Firehouse Subs Nutrition

Everyone gives you the information about the Firehouse Subs Menu and Firehouse Subs  Prices but apart from that, it must know the food is reliable to eat?

How to get information about the food? Yes, I am giving you that information by making a nutrition chart. It helps you to get understand fat, calories, vitamins, cholesterol, etc.

So check out the deep information of food click below link_Nutrition

Firehouse Subs Franchise

The best subs serving brand you will find here. Yes, You can get Franchise if you wanted to grow with them. You not only learn with but also get success in your business. The manager will make handling all over the franchise.

So in your state, if you wanted to take franchise click below link_Own franchise

Firehouse Subs Careers

You can join the team and make your future brightwork with them. For the career purpose, I have suggested the best place you can choose for your life. Whichever suits your profile and you have the potential to work it you can apply for it.

Click the below link to checking out the required position_Careers

Fire House Gift Cards

You should wish your dear ones in the different from the others. The best Gift of Firehouse Subs can be amazing from the others.

The best of my knowledge I suggest you get registered with Firehouse Subs and get the card from the nearest located store. You can give a gift from $15 to $500.

Get the information on Gift Card Click below link_Gift Cards

Fire House Rewards:

YouTube video

If you planning for the birthday programs or any functions you can get the best rewards on your birthday. Free Medium Sub Reward just to sign up and enjoy your reward with Firehouse Subs restaurant. 

Use the Firehouse Subs Application and sign up to get the rewards on your mobile. The offer will be taken in 6 days from signing up the day.

Firehouse Subs Feedback

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