Best Sports Betting Tips Apps

April 6, 2021

To some people, gambling is a hobby; to others, it is a mere source of entertainment. Nevertheless, gambling drives people during any sport. This is because the activity often involves having great knowledge in sports and could also serve as a test of a person’s intuitive ability, especially as it concerns statistics and mathematics.

While many people have wasted their fortune in the activity, a host of smart individuals have made a great fortune through the process. The second set of individuals includes those that have found a hobby in sports betting. To serve as a good aid, especially in terms of providing the right information and helpful tips that can increase their chances of winning, punters often make use of sport betting applications.

Although these applications are numerous in number, we can only recommend a few of them. The recommendation is based on the proven track record of capturing good sports betting information as well as providing accurate tips. These apps are supported on both Android and iPhone devices with enough options and information that can help you make wise sports bets.

Here are the top 4 best sports betting tips apps:

OLBG Sports Betting Tips App

The “Online Betting Guide” app provides punters with useful information such as the best bets and free betting tips as well as strategies from over 2000 expert tipsters whose experiences traverse all sports betting markets and with varying records of annual profits. As one of the oldest betting sites, OLBG has over 50,000 members. The site gets millions of visits every month with the mobile app downloaded over a million times.

OLBG has interesting features, including best bookies, free bets and offers, free tips and tipsters, betting strategy, as well as members and tipster competition. To save you time and stress, there is an option that allows you to filter tipsters by annual trends, annual strike rate, 30 days profit, or even 7 days profit. OLBG also offers new punters evergreen, educative betting articles on various topics.

To make the ‘right’ choice of a tipster, you may want to take your time to study a few of them as well as visit the forum where you can sample different opinions. The good news, however, is that OLBG provides free tipsters. With this, the problem of having your profits affected by the amount you would have paid to tipsters is ruled out. For more information on OLBG sports betting tips, follow this link.

To download the OLBG app on android, click here. For iPhone download, click here.

BetsWall App

According to the developers, BetsWall is considered as the best machine with ratios that guarantee you of high winning. This is evident in its over 84% win rate, making it the first and best football and basketball betting tips engine in the world. Apart from being able to make a bet, you will also have unhindered access to predictions which are given to users a few hours to the start of the matches. Usually, the data is gathered by the BetsWall Engine, an artificial intelligence developed exclusively for sports results tracking.

With the BetsWall application, you not only get machine-generated advice on bets but get good advice. Also, you can create and receive coupons that you can use to attract users from across the globe. The implication is that you save some money by using the coupons. With the real-time ability to watch free sports events, you tend to know the possible result of a match.

The application also has a feature that allows you to track your competitors’ bets or the bets of those who have used your coupon. To help you follow matches accurately, you may have to place a special mark on them. Any time there are any changes in the account, BetsWall notifies you while also providing you with information about many details going on in the match. This may be information about red cards, extra time, and end time.

Super Tips Bet App


If you are also interested in sports other than football, then Super Tips Bet is your best bet. It is another incredible innovation in the gambling business. Apart from football, its focus also extends to tennis, basketball, and a host of other sports in the world. The application, developed by a team of sports prognoses experts, offers you a great opportunity to see where you stand in terms of winning or losing. It offers free predictions and VIP recommendations to punters. The interface is direct and simple such that even beginners can seamlessly navigate it without encountering any serious challenge.

The VIP recommendations depend on the amount of possible bet winnings. Since the predictions and scores are made by professionals, you can be sure, at least to a reasonable extent, that you have guaranteed winning chances for several sports and matches. The goal of the developers of the app is to help you secure great wins.

Check this out again: if you don’t want to bet on the final score of any competition but choose to wager as the game progresses, Super Tips Bet provides you with a feature that allows you to bet as both teams move. With this, you can make money on both your opponent and your favorite team.

Download the mobile app on Playstore here.


Many punters consider PROBET a useful application to help increase your odds. With over 400,000 professional bookmakers and sports fans, you can be able to trust them with your money as well as an opportunity to win. Apart from providing comprehensive football tips, PROBET also simulates football bets with high winnings.

You get betting tips for every match. These tips may range from information on the likely number of goals, the teams’ winning rankings, as well as the total score that may occur in the game. These tips also cut across regional and international football matches including UEFA, World Cup, or Europa League.

By downloading the PROBET app, you get access to high accuracy prediction, options that allow you to filter your preferred tips, match simulation containing multiple betting tips such as correct scores, total goals scored, or home/away wins, among others. By leveraging these tips, you can be on your way to becoming one of the best casino players.


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