Top 5 Innovations in Online Gambling Business

February 10, 2021

It’s always impressive how technology can alter our lives. From adjusting room lighting with voice commands to self-driving cars, the modern era keeps surprising us. The online gambling industry is among the favorite leisure activities for people spending time at home. We believe it’d be interesting to discuss how the latest innovations adjusted this business. Here is how technology changed the entire gaming experience!

1. Welcoming Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

The best way to identify new features implemented by gambling platforms is to check professional reviewing sites. If you look at the CasinoHEX online casinos reviews, you notice that the best casinos implemented a new payment method – cryptocurrencies.

Although the number of platforms supporting crypto still isn’t impressive, you can already find it in major web casinos. The primary focus is on Bitcoin, which is understandable since it’s most popular among users. You can use BTC for depositing but also withdrawing from online gaming platforms. The deposit process is usually instant but rarely takes more than a few minutes.

The experts believe cryptocurrencies will only increase their presence in the gambling industry. As in other areas, players love them because they provide anonymity and security. There’s no need to enter any financial details but your crypto wallet address.

Although BTC holds the top position, online casinos should add other currencies, too. A small portion already accepts Ethereum and Litecoin, but we expect the situation to improve over time.

2. Utilizing 5G Technology and Faster Networks

It wasn’t that long ago when dial-up was the strongest internet connection type. Today, we are welcoming lightning-speed networks for PCs and mobile phones. Even if you aren’t at home, smartphones now come with 4G and 5G support. Thanks to that, they can transfer high data amounts per second. It allows you to stream videos and keep up with everything while on the go.

The multiple benefits of the 5G network for businesses are evident, but how does it affect the online casino industry?

Here is an overview of the changes made possible by fast data transfers:

  • 4K live gaming – online casinos added live streaming and games with live dealers years ago. Thanks to faster networks, they can now stream in 4K to secure an even better gaming quality.
  • Faster loading times – players will appreciate that loading even the most demanding games only takes seconds.
  • Improved mobile gaming experience – everything will feel better when you are playing on portable devices. That’s important for the industry’s future since players are now primarily using mobile phones to play games.

3. Taking Advantage of VR Systems for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

You don’t need tech knowledge to understand the difference between VR and AR. The main advantage of virtual reality is that it puts you in a virtual world without moving from the chair. It’s easy to comprehend why that’s a crucial asset of online casinos in attracting players.

Virtual reality sets are now more affordable than ever. Although you still need to buy equipment, its price is relatively low, depending on the brand. Once you have a VR set, you head to an online casino and choose a game that supports virtual reality. You load the game, put on your gear, and immediately position yourself at the roulette (or blackjack) table.

Virtual reality is the closest you can get to playing in actual gambling facilities. You will feel like in a real casino, which means you can place wagers, move chips and watch the roulette wheel turning. Since you won’t be moving from your room, it’s a far safer option in pandemic times. You don’t want to risk dressing up and heading to a gaming facility only to potentially get infected by the virus. Online casinos are already more popular than real-life gambling premises, and we expect the VR technology will only increase that margin.

4. It’s All About Players’ Security and Well-Being

Online casinos have proven that they care about players’ security and well-being numerous times. For starters, they implement security features to ensure your personal and financial information is safe. Most platforms put in extra effort to prevent data breaches and money laundering. That’s why you’ll see licenses from reputable bodies, implementing KYC programs, and using encryptions and other security layers.

However, the industry is facing a small number of players developing a gambling addiction. Despite publishing links to services that could help, some users still take things too far. That’s why most casinos implemented the option for players to set limits before they start playing. You could limit how much to invest per day or restrict your losses. Alternatively, it’s even possible to self-exclude yourself from a particular website.

Online casinos announced they are working on advanced algorithms that would assess players’ habits. Once they detect a potential problem, they’d notify the user. They’re hoping this would help tackle the problem better and reduce the number of addicts.

5. Flawless Cross-Platform Support

If you look at the reverse image search guide, you realize this feature is available on both PCs and mobile devices. Most developers are adjusting to offer their services on all platforms, ranging from computers to tablets, smartphones, iPads, etc. It’s because more users are transferring to portable devices every day. Apart from being lighter, they allow browsing the web from your bed, but also virtually any other location in the world.

That’s why it’s imperative for online casinos to offer optimal cross-platform support. It’s something most platforms already did since you can use the same credentials when playing on PC and mobile phones.

Some room for improvement exists in the experience of playing on portable devices. For example, some games might not be available on smartphones. Additionally, not all casinos have dedicated apps for Android and iOS. These ensure faster loading times and a smoother playing experience. The trend of developing apps is noticeable, and we expect most platforms to adopt it in the next couple of years.

Final Thoughts

The online gambling industry directly depends on technology, and it doesn’t come as strange it leverages it to its advantage. We’ve seen many improvements in the last years, and the future only brings better things. The experts are looking forward to AR and VR games being taken to the next level and leveraging new tech discoveries to offer even better games. The fun never stops with web casinos, which is why now is the right time to join and give them a shot!


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