Best No Crop Apps For WhatsApp | 7 Best No Crop Apps 2021

Sharing photos on social networks has become a common norm, but it is often not possible to share photos due to oversized dimensions and it is not correct to cut or cut photos to make them square. We often struggle to find no crop apps for WhatsApp DP. So ShuffleFresh recommends the best applications for square photos for Android that will automatically form your photos in square dimensions and allow you to share your complete images without cutting or cutting them.

These square applications also offer many other interesting tools for editing photos, how to change the background, add text, emoji, filter and blur effects on the photos you want to share on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks.

You do not have to worry about growing shit from your beautiful picture. No Crop application will allow you to publish a complete image on Whatsapp. If you search on iTunes or Play store, you will find many cropping applications. But few of them are good and effective.

No Crop Apps for WhatsApp

Here we will give you the list of uncut applications or you can tell the editors of square photos to make your square photo without clipping. Check the applications of square photos with their features and, of course, direct links from Playstore / iTunes.

Square in Pic Editor

Square InPic Photo Editor is a very powerful and easy to use photo editor. This No crop app helps you create high-quality images. You can also use various frames, backgrounds, texts and many other things. Here you can create images installed in the square using its No crop function. He is one of the perfect editors for you. You can make automatic adjustments and blurred images. Thanks to the features offered by this application, it is at the top of the list of the best applications without crops for  WhatsApp for Android users.

  • No crop features
  • Manufacturer of photographic grids
  • Add filters and text to your images
  • Blurred background
  • Emoji sticker
  • Editing Features such as Adjustment of contrast, brightness, saturation etc.
  • Simple and easy to use

Check out the app here.

InstaSize Photo Editor

It is one of the most popular growing applications for Android users with over 200 million downloads. It has premium image filters, advanced editing tools, collage maker, professional image editor, and text editor. It offers a simple interface. Furthermore, images modified via this application can be shared directly on social network accounts.

It also offers the function of resizing images with borders to adapt to WhatsApp. It also offers an update to its premium version where you can access its AVA technology. It will also provide an ad-free experience below. This application guarantees the second position on our list of the best applications without crops for WhatsApp for Android users.

  • No crop features
  • New generation, high quality and free photo effects created with AVA technology
  • Easily create collages and drawings with your photos
  • Create and organize editions with your photo grid
  • Capture a larger image with the full-screen camera
  • Resize images with borders to fit WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Save images as well as collages in high resolution
  • Save images and collages in high resolution

Get the app from the given link.

No Crop App

Thanks to its highly customizable features, this application ensures the third place on our list of the best Crop apps for  WhatsApp. This application is completely easy to use and includes an image editor with different effects to improve it. You can rotate, resize and flip your photos and you can choose from over 200 free wallpapers. This application is completely free and offers purchases in the application. It also contains ads.

  • No cropping features: publish full-size photos on  WhatsApp
  • Rotate, flip and resize photos
  • Choose from over 200 free background patterns
  • Select more photos from the gallery as a background
  • Add templates and create your collage function
  • More than 30 filters to make your beautiful photos
  • More than 400 free emoji stickers and stickers to personalize your image
  • Add text with different sources
  • Share photos on, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or elsewhere

To download the No Crop App click here.

Square Size – Photo Editor

As well as being one of the best applications without cropping for full-size photos without cropping, it is also a powerful collage maker and ranks fourth on our list of the best no crop apps for WhatsApp. There are more than 20 filters available for your photos without cropping, you can also add frames and add beauty stickers, there are more than 100 stickers available.

It has a very easy and receptive photo editor where you can drag and drop, zoom in and out, rotate and much more. You can easily share your edited images on  Facebook, Twitter with just a touch.

  • No crop features (square)
  • Blur, solid, pattern, gradient background
  • More than 100 cute stickers to add instantly
  • Round corner, drag, and drop, zoom in and out and rotate
  • Over 20 fantastic filters without cropping images
  • Editing features such as Brightness, Contrast, Highlight, Shadow, Hue, Focus
  • Creative collage shadow 3d effects
  • A touch to share on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc

no crop app for whatsapp

Get the app here.

PICFY: Photo Video Collages & Square Size Editor

PICFY is a square-sized editor with a collage maker of photos. You can also edit videos. You can create fantastic photos using the endless features of this application, which include effects, backgrounds, filters, fonts and much more.

PICFY includes selfie camera, image cutout, photo design, frames, photo mirror, etc. Includes no cropping function. There are more than 50 Live Photo effects and you can easily adjust the effects of lights, tones, shadows, sepia, and heat. It is in fifth place on our list of the best applications without crops for  WhatsApp for Android devices.

  • No clipping features
  • High-quality photo effects like Brilliant, Heat, Black and White, Two Tone, Color, Retro, Vintage.
  • More than 50 live photo effects for the Selfie camera
  • More than 200 different designs for Whatsapp Collage
  • Upload full-size photos to Instagram Post, Whatsapp Story, and Instagram Story
  • Adjust your photos with brightness, hue, and saturation
  • Adjusts the effects of lights, hues, shadows, sepia tone, and warmth
  • Lots of stickers to decorate photos
  • The hashtag handler will suggest the best hashtags

Here is the Google Play Store link.

Photo & Picture Resizer

The first Photo Squarer application we have is Photo & Picture Resizer. This application can not only adapt a single photo, but you can also create multiple photos at the same time. You can use this application for its simple and easy user interface. You can reduce the size of the photo so that it is ready for sharing and this application also promises results without losing image quality.

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Maintains quality during work
  • Installation of batch resizing and free use

Check out the app here.

Cropix: Insta Photo Resizer

Cropix: Insta Photo Resizer is the next option that includes many features and will be a good option when someone needs to change the size of the image or square it to make it compatible with other platforms. This is one of the most reliable square photo applications from which you can square uncut photos, add various styles and frames to photos or share files on other platforms with ease.

  • The interface is easy to understand
  • Very easy to use, it works in just 2 steps
  • Maintains quality during work

no crop app for whatsapp

Here is the link to download the app.


Here is the list of the best cropping applications for WhatsApp in case you have Android devices. This list of the best applications without culture was made exclusively by research and experience. All applications without crops work properly and do not present any type of error. I hope you enjoyed this article on the best applications without crops for WhatsApp for Android users.i


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