Best Genuine Ways to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Post

June 23, 2022

Would you like to have more Instagram likes on your post? But somehow, your post is not getting enough likes even after putting in lots of effort. 

Well, if this is the case, then we are here for you to guide and give you some genuine ways to get more likes on your Instagram post?

The biggest attraction on Instagram is having many likes on a post, and when you get more likes, it will show your posts in users’ feeds. 

Getting more likes is like a surety to get your future post more exposure. Having numbers of likes will provide you other benefits, which is getting more followers and traffic as well, as people will scroll your entire profile and like the content you have shared. 

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Here are some ways to get more likes:

Use the perfect hashtag

Hashtag plays a vital role in expanding your Instagram audience. Hashtags make your post appear on the newsfeeds of people who have followed that hashtag.

Using hashtags increases the chances in which you can connect with people or accounts around you who might be interested in featuring your posts or business. It will help you to get more followers and likes for marketing.

Using popular hashtags will also help you get your post to be seen by more people, which is the easiest way to get many likes on your posts. 

Add location to your post

Adding location to your post-will increase the local users’ engagement as this post will be more visible to those living in that area. You can also add your location using the story sticker. 

Adding location will help your posts pop in the news feed of those living nearby and help the people in your area see your post more easily. People looking for photos near them will be more likely to follow your page, which means you have chances that you will get more likes on your photo.

Partner with influencers and other businesses

For the past seven years, influencing has been one of the top trends. Around half of the users prefer product information from their loved influencers rather than brand alone. Instagram is known for getting an influencer-friendly platform; that’s why brands collaborate with influencers, which helps brands and creators know more about each other. 

Just like having a partnership with an influencer, partnering with a business with similar products within your industry will help you get more customers in the market. Super exciting and help both of your businesses to share followers and get more likes on your photos which means getting potential customers in the future. 

Post relatable and motivational quotes

Thinking of unique content would be a difficult task. Content should be short and crisp, eye-catchy, and will be helpful as well as relatable to your followers. Posting relatable quotes to your followers is the best to attract them to your page, which means getting more likes. You can also use tools like canva to create amazing posts instantly.

Post consistently

 As we all know, consistency brings success. So to give your content the best way to reach the followers, you must post regularly. Try to post when your audience is active so they can instantly see and like the post you have shared. Do the time to post can vary depending upon the type of content you are creating and posting, so there is some research out there that can give you some idea:

  • Post between 2 PM and 3 PM on Thursdays
  • Wednesday at 11 AM and 3 PM
  • From 9:00 AM to 11 AM on any day

We suggest you test for different timings and dates to find the best one that works for you to get a specific audience. You can also look at the insight of your profile on Instagram to find more data about your follower’s behavior to make better decisions while posting content.

Post more Reels and video content

Reels and video content are the best way to maximize your Instagram growth. Users love to see video content, and Instagram prioritizes video & reels posts. 

Videos with captions are Helpful for the audience. captions are important to reach your audience who doesn’t listen to audio when scrolling, plus captions Aadha the Great for accessibility that becomes the mark of brands who post the content for more than just sales.

Use Instagram stories

Nowadays, stories are becoming a trend that continues to increase in usage. Instagram stories are best to gain more engagement from your audience; you can share your post on the feed and put interesting stickers with that, like – Creating polls and quizzes and adding an ask me a question sticker. 

People mostly engage with this kind of story, and the chances are that they will check your post and like it. You can also highlight the story, which lasts more than 24 hours.

These are some Best ways to get real instagram likes. You can try any of them and start with it, and they won’t take that much time and will help you a lot to get more Instagram likes. It requires some research and planning but is not very difficult. Hopefully, these tips will help you to boost your profile.


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