Are Online Casino Bonuses Worth Caring About?

June 13, 2021

Online casino gaming is becoming so popular that players now have a plethora of options when it comes to the websites that they can sign up with. Because of this, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which online casino is really best for you and this is especially the case if you are new to this activity. However, with a bit of research, you should be able to easily choose the right casino depending on certain factors.

Now, there are multiple factors to be considered when deciding whether an online gambling site fits your gaming needs. To some, it’s the type of games or sports odds that they offer. Some only check whether the site offers a certain payment method. Many would only trust popular names like 10CRIC Casino Games for legitimacy.

Surprisingly, some people mainly depend on the bonus that they can get when signing up with an online casino. While this may seem like a sensible thing to do, what you should know is that not all online casino bonuses are worth prioritizing.

Common Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Now that the online casino industry is starting to get congested, competition is also getting tough. This is why online casinos are now focused on getting more customers and what is a better way to do this other than offering very attractive bonuses?

A welcome bonus is still the most common type of bonus that casinos have and all online casinos or almost all of them likely have this sort of bonus. It could be a certain amount that you can use to play any games or it could be free spins that you can use on certain slot machine games.

Some sites would give you a welcome bonus as soon as you sign up with them but most of the time, you can only really get a welcome bonus after making an initial deposit. Some sites could give you as much as 100 percent of what your deposit is. Some even go as high as 500 percent and it is hard to pass to if you’re new to the gambling scene.

The other common types of bonuses that online casinos would offer are the following:

  • Deposit Bonus – this could be offered every month during a specific day only. This means that each month, there is only one specific day that you should deposit to get this kind of bonus.
  • Match Bonus – this type of bonus is most likely offered by casinos to keep new customers. A match bonus is getting a hundred percent of your deposit. They are matching the deposit amount you’ve made with the same number of spins or amounts that you can use to bet or play any games.
  • Birthday Bonus – This is typical for online casinos to offer. It helps them retain customers and at least have their players have something to look forward to. This could also be a certain amount or several free spins.

Are All Those Bonuses Worth It?

A direct and honest answer to this question is that they could be. An online casino bonus could be worth caring about. It will depend on certain factors that you should know before you feel like you just can’t resist a bonus of a certain percentage or amount.

When signing up with any online casinos, reading the fine print is a must and usually, the details on the bonus that you are interested in are already included here. Take a look at the wagering requirements for you to get your bonus.

Remember that any casino bonus is not real money just yet. Most casinos will only allow you to withdraw this based on the minimum wagering requirements which are usually at least 25 to 35 number bets. This means that if they promise you a bonus of 100 percent and you make a deposit of 100 USD, you must be able to bet at least 25 times or a total of 2500 USD to withdraw your bonus.

Sounds awful, right? However, know that it’s not like this all the time. Some casinos, especially the big ones, are less critical of the wagering requirements. If you get lucky, you may even spot a casino that offers a bonus without a minimum wagering requirement.

Still, it is of utmost importance that you know and understands what a casino is asking from you to get the bonus that they are offering. Generally, a bonus shouldn’t be a huge deciding factor when shopping for online casinos. However, if you’re mainly after being able to play for a longer time, it’s just wise to take the time to understand the casino bonus fine print before you hit the sign-up button.


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