10 Best AppValley Apps for Android and iOS

July 30, 2021

With new technology booming every day, we need to have a fresh range of applications as well. In Google Play Stor or the Apple App Store, some apps are free while some are paid. You need to make the necessary payment in order to download the premium apps. Similarly,, AppValley has a rich collection of premium versatile apps. It is considered as one of the most popular platforms to download both cracked as well as hacked applications. But, if you want some change, then you can try one of these 10 best AppVally apps that stock up both Android as well as iOS applications.

10 Best AppValley like Apps for Android| iOS

We have rounded up all the AppValley alternatives here for you. Based on their interface and the various premium and hacked apps that it offers, the following apps are the well-known AppValley apps alternative-


The first AppValley alternative for both Android and iOS platforms is PandaApp. It is one of the best third-party apps that allow you to download mobile games for free. PandaApp has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and downloading of apps easy. Just like the AppValley apps, it hosts a wide range of cracked premium applications along with free apps. It should be your go-to app if you are a hardcore gamer as it offers the latest gaming apps for free.

appvalley apps for android and ios

The PandaApp has an extensive range of Android and iOS games. Just go to the homepage and select your Operating system. Then proceed further to download your favourite app.


The HipStore app is another AppValley apps alternative. This platform has a huge range of iOS applications. In case you are using an iPhone then you got to use HipSore the home to all the latest iOS games. Also, the apps that it offers are cracked so you can download them for free. HipStore’s interface is user-friendly and even attractive.

Best AppValley Apps for Android and iOS

In this AppValley like app there are both free and paid apps. Most of these apps are gaming applications. In case you do not find the apps for free, you can pay a small monthly fee to upgrade to their premium plan.


For all the Android as well as iOS devices, here is another popular AppValley apps alternative. The AppBrain as the name suggests, is the single store of multiple apps, just like our brain. Apart from the wide array of applications, it has an attractive user interface, organized neatly into different categories for trouble-free navigation.

AppBrain - Appvalley Apps

AppBrain too offers various cracked applications that are gaming-oriented. However you won’t just find gaming applications here, there are so many other apps too, from different categories. It is a cross-platform app for both Android and iOS apps. An interesting feature of AppBrain is its active community where you can share your experience and get access to solutions. Its multilingual approach joins people from all around the globe.


Another app compatible with Android and iOS platforms is vShare. It is definitely one of the best alternatives to AppValley and to the Apple and Android store. According to your preference, local trending and habits it offers some professional recommendations.  The app also introduces some of those apps to you that you might not have heard of.

It is also a cross-platform app- that is you get to enjoy both Android and iOS variety of apps. Yes, most of the apps that you will find in the Android Google Play Store and the Apple Store are here for the users for free downloading. Its intuitive and inviting user-interface is something to look out for. The vShare app is an amazing AppValley alternative, as it classifies its various apps into different categories, under different tabs for easy navigation and access.

Blackmart Alpha

AppValley like apps for the Android platform are a few and so one of its well-known alternatives is Blackmart Alpha. You can easily get it from the Google Play Store. It too offers all of the premium apps to its users for free. You can download it easily using the Blackmart Alpha.  These apps are usually prices at the Play Store.

The apps available in the Blackmart Alpha are the apps and games dealing with tablets and smartphones that work on the Android Operating System. it might happen that the apps don’t work in your device. Some of the users have complained about it, but you can check out this link and browse the apps that you want to download.


Mob.org is the next AppValley apps alternative that contains all the paid apps for free. The apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It comes with a user-friendly interface which will make it your favourite instantly. The general and games app is categorized. Apart from these, it also offers wallpapers and ringtones for free. This makes it stand out from all the other apps. You can easily download the apps from Mob.org.

Its search tab makes the filter process easy. The cracked apps that it offers are available for free and some of these execute even better than original.


This next app like AppValley is Aptoide. You will find it easily in the app store market and then download all your favourite Android applications for free, and enjoy them without spending any money. So when you launch your application, you will reach the homepage which will display the editors chosen relevant products. These products are basically apps ranging from games to all the essential and popular apps.

Aptoide - Apvalley Apps

Aptoide’s main focus is to create a large database of apps and games for its users for free. Not only this it also takes care of the security and making it one of its priorities. And if we talk about cryptocurrency then it was the first app to enter into this stuff as well.


TuTuApp is one of the most popular apps which has been in the market from so long. It is designed for both Android and iOS platforms. It includes both free and paid apps that you can easily download and run. These apps are available in the official Google Play Store and Apple Store for Android and iOS devices respectively but against a price. So if you are using the TuTuApp then you can have all the pricey and paid apps for free. You can install even the free hacked games at no cost.

There are various games and modded Apks also available on this platform. The app has a user-friendly interface, which is reliable and stable. TuTuApp is considered to be one of the best AppValley apps alternative for the Android platform.


By far one of the best App stores, is the iPastore for all the iOS apps. If you have used AppValley before then you will find the interface of iPastore just like it. The platform has stocked tons of latest iOS gaming applications, along with some other apps.

As the name says, iPastore offers only iOS compatible apps. It is one of the most searched platforms to get premium iOS applications. The software itself offers its features for free along with some paid plans. You can upgrade to its premium pan or degrade it whenever you like.


The app store hosting a rich variety of apps is the GetApk. This brandy alternative has both Android games apps and other premium applications. The downloading process becomes a lot easier with its user-friendly interface. However, one drawback of GetApk is that the apps available are only for the Android platform.

There are chances of the app not being valid sometimes, but it is only a testament that these apps perform better than the premium original apps. One of the added advantages of using GetApk is that it also comes with a newsletter that updates you with the latest app. You can sign up and join the newsletter for free.

Wrapping Up

These AppValley like app store are a tough competition to Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can download the premium apps that are priced in these stores from these alternative app stores for free. We hope that this article was resourceful for you, and if you have any suggestions then share it with us.


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