5 Video Game Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

June 22, 2022

A lot of people consider video games as their hobby or pastime, as games are not just entertaining but at the same time, it is said that video games are an amazing exercise for the mind and eyes. These days, there are many people who have started considering gaming as their full-time profession and this has changed the way people look at video games. It has become more about winning than just playing. Each game has a different task to keep you engaged, be it filling a void, or scratching a particular itch, but all the games have at least one thing in common. All these games use a hack of manipulating the health of the player so that they keep going for longer in the game. The player starts enjoying the game when they rip the demon waves as they feel as if they are badass. But in reality, these game designers internationally create this illusion with an aim of your health manipulation.

Let us check a few tips and tricks that will not just blow your mind but at the same time will enable you to make it through all of these games. You will surely find the below-listed tricks useful and browse through https://sidegamer.com/ to learn some more hacks.

Halo with Graphics Swap

This is one trick that seems like magic. It is really different and cool for the new generation and we couldn’t miss this trick when we are talking about the new age of gaming. When playing Halo, you can enjoy this new trick of a quick transition from old graphics to new graphics within a few seconds. The transition is just so smooth that it seems no less than a magical trick. It just changes the entire experience of the game. The ones who had already tried this trick say that the screen looks much better than the original with this graphic change.

Make the game easy for you

In the hide and seek game, the players face the most problems because of the two different brains that the A.I. if the alien is in the game. These brains are always in conflict with each other and keep fighting for control making the game very natural. There is another very useful trick that makes a lot of levels easy but cuts the feature of these two brains. One can do it by just throwing the newsmaker in a single direction and you can walk off to make the game super easy for you.

Managing the enemies in Bioshock

No trick list of video games could be completed without some easy hacks for the spec-ops game. It is one of the most played games on the internet, as people are really obsessed with this one. Those who play this game often understand how exciting it is to enter the rapture in the game for the first time, but again, sometimes it becomes too much for a few people, and they feel the need for a helping hand. The developers have designed the game in a way that they help the players initially in the game against enemies, where the players feel they are a bad-ass, but the reality is something else.

The new age Horizon Zero Dawn

The Horizon Zero Dawn game was once the most popular game among the players, but when the new version came in place, the changes were necessary. So, the developers came up with a really colorful pallet and ditched the browns and gray this time. It is found that the background of the game takes time to load, but here, the trick is, that it is not important to wait for the background of the player till it renders.

Get help from music in Dark Souls 3

Dark souls 3 is a game where players usually keep dying again and again and this makes the game quite difficult for the players. To help the players stay longer in the game, they are timed with particular music that accompanies the fighters throughout the game and might make them win as well. This is one trick by the developers to enable the players to ease through the game.

If you want to become a pro video gamer, you should learn some useful tricks that will blow your mind. And the above-mentioned ones are just perfect for you.


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