10 Most Exciting Skins We’re Going to See in CS:GO in the Future

January 29, 2022

Skins in CS:GO have become one of the most popular ways of displaying power and dedication among players of all ages. Even though they don’t affect the gunplay in any way, some weapon skins are sold for tens of thousands of dollars. 

CS:GO has been one of the most popular FPS games since it was first released in 2013. Since then, it went through many updates and new skin packs designed to help players build their own unique style in the game. You can acquire these skins on csgo trade websites, and the offer keeps expanding with every update.

New Skins Are Coming Out Constantly

CS:GO is a highly competitive FPS, and it’s one of the most popular eSports on the planet. The number of professional players keeps growing as new teams qualify for official tournaments and CS:GO leagues. Apart from their skills, players are often identified by the skins they use. 

However, as older skins became available for a wide audience, many professional players want new, unique skills on their weapons. The need is recognized by the game developers and designers, who keep adding new, unique skins to the market all the time. It seems that the practice won’t stop soon, as dozens of new skins are released every year. 

Nothing is Certain But These Are Our Predictions

There is no way of knowing which skins will become available in the near future, but here are the top ten guesses based on player wishes and rumors on CS:GO forums. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top ten exciting new CS:GO skins we’ll probably see in the near future. 

Broken Fang Gloves

Broken Fang gloves are a true skin masterpiece and are only available in the Jade option so far. They are made from green leather with a metallic shine. Other details include brass studs and an overlay with the Operation Broken Fang logo; the set gloves belong to. The gloves are currently very popular among players, and their price is between $200 and $840, depending on the wear and tear.

Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore is a very rare skin that belongs to the Operation Breakout pack within the Cobblestone Collection. It’s an olive/adorned skin that features an image of a fire-breathing dragon on the side. The dragon clearly has Celtic symbols all over its body, and the scope features a black and green checkered pattern as a little bonus. The skin is available in a basic form or a souvenir, and the price you have to pay is between $2,000 and $45,500.

Nuclear Threat

The Nuclear Threat skin was originally released in 2013, as a part of The Arms Deal update. It’s currently available for Tec-9 and P250, but due to its huge popularity, we will soon see it on other weapons as well. The gun’s entire body is painted in multiple shades of green, and there’s a big neon green hazard sign on the side. It’s an ideal choice for toxic players who enjoy making other players angry.


The Neo-Noir skin collection is very popular among players everywhere in the world. It is currently available for four different weapons, but we expect to see it on more guns in the near future. The latest addition to the collection is the skin for Glock-18, released in December 2020. The skin offers a neo-noir comic style design showing a dark-haired girl in the image. It combines a few dark colors dominated by black and white, with pink details. 

Cyber Security

The first Cyber Security skin for M4A4 was released with the Operation Broken Fang update. It’s a very colorful skin with a bright geometric pattern consisting of yellow, red, and blue colors. It also features a few Chinese hieroglyphs on the body, handguard, and magazine. It’s one of the newest skin additions to the game, and it will soon be available for other guns as well. It costs between $10 and $133.

Wild Lotus

The Wild Lotus skin for the AK-47 is hugely popular because of its amazing graphics and an excellent blend of natural colors. It’s one of the prettiest and most detailed skins you can use in the game, but it’s also super expensive. Depending on the wear, Wild Lotus will send you back for at least 1,200 dollars, while the factory’s new version costs well over $5,000. With cool details in the form of Lotus flowers, vines, and plants, it’s definitely one of the skins we’ll love to see on other guns in the future.

Death by Kitty

Death by Kitty is one of the most popular weapon skins for female CS:GO players. It’s a colorful skin that features cat skulls all over the entire body. It’s mostly dominated by white, blue, pink, and purple colors. It is only available for the P90 for years, but soon we expect to see it on other guns as well. Death by Kitty is an interesting skin almost everyone can buy since it costs about $150.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is a popular skin for the Five-SeveN. It has been released only recently as a part of the Operation Broken Fang collection. Its sudden popularity will soon make it available for other guns as well. The skin features a cartoon-style red-haired princess and two unicorns around her. The dominating colors are pink, orange, blue, purple, green, and yellow. It’s great, and it costs less than $30 in mint condition.

Kill Confirmed

If you’re a fan of the USP-S, Kill Confirmed is the coolest skin you can get. It’s a beautifully designed skin showing a gray skull hit by a bullet. The bullet leaves a trail of red, fiery trace behind, and it follows the body of the gun from the back to the front. It offers amazing detail and a cool overall finish, and we expect to see it on other popular weapons as well. One thing is for sure, new skins will probably be very expensive.

Akihabara Accept

The Akihabara Accept skin for the AUG was released in 2015. It’s inspired by a district in Tokyo, and it features a cool anime character on the stock. The rest of the gun is covered with white, purple, and blue details, with a few Japanese letters to top things off. It’s a hugely popular skin, but it’s only available for people willing to spend between $250 and $4,800 on a weapon skin.


The offer of skins in CS:GO keeps expanding every few months, and the skins we addressed above will soon be available for the most popular guns in the game. With a little luck, you might win a few of them without spending any cash. Make sure you visit csgo trading sites to find the best offer.


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