10 Best Tankiest Champions in Season 12

April 8, 2022

League of Legends has seen many different Champion releases throughout the years. They are all unique in their own way and cannot be precisely grouped. However, we can make distinctions among Champions based on some shared aspects.

In this article, we’re going to look over the Tank Champions. This class excels in soaking up damage, controlling the fight, and protecting their allies. They have tons of HP and defenses and are generally hard to bring down.

In the past season or two, Tanks have gotten quite popular among the players. Continuous buffs to various aspects of the game have directly contributed to their growing strength. The Tank meta has lasted for multiple years now, becoming extra prominent in Season 11. 

Thus, we believe it is prime time to talk about them a little bit. I’ve compiled the 10 Best Tanky Champions in League of Legends currently. Some of these may not be traditionally seen as pure Tanks but rather Bruisers, so keep that in mind.

It is a relatively detailed and extensive list, so we’re going to leave the ranking up to you. 

So, without further ado, let us begin! 


Shen has been a dominant force on the Top Lane for quite some time. Though not in the ranks of Illaoi or Darius, he does have a way of consistently emerging victorious. This is especially true in the higher divisions, where Shen enjoys much more popularity and respect. He isn’t picked as often in the lower ranks, partly because of his inherent difficulty.

Shen is a masterful Champion who can do single-target damage and protect his allies adequately. His global Ultimate allows for some striking map presence. Everyone dreads to see Shen reach level 6, and every fight immediately changes. Even when on the other side of the map, Shen finds his way of striking fear into his enemies. 

He is an excellent Champion to play and can have an overall positive impact on the game. If you play your cards right with him, you are bound to achieve a significant advantage over your opponents. It is challenging to do, but it pays off in the end. I recommend Shen to just about everyone who wants to give him a chance. 


For many years now, Nasus has enjoyed a lot of infamies. He is a Champion that will make you hate yourself every time you play against him. The long-term style of gameplay that Nasus employs tends to have some mind-numbing effects on the players opposite him. 

In the early game, he is more or less docile. By the time the game hits the 20-minute mark, Nasus is already too far gone to be stopped. The endless stacking gives him obscene damage, which he needs not upgrade with additional items. This means he can focus entirely on Tanking while still retaining hundreds if not thousands of extra damage. 

He is an excellent Champion both as a Bruiser and a Tank, mixing both into a lethal combination. Nasus is capable of singlehandedly decimating an entire team and winning the game afterward. One of the oldest Champions in the game, he is also one of the most powerful. Nasus is infamous for a reason, and there seems to be nothing that will change that soon.

He is straightforward to play and extremely simple to understand. It will take you no more than a few games to be great at him. Thus, I recommend Nasus to the players new in the Top Lane role. 


Ever since I’ve played League (almost a decade now), I’ve known of Garen. His infamy spreads far and wide into every nook and cranny of the League of Legends community. When he was reworked as part of the Juggernaut update, he became a monster on the Top Lane. He has only grown in power and popularity throughout the years, and rightfully so. 

His ability to be a massive Tank while still dishing out obscene damage is, honestly, unprecedented. For years now, he has remained the strongest Bruiser in the game. Yes, I’ve spoken a lot about the strength of Darius and Jax, but Garen is something else entirely. He can singlehandedly carry a game as a Top Laner, which you don’t see very often, if ever. 

He is one of the easiest Champions in the game. I can even go as far as to say he is more effortless than Jax. And that’s something. Thus, he is best suited for new players to the game. However, this simplicity can be exploited for some insane advantage and might in the right hands. 

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench has soared up the tier lists from the bottom to the very top in the past Season. He has also done so in the game, literally. Moving from the Support role to the Top Lane has been the best thing that’s ever happened to Tahm. He has achieved a consistent S+ ranking using his newly updated kit. 

Immediately after his rework, he was basically undead. There was no way to kill him effectively, nor could people win against him. It took a critically bad player behind Tahm to beat him, which tells you everything you need to know. Though he has been balanced about a bit, he still remains at the top of his game. 

He is among the most potent Champions in the game, period. Not only does he excel among Tanks, but he also sits comfortably among the elites. No overtuned new release can even compare to his rework era. 

In terms of difficulty, he does lean more to the challenging side. I wouldn’t recommend him to new players. Take your time with learning the game first, and then move on to Kench. Intermediate players, go play him now

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo, like Tahm, benefited most from his rework. He was viable before it, but not even near the level he is at now. He has grown in power in every way imaginable. There’s not a single Tank aspect that Mundo doesn’t have now – anti-spell, healing, movement speed, defenses, etc. His overtuned kit truly makes him insanely challenging to beat both in Lane and generally. 

There’s not much to be said about him which wouldn’t diverge into a rant or praise. He has a kit packed full of insane abilities and passives that will drive you nuts. There’s no stopping him if he gets even the slightest advantage in the Lane, and it gets pretty obscene by the mid-game. 

The rework didn’t contribute much to his difficulty. He has remained essentially the same in this regard and can be played by most people. Of course, he isn’t precisely your first-timer Champion, but getting used to him doesn’t take more than a few games. 


Warwick has been the king of the Tank meta for some time now. He has a ton of similarities with the previous entries that I won’t go into too much detail about. Namely, these are the combination of damage and sheer Tankiness, and so on. 

Ever since his rework, as is the common theme here, he was propelled sky high. Though it took a while for him to grow into his new, updated form, he definitely did. With his incredible map presence, which can be constant and unavoidable, he can spread his dominance far and wide over the whole Rift. Since Warwick requires a lot of drag clicking, you’re gonna need to have a proper mouse. Here are our recommendations when it comes to the best mouse for drag clicking.

With quick and easy Jungling, which allows him to gain an advantage in XP and gold, he can focus on mercilessly smashing his enemies. In this regard, he is perhaps the best on the list. He is the first Jungler on the list, but not the last. Among the Junglers, he reigns supreme as the best Tank/Bruiser, which seems likely to stay that way for a long while. 

Warwick is reasonably easy to play, and it doesn’t take too much to learn him. I’d advise watching some YouTube videos on him to understand his mechanics truly. Once you do get a better grasp of him, you are on a path to glory, for there are scarcely any Champions like Warwick. 


Amumu is a Tank that is solely focused on control. His playstyle revolves around his ability to apply heavy CC on multiple opponents or stun-locking single targets. With these insane capabilities, he can go around the map and accrue gold and XP for both himself and his allies. Believe it or not, he also gained extra popularity following, you’ve guessed it – his rework. 

The rework was subtle – it only added one more charge to his Q. But that subtle change was enough to propel Amumu from the lower ranks into a permanent S+ spot on all tier lists. He is currently one of the best Junglers in the game, even going as far as dominating the higher divisions. Doing so is quite remarkable for a Champion, and it should tell you just how good he is. 

Amumu can become insanely Tanky since he has no primary focus on AP or AD. He will invest all of his gold into getting more defenses, which can cause him to be nigh unkillable. Amumu is exceptionally good as an anti-AD Tank, as he has ways of deflecting the damage. 

Amumu is among the older Champions of League and thus quite simple. I recommend him to just about everyone since learning him takes only one or two games tops. 


Zac is an infamous Jungler, best known for his excellent engages and team fighting potential. He is a Champion broadly similar to Amumu, with the sole focus on controlling the game. With many CC and disruptions, he can effectively disable multiple enemy opponents during a fight. 

Zac doesn’t need to focus on either AD or AP. Like Amumu, he can invest all of his resources into furthering his tankiness. With more HP and defenses, Zac will have the protection he needs to last long enough in a team fight. His primary goal during the game will be ganking as much as possible while still managing to pick up essential objectives. 

He isn’t that hard to play, and most people will get used to him pretty quickly. However, Zac does have a lot of depth that is to be explored by playing, making for an enjoyable learning experience. 


Braum is genuinely a master of his craft, the first and only support on this list. He is undoubtedly the best Tank Support has to offer and has been for quite a while. Of course, there are many options out there, and some of you might disagree with me. But there are many reasons for my opinion, so hear me out.

Braum offers insane protection to his allies through the use of his shield. He can effectively deflect tons of damage with a single press of a button. By building more and more defenses, he can offer even more protection to the ally of his choosing. Naturally, as a Support, Braum will focus primarily on helping out the ADC, which is arguably the most crucial Champion. 

Apart from that, Braum has excellent CC and can apply it to multiple enemies or an entire team. During team fights, Braum can use his Ultimate for a massive impact on the course of battle. He is one of our best Team Fighting Supports (a list you should definitely check out), and you can clearly see why. 

Braum is not that hard to learn or play. It takes a few games to get used to his unique mechanics, but overall, he falls on the less challenging side. I highly recommend you try him if you’re an avid Support, or even if you just stumble into the role byways of auto-filling. 


Arguably the simplest Champion on this list, the stone rock has been the staple Tank of League of Legends for a decade. He has had ups and downs throughout the years, but the simplicity of both his character and kit can’t really move him anywhere. A proper mountain of a Champion. 

Malphite’s abilities are all non-skillshots, apart from his Ultimate. However, not even his Ult is a skill shot since it is so easy to land if you ask me. Malphite is one of the best anti-AD tanks in the game, and that is his primary role. Of course, he is also one of the best team fighting Top Laners ever to step foot on the Rift – all because of one spell. 

His ability to knock up an entire team is scarcely matched. He has the option to build a bit of extra AP, which can allow him to basically one-shot any squishy target he wishes. It is insane how simple and yet versatile Malphite is. Literally, a child could play him and still manage to overpower most Champions that come in his path.

Malphite is an excellent Champion both in the Lane and outside of it. However, he does lack the depth that some of the others on the list might offer. Still, he remains an excellent pick for newer players and intermediate ones. I highly recommend him to just about anyone that plays on the Top Lane.


As we can see, there are more than a few good Tanky Champions in Season 12. These have been the dominant forces for quite some time now, and Season 12 is no different for them. Of course, in a live environment such as League’s, it is expected that things will change. If that happens, we will make sure to update the list.

I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!


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