Wipe a Computer Clean – Erase Hard Drive

June 3

Since the Windows computer has taken up the generation there have been many revolutionary changes in the world. Many have seen growth with the help of this system and since then it is the most renowned thing which everyone has been using. In this present day, technology has seen a whole new level. But unfortunately, many problems have been encountered too. Sometimes it has been seen that the system got slow or due to less security the system have seen many malfunctions attacks. So here in this article, we will show you some of the ways which will help you to wipe a computer clean and erase your Windows 10 completely.

Steps to Wipe a Computer Clean

Stating here are the steps which will you to wipe a computer clean. The steps are very efficient and work easily. Make sure you use these systems to keep your system clean.

Wipe a Computer Clean

Clean out Duplicate and Junk File

This is the best process which will help you get the junk files cleaned up. Day after day on constant use of our PC it gets loaded up with different types of junk file and unwanted files which ultimately slow up the system. So with the help of the duplicate, you can easily remove all those things which can cause damage to your Windows system.

By Deleting all the Programs which we Don’t Need

You accept or not we all keep a few items which we don’t need at all. But due to some reason, we all keep it and finally, it loads up out space resulting in lack of speed and filling of junks. Now to get a wipe clean off your computer delete up all the file you don’t need. This is the best way to keep your system secure fast and smooth.

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Defrag Your Hard Drive

As now you have deleted all your unnecessary files you have to take some few steps now. The step which I will share here will help you to automatically boost up your PC speed. Defragging and defragmenting will surely help you to boost up your device speed automatically. This is the best was to wipe a computer clean. Many are in use of this system and have received a good result.

Removing the Programs from Launch

By simply removing the programs from the startup process will help you to get a good start on your device. The process is very easy and reliable and makes sure you use them to get the best of the results. This is a must-do process for all and it really works.

Clean Up and Organise your Desktop

If you can organize your desktop properly the system will surely work accordingly. Take proper care of the system and it will provide you with all the beneficial need of yours in a smooth and delicate way. The clearer your system will be the smoother you can progress with your work. Make sure you remove all kinds of unnecessary items which you won’t use so that the system gets enough speed to work with smoothly.

Here are all that you need to know to wipe a computer clean. The steps which I have mentioned here are very easy to go for and many have tries and testes it. Make sure you implement those steps properly to get the best of the performance. These steps hardly few minutes to perform.


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