Windows Live Mail Windows 10 Computer

March 8, 2018

Windows 10 comes with a universal email client named Mail. The Mail program in Windows 10 is among the greatest email clients for Windows system, and it allows you to add email accounts from other webmail services like Gmail. Users have been experiencing some problems with the Mail program right from day one of Windows 10’s release. Although the majority of the issues are easily fixed by reinstalling the Mail program. Windows Live Mail is a free app from Microsoft, and Its interface is quite similar to Microsoft’s other programs.

Speaking of this calendar, let us talk about some of its other capabilities. WLM lets you manage multiple accounts. This is normal for many email programs, such as Outlook, but it is a welcome feature in WLM because both home and small business users will have several emails to handle these days.

Windows Live Mail Windows 10 Computer:

Before Microsoft Introduced Outlook and Mail as a universal program, users were mainly using Windows Live Mail as their primary client. But regrettably, Live Mail has been ‘buried’ in Windows 7, and it does not include Windows 10.

But even if it is not pre-installed on Windows 10, Windows Live Mail is still compatible with Windows 10 and users can download it. Windows Live Mail comes as a part of Windows Essentials that also comes with of Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer, OneDrive, and of course Windows Live Mail.

How to Install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

  • Download Windows Essentials bundle from this link.

  • Run the installer > choose Windows Live Mail from the list.

  • Wait until the installation is finished and start using it.

Change font size in Windows Live Mail

  • On the Windows Live Mail tab > click Options > Mail.
  • On the Read tab > click Fonts > select Largest > click OK
  • Click on the Compose >Click on Font Settings, and adjust the Mail font > Click OK.

Windows Live Mail Windows 10 will help you manage following things in your Windows OS.

Diagnosing Issues

  • Identifying Errors
  • Corrupted files
  • Missing registries
  • Using additional resource to research the issue.


  • Gather Information
  • Verify the issue
  • Trying quick fixes
  • Use appropriate diagnostics

Fix the Issues

  • Resolve Compatibility Issues
  • Elimination of Problems at the Root
  • Fix the corrupted files & missing registries


  • Clear Logs(events)
  • Optimizing Respective devices
  • Removal of temp files and junk files
  • Make default Configuration

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