Will Non GamStop Casinos Become The Members of the Scheme?

May 27, 2021

As you may know, already there are two main types of online casinos for UK players. The first one is casinos that are members of GamStop and the second type are all the casinos not on GamStop. The latter refers to some UK casinos and international gambling sites that do not support GamStop due to many reasons. Will they become members of GamStop in the near future? Let’s find out.

Why Some Casinos Are Not On GamStop

First things first. Why are so many casinos not on GamStop listed here – https://www.nongamstopbets.com/casinos-not-on-gamstop/ and on other non-GamStop portals? There are many reasons for that. If you know, all UK casinos that have a UKGC license must be members of the platform. In other words, these sites must become members of GamStop in order to get a license. As such, this is a mandatory requirement and many UK casinos use it for this very reason. Casinos that do not need a UKGC license don’t have to become members of GamStop.

Casinos that are not members of the self-exclusion scheme have fewer requirements. Keep in mind that all of the requirements are set by the UKGC. There are countless examples. For instance, these casinos must not accept credit cards which is strange. This payment method has been one of the best and the most appealing among gamblers from all over the world. There are many more requirements and regulations that all affect online gambling in a bad way.

The bottom line is simple. Online casinos that are not members of GamStop offer more freedom when it comes to online gambling. As you can imagine by now they can support credit cards, offer better promotions, offer all kinds of games they like and so much more. In other terms, these sites offer much more freedom and therefore a better gambling experience. It is the explanation why so many gamblers prefer these sites.

Basically, casinos that are not GamStop members don’t have a need to become one and can offer better gambling to all players. UK players prefer this advantage and have been commonly gambling at these sites for a long period of time.

Don’t forget that casinos of this kind are still safe and reputable. Many come with licenses obtained from Curacao or other gambling authorities which means that the games are fair, payment methods are encrypted and so much more. There is no unusual risk when playing games here.

Will They Stay Outside The Program

UK players usually have the same questions when they see the link between casinos and GamStop. Will casinos outside the scheme become GamStop members? If they do become, all GamStop users won’t be able to gamble. In that scenario, you must wait for the self-exclusion period to end, and only then you can return to gambling. This is a severe issue.

Luckily, these casinos are not members of GamStop today and they won’t become in the future. If they do that, they will lose valuable customers in massive numbers. Most of the online casinos cannot even afford to be part of UKGC and GamStop. You must know that online casinos with UKGC must pay massive amounts for the license itself, taxes and so much more. Just imagine how much money they must invest in order to meet the latest UKGC regulations.

These casinos don’t have a need to become GamStop casinos either. They won’t get anything and they can only do harm to the business. As we have mentioned earlier, they will lose gamblers and this is the latest thing they want to do. There is no need to add that online casinos are available thanks to a massive number of gamblers. Without them, this business will fail. Because of the obvious reasons we saw here, online casinos that are not members of GamStop won’t become that in the future. There is no need to worry about it. You will always have another site where you can play games and win big time, despite the fact you are on GamStop right now.


Casinos that are members of GamStop do come with pros and cons. But, casinos that are not members of the scheme do have massive advantages as well. Luckily, these will remain present in the same form they are today and they won’t add GamStop support. This is the best possible outcome and something all gamblers are happy to know about. While the main point of GamStop is to increase awareness, becoming its members would be extremely bad for their business.


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