Why Social Media Contests are Great Choice for Your Start-Up?

June 30, 2021

Are you interested to promote your niche online? If so, you are on right track and this article will help you understand the best strategies to use social media for your start-up. Many big brands around the world are already developing solid strategies for promoting niche on social media. Some of them also prefer to buy votes as it helps to boost engagement fast. This is one of the best alternatives against traditional marketing solutions.

Whether you are promoting a new niche in the market or are making efforts to capture audience attention towards your big brand, social media contests can help you better. It is the best way to fight against competitors online and capture audience attention towards your brand. The best thing to know about contests is that they are inexpensive and easier to conduct. There is no need to hire an additional team of professionals to manage these marketing campaigns, even beginners can handle them with ease. Furthermore, there are so many software tools online that can be used to design contest marketing campaigns instantly.

Contests lead to extensive excitement for the organizers and those who participate. When designed carefully, these campaigns can help you achieve desired success with ease. Even if you have just a few hundred of followers at present, contests can boost your followers count by a considerable level. However, before making a final decision on whether it is good to buy votes or not. Don’t worry! Below we have listed few details highlighting the importance of social media contests for start-ups:

Define goals of the contest

There are so many social media platforms that you can use to promote your niche online. Stats reveal that Facebook has grown up to an active monthly user count of 2 billion by the end of the year 2017 and today, this count is almost double. Therefore, it is definitely good to highlight specific features and qualities of your products. Other than this, you can try Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. It is possible to buy real contest votes for all these platforms to boost engagement online. If you are on Instagram, you can find several ways to buy Instagram followers to get your target audience present on your account. This will surely help you to grow your online business.

When social media marketing strategies are designed well, they can help you achieve rapid growth on the internet. However, you should start with some clearly defined goals. When you know what you have to achieve in the end, you can automatically find better ways to proceed. Some of you may prefer social media contests to boost followers count, others may prefer it to increase their email subscribers. Experts advise setting up some reliable, measurable, attainable, and brand-specific goals to enhance reputation in the competitive market.

Choose contest type

After deciding the main goals of your social media contest campaigns, you have to choose the right type of contest. There are several options that you can choose from but make sure that your selection promotes your brand to the most relevant audience. For instance, those who are planning to boost the list of subscribers for their business should not run a giveaway contest in which people are just required to comment on or vote for the posts. Instead, they need to motivate people to leave their email IDs at the entrance terminal for the contest. You can think of using photo or video contests to boost brand visibility and engagement online. These contests also involve a higher fun factor that is a must to represent the unique identity of your brand.

Few other ideas for social media contests that you can follow online are instant win contests, user-generated content contest, fan-voted contests, tests & quizzes, or simple entry contests. Make sure the type of contest you choose provides maximum value to your business while building a solid fan base in the competitive market. It is better to do lots of research before making a selection of the best contest theme as it should match the brand niche and the interests of the target audience.

Consider the time frame

Before launching your contest online, it is important to do careful analysis on what is the best time to run it. Another essential decision is how long to run it. The main goal is trying to capture the audience’s attention when they are available on the page. Depending upon what kind of audience or which age group you are targeting, you may find different time durations suitable for contests. This decision is helpful to get Facebook contest votes in bulk amount.

Experts advise using Facebook insights to understand what is the best time to capture audience attention with your contest marketing campaigns. These insights provide clear details on when your target audience is most active and willing to engage. Also, you need to decide how much time you will give your contest participants to perform desired actions. If they are expected to collect a higher number of votes, you have to give them a certain deadline for the result announcement.

Rules and regulations

Another important thing that demands your attention while leading contest promotion activities is the set of essential rules and regulations. You may need to make it clear to the contest participants that how the winner will be selected. If you are running a voting contest, the set of requirements may help them understand how many votes they need to get preferably.

Many of the contest participants even prefer to buy votes online to beat the competitive forces around. Also, the pre-set rules and regulations help to avoid conflicts between participants and the organizing teams. While deciding about these requirements, you should also consider the terms of service of your selected social media platform. This information may help you to make a reliable decision for leading a stunning brand impression.

Once you have made all these important decisions regarding your contest marketing campaigns, it is the right time to launch contests online. You can buy online votes to beat the competitive forces around while setting up a solid audience base for your business. Furthermore, contests can help you promote features of your latest niche.


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