Why guidance of a pro player is important for beginners in online gaming?

October 8

The world of gaming can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Being a beginner, there are several confusions as you’re stumbling through the rules and policies of the game trying to understand every aspect so you can be a better player. There are a number of websites and apps that can help you to proceed, however, it is always better to be guided by the ace players. The Pro Players, as they are called, are people who have been playing online games for a long time and have mastered it too. They have reached high levels and have ample experience in being a full-time professional pro player. Their experience can help our beginners in more ways than we know. Just like extra tuition classes can help students get better marks in exams, similarly, the beneficial guidance of pro players is what a beginner needs while starting his journey into the online gaming world.

They will guide you in the right direction

For starters, the guidance of a pro player will give you a push in the right direction. Irrespective of whether you’re a newbie in the gaming arena learning to master the skills of someone who has just been playing as a hobby but now wants to turn it into a job, a pro player will be able to help you out in both these scenarios. They will give you the kick start that you require for the game.

  • Help you understand simpler tips and tricks

As a beginner, people often go by the book. The follow rules to the T and proceed as required in the game. Although this is good in the initial stage, it is not going to get you much further if you’re serious about online gaming. Experienced pro players, on the other hand, know several tips and tricks to speed up the process. They think out of the box, go beyond the book and understand loopholes. While going by the book may get you started, it may take a long while before you master the game. In such cases, a pro player can guide you to overlook certain aspects, focus on some in order to get you going.

Help to get the right kind of gear

Most online gamers hold their gear in high regard. You simply cannot move ahead in the game without the right kind of gear. The gear in this case includes the set-up: a good functioning monitor, high-end microphone and pre-amp setup, a webcam, or a streaming cam, if you wish to live stream your game. These are the basics. Where to get them from, what company to trust, and how to budget your expenses on them is also something a pro player will be able to help you with.

They can help you finding the right store to buy weapons and skins for your character

And the same goes for weapons. The gaming world thrives on weapons, armor, and skins for your character. As you proceed with the game the character is updated with these tools. But there are also official websites you can buy these weapons and skins from by paying real money. Not all of them are good enough or trustworthy and you will definitely need an experienced player to tell you where to buy from. Some of these websites charge more than others so guidance from a pro is essential so you don’t spend an unreasonable amount of money on these things.

Help to increase your game level and improve stats

Online gaming is all about increasing your score, leveling up, and collecting more points and upgrades along the way. Beginners often feel that after maintaining a steady pace of leveling up, the game slows down and progress is stunted. At this stage, a beginner may want to consider taking guidance from a pro player to follow his technique to improve the stats faster. With Game boosting you play with pro players, learn the techniques, make a bond with them and increase your confidence.

Keep you motivated

The key to being a good e-gamer is to stay motivated. After a couple of defeats or a patch of slower progress, one might feel disheartened and think of giving up. But a pro player will tell you that this is the exact time when you need to really get down to it and up your game. Several strategies come to use when you’re down or stuck in one level for a while. Having a pro player sit with you, guide you through the game as you play and give you timely instructions will definitely get you out of the slow patch sooner than you’d think.

Explain ways to become a professional gamer as a full-time profession

E-sports is a growing field all over the world, especially in Western countries. Although most people start it off as a hobby, it can now be pursued as a full-time or part-time career. Many pro players are professional gamers who make a lot of money out of online gaming. If that is your career goal as well, then you need to find a pro player and talk to them about it. As a beginner, you can always opt for a coach and these pro players do coach beginners too. Gamers make a lot of money since the field is in demand right now. A pro player can help you understand the monetary aspects of the game and help to convert it from a hobby into something that will run your household too.

So while we are more than confident that beginners too will become pros in no time. The journey to get there (or anywhere) is always better with someone’s guidance. If you know any experienced player personally, that’s great, but if not, there are official forums for different games where you can register yourself and participate in discussions with gamers at your level as well as professionals. The topics discussed often help to resolve FAQs of beginners and help them get valuable guidance with respect to tips and tricks from those who know the game well for a longer time. You can find these forums online through a simple Google search too.


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