Why do you need a Twitter account in 2021

October 12, 2021

Over the past couple of years, the popularity of Twitter has dropped slightly, because such social networks as Instagram and TikTok have hit the trend. Many services are trying to adapt to the new fashion and introduce similar functionality (for example, Stories) so as not to lose their audience. However, Twitter is on its way and has no plans to become similar in format to other services. Because of this, many say that the era of this social network has long passed and an account is completely unnecessary there. If you think so, then after reading this article you will definitely change your mind. Plus, you’ll learn why you don’t even need to buy followers on Twitter and spend money on promotion.

Why is Twitter still relevant?

Of course, a large number of people use only Instagram and TikTok. But these are relatively new social networks that people began to use not so long ago. Moreover, Instagram has become so popular recently, when the Stories format appeared there. TikTok is a completely new format that did not exist a couple of years ago. Often teenagers who have not used any services before come to these social networks.

In contrast, Twitter has been around for a long time and has a large audience that has been using it for many years and has no plans to abandon its account. Few of the active Twitter users have stopped using it due to the emergence of new social networks. This ensures that if you post content on Twitter, you will definitely have your audience and will not need to buy Twitter followers. In addition, it is on this social network that users are famous for their activity in commenting and reposting because almost every tweet is hotly discussed.

Those who are used to reading information on Twitter continue to subscribe to various accounts there and do not forget to like and comment on posts in them. This is exactly the category of users who consider this post format the most convenient. On this social network, no one wants to make a post with interesting text (because tweets are limited in the number of characters) and a beautiful picture. Here is the main heading, and then you can insert a link to some news or content.

What content is interesting on Twitter?

As mentioned above, Twitter has a special post format. They are limited in the number of characters and therefore you cannot write a long post there. If you plan to maintain your account, then it is worthwhile to study the specifics of this format in advance. First, in most cases, authors abandon punctuation marks and emojis in order to fit more words (this is convenient for personal blogs and entertainment content). Also, this format teaches authors to express their thoughts more concisely and concisely in tweets.

The undoubted advantage of this social network is that you can insert links to any sources in your posts. For example, if you want to tell about some news, then you can write its title and then insert a link to the source with the full content of this news. Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have this option. This is also useful when you need to advertise another account or website. To do this on Instagram, either Stories or a link in the bio profile are usually used. This is extremely inconvenient and ineffective in terms of the percentage of the audience that will be interested in ads and go to the profile to find this link there.

Typically, there are two types of accounts that are most popular on Twitter: news portals and entertainment content. News portals create handy, concise tweets that include a news headline, a photo from the scene, and a link to the full article on the portal’s website. This format is quite convenient for readers because they can flip through the feed, reading the headlines, and only open those articles that they really want to read in full.

When it comes to entertainment content, many users just write something funny about their lives or post various jokes and memes. Now, this format is very attractive to a young audience. You can see that screenshots from Twitter are often found on the vastness of all social networks, including Facebook and Instagram.

How to start your Twitter blog?

You are probably already convinced that you should still try to create your Twitter account. If you still doubt the popularity of this social network, then catch one interesting fact: more than 500 million new tweets appear on Twitter every day. Impressive statistics, isn’t it?

Firstly, you need to choose a topic that you will stick to in your blog. You can create your own news portal, but this is a rather complicated process. The easiest way is to start an entertainment account with some life stories about yourself or just jokes. Secondly, you need to come up with an account name and pick up photos. At the same time, you should design your bio profile beautifully so that users willingly go to your account and want to subscribe to it.

After that, you can start coming up with your tweets. If you have several ideas at the same time, then write them down in notes. You can tweet one at a time at a certain frequency. Don’t forget that subscribers can easily forget about you and leave if you don’t update your profile for a long time. That is why if you want to gain a large and active audience, then you need to work hard and not miss a day.

At first, you can buy ads for your account from more famous bloggers, actively like and comment on popular accounts. Any activity will allow you to declare yourself and attract some part of the audience to your profile. When you are already known, you yourself will be able to earn from advertising new accounts.


Is Twitter relevant in 2021? Definitely yes. Should you try to create and run your blog right now? Definitely yes! We hope you are now motivated to do so as soon as possible.


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