Which of Sesame’s betting features for Bulgaria will be available to customers from other countries in the future?

December 22, 2021

Even though there are several online betting companies in Bulgaria, Sesame is usually the one that stands out. This newly-registered online betting company has a rich history in the country because of its land-based casinos. That’s why it was not surprising the operator quickly managed to establish itself in the online betting business.

One of the things that makes Sesame’s betting site different from its land-based casinos is that it offers more things. Apart from providing its clients with the latest casino games, this company is also notorious for having a top-notch sportsbook. Hence, Bulgarian customers don’t need to look for another betting website just so they can bet on sports.

It will probably take some time, but Sesame will eventually become the leader in the iGaming industry in Bulgaria. This means that the brand will try to expand into other parts of the world in order to gain new customers. If it decides to copy some of the leading international betting brands, Sesame will probably offer the same services to its international clients. In addition to the same betting sections and bonuses, the brand will also try to copy its features.

Speaking of the devil, here are some of the betting features for Bulgaria that will most likely be available to customers from other countries. There might be even more alternatives to choose from, but these ones will probably be present.

The Cash Out feature

Even though some online betting fans prefer other betting features, there is no arguing that Cash Out is the most popular one. It deserves special attention because this option gives punters full control of their bets. If you read the review of Sesame Bulgaria from Nostrabet, you will see that this company even has two versions of Cash Out. The first is the standard option used to settle a bet, whereas the second is called Partial Cash Out. It does the same thing as the first one, but you can choose how much you want to get instead of pulling out the entire amount of money. Consequently, this will keep your bet active.

Cash Out is one of the few online betting features that everyone must have access to. Even if you don’t use it that often, having the chance to settle your bet preemptively is always a plus. One of the benefits of using Sesame’s option is that it works for every sport. In other words, you don’t have to punt on something you dislike just so you can use this option. What’s even more impressive is that you can use Cash Out after placing a bet on the so-called live markets.

Sesame Bulgaria has one of the best Cash Out options in the sports betting industry right now. This thing will definitely positively impact the site’s popularity if it decides to expand into other countries.

Bet Builder

The fact that this online betting operator is mostly famous for its online casino doesn’t mean its sportsbook is not worth it. On the contrary, everyone who reads the Sesame Bulgaria review from Nostrabet will see that the brand is special. It seems like the company paid attention to some of the leading bookmakers worldwide because it offers an intriguing feature called Bet Builder.

Often referred to as one of the most innovative features, Bet Builder is an option that you can put to the test once you start betting on football. Sesame allows its clients to add up to several betting markets from the same football match and bet on them. Although this will make your bet more challenging to predict, it will increase the odds. Consequently, you could win more money, as long as you guess the outcome of all markets.

The fact that you can combine different markets into one bet doesn’t mean that there aren’t specific limits you must adhere to. For example, you can’t combine markets that automatically exclude each other, such as wagering on the fact that both teams will win the specific game.

Virtual Sports

While it is true that some people don’t consider Virtual Sports to be a feature, it is something that you won’t find on every iGaming operator. Sesame knows that Bulgarians like to punt on sports, but there aren’t always interesting events to wager on. Consequently, it decided to offer them the chance to punt on computer simulations known as V-Sports.

Once this brand decides to expand its services in other countries, there is a big chance it will also offer its virtual sports section. Those interested in it can bet on several football variations, as well as basketball, tennis, and baseball. Every “sport” that you will find after checking the Sesame review by Nostrabet offers several popular markets and really good odds. This probably doesn’t surprise some readers because Sesame works in conjunction with a platform called Betradar.

Live Betting Feature

One of the things that differentiate online bookmakers is the live betting section. While it is true that many iGaming companies offer their clients the chance to punt on sports in real-time, only a few brands are as good as Sesame. Bulgarian customers have the opportunity to wager on multiple sports in real-time. They can avail themselves of an impressive number of markets, and odds that change every couple of seconds, depending on the in-game action.

Sesame is well aware that its live betting section is one of the reasons why so many people choose this operator in the first place. This means that it will probably try to replicate it once it starts operating in other countries. Punters who want to put it to the test will be able to bet on the hottest sports in their countries. Unlike other online bookies, Sesame does not limit the number of sports that people can choose from while using its live betting section. To put it another way, this feature will let you wager on every sport available in the regular sportsbook.


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