What to Chat With a Girl When Dating: First Steps, Basics, and Recommendations

April 3, 2022

Surely, many of you are looking for girlfriends and potential life partners on the internet. Someone on social networks, someone — on dating sites. One way or another, the scheme of action is similar. If you are going to find a new love here, consider the whole gamut of nuances in this process. There are no specifics about what to correspond with a girl when dating. But some criteria must be met.

Goal Definition

Before starting correspondence with the object of adoration on https://ladadate.com/, define your tasks: what do you expect from this? The case may drag on or turn into a real meeting. With an adequate approach, the second option is a priority. And it is feasible subject to four key aspects:

  1. Playfulness.
  2. Showing courtesy/respect.
  3. Carelessness.
  4. Constant interest.

If you deviate from them, immediately return back. Otherwise, all efforts will be meaningless.

The Start Factor

On a social network or a dating platform, you find a beauty with an interesting profile, a sufficient number of pictures, and options for available direct messages for all users. These are signs that she doesn’t mind getting to know new people. She is from your country or lives in the same region. Now is the time to act.

Here the factor of mutual friends will facilitate the task. The more of them, the easier it is to find common themes. And the fact is likely that the chosen one is already familiar with you in absentia. The conditions are even more comfortable if you were previously introduced at some event, a chance meeting, etc.


Do not make instant replies. Combine them in terms of speed and content: long and fast, short and voluminous. Do not be silent for a long time, and do not expect a response. Your silence is perceived as an unwillingness to communicate. No one wants to be the object of rare attention out of boredom. 

On the internet, by correspondence with a chosen one, rely on two bases: frequent stories about yourself and questions. This foundation is complemented by the competent introduction of compliments and emoticons. It gives positive colors to your dialogue.

Question Rules

They apply to communication on dating sites and social networks. Only the first option is more responsible because, after a successful series of initial messages, your dialogue can be transferred from the virtual space to the real one. On such sites, people are looking for life partners and do not waste time on unnecessary correspondence.

Ask her what makes her feel good. The more pleasant emotions, the stronger the effect. Signs of this are detailed answers, an abundance of emoticons, and frequent replies.

Questions organically fit into the conversation and do not roll around in a powerful stream. Make your own comments, clarify the details and reflect your opinion. Eliminate the interview format and questions like:

  • What’s new? 
  • What is your education?
  • What did you do during the day? Etc.

The answer to them is reminiscent of reporting. This stresses the interlocutor. Silly questions from the category “Do you like watching TV shows?”, “Do you like gifts” also brings you failures. They imply the unambiguity of “Yes” and “No.”

Keep in mind that a potential girlfriend is also lost in the dilemma of what to write. Then address her with a series of easy questions. She answers them quickly and with great desire. At the same time, she does not know what to ask.

Competent wording in correspondence depends on common interests and your creativity. Examples of them are:

  1. What annoys you and attracts you the most in people?
  2. How was yesterday’s presentation?
  3. What countries have you visited? What places aroused admiration?
  4. What is your attitude towards skating? Do you like skiing?
  5. I like performances at the local theater. How often do you go there?
  6. I found out that you are an X-Files fan. Tell me, “Where’s the truth, Scully?”

Item 6 is logical when you know exactly about her favorite films, books, etc. It is appropriate to use a phrase from them. This will amuse her and enliven the correspondence.

Narration About Yourself

The disclosure of your life should proceed systematically and in small portions. No need to talk about the events of a faded day. It does not carry an informational message and is of no interest to anyone.

A phrase like that produces the best effect: “I just arrived after a psychedelic in the office. Finally, there is time to rest. What do you remember about your day?” This will reflect your employment, hard work, and the presence of serious life tasks. Women appreciate it.

Bring in both humor and jokes, including on yourself. Example: “Such a stupid situation arose in the subway because I did …”

Also, adorn the correspondence with real-time pictures. This is of more interest when compared with old ones. And by sending her a photo, include her in your life. She feels closeness and reveals herself. Share your stories and memorize the details of her stories. Then it is appropriate to draw parallels between your lives.

When you manage to arrange a date, and its time is agreed upon, do not take a break in communication. Even a light phrase on the eve of the event will emphasize your interest in the chosen one.

The Meaning of Compliments and Emoticons

Compliments can be in a simple phrase or presented in poetic form. This will delight her. Indirect compliments work more effectively, for instance:

  • “You pleasantly surprised me, your reasoning is logical and wise.”
  • “Do you really bake such masterpiece cupcakes?”
  • “Jesus, you are not only beautiful but very talented.”

As for emoticons, girls treat them positively because they convey the mood and message, and defuse the situation. But they should be used within reason. The most popular options reflect laughter and smiles. It is optimal to use hearts in the eyes. This is a sign of your admiration for her. But do not use red-cheeked, tearful, eye-rolling, or bored versions. This is a sign of your insecurity and significant dependence on this correspondence.


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