What Should We Know about Safer Gambling Tools?

August 31, 2021

In recent years, there has been a buzz about responsible gambling in many circles online. This news is not surprising as the online gambling industry created room for millions of players worldwide to gamble from anywhere easily. Unfortunately, gambling can be pretty addictive if not properly controlled. This seamless access that the online gambling industry brought makes it relatively easy for people to get addicted quickly.

The iGaming industry came up with tools that players can use to stay in control of their gaming activities to curtail the possibility of gambling problems. In this article, we will look at some of the safer gambling tools that you should know.

Responsible Gambling and Why we need Safer Gambling Tools

Many online gambling enthusiasts often look for bonus buy slots demo. The ones that play slots or other casino games’ demos do so for free, and those that use bonuses play with minor risks to actual bonus funds. However, many players seriously engage in gambling activities with real money. And while the majority of gambling enthusiasts across the globe take gambling as a source of entertainment, it can be pretty easy for things to get out of control. This is why there has been a drastic increase in the cases of problem gambling in many circles. The solution that the iGaming industry proffered to solving this problem is responsible gambling. Responsible Gambling or Safer Gambling is the term used to describe the iGaming industry’s approach to reducing problem gambling risk. With a responsible gambling mindset in mind, many gambling sites feature various tools and services to assist players and reduce gambling problems. This issue empowers gambling enthusiasts with the knowledge and tools that can help them manage their gambling activities.

Responsible gambling has become a common trend in the iGaming industry today, and you will rarely find an online casino that doesn’t provide safer gambling tools.

Common Safer Gambling Tools in the iGaming Industry Today

When it comes to responsible gambling, many sportsbooks and online casinos are very proactive. This is why you will find different tools designed to help players take control of their gaming activities. Let us take a look at some of the self-help tools that you will commonly come across when you gamble online today.

Common Safer Gambling Tools in the iGaming Industry

Deposit Limits

As we all know, online gambling can be exhilarating. When players get into the thick of it, they tend to get carried away by the excitement and will often spend more than they initially budgeted. Even after blowing their bankroll, some players can go further and fund their accounts with more money to keep playing. It is only after the excitement dies down that they feel regret for losing control. Bookmakers and online casinos provide the deposit limits tool to help players control their gambling activities and stay within their budget.

Simply put, the deposit limits tool allows players to set limits to how much money they can put into their gambling account at any time. This tool can be valuable for players who spend more gambling than they intend to. Generally, you can set:

  • Daily deposit limit
  • Weekly deposit limit
  • Monthly deposit limit

Once a deposit limit is set, transactions made after hitting the limit will be declined. Although players can usually increase this limit, it will take a 24 or 48 hour period for it to take effect, thereby preventing players’ uncontrollable impulses. This deposit limits tool has become a common trend in the iGaming industry today, and you will find many online casinos and sportsbooks that feature it on their platforms.

Loss Limits

One thing that is unavoidable when you engage in gambling activities, whether online or offline, is loss. On many occasions, you will undoubtedly earn profits when you play online. However, there will be times when you will also undoubtedly lose a lot of money. And without proper control, you will lose more than you expect, especially if you chase the losses you have previously made.

The loss limit tool allows players to limit the amount of money they can lose at any point. Generally, you can set daily, weekly, or monthly loss limits.

Once you set a loss limit to your account at a gambling site and reach the specified limit, you will not be able to continue to wager. In addition, once you cannot wager on your favorite games or sporting events, it will limit the amount you can lose on a specific basis. This tool can be pretty helpful for players who find it challenging to limit the amount of money they lose by themselves.

Wagering Limits

Wagering limits is another helpful tool that promotes safe gambling online. The wagering limit tool allows players to limit the amount of money that they can wager at a gambling site on a specified basis. For example, you can set a daily, weekly, or monthly maximum limit to how much you can wager at your favorite site. This way, you will be able to stay in control because once the limit is reached, you will not be able to continue wagering at the casino.

Time Alert

Another tool that you will find at many gambling sites for safe gaming is the time alert tool. We all know that gambling activities, especially casino games, can be stimulating, with most players getting carried away by the excitement. Once you are carried away, it becomes easy not to keep track of time or anything happening around you. A time alert tool is a tool that many online casinos use to help players stay grounded and aware of their activities.

The tool, which serves as a reality check:

  1. helps players keep track of time
  2. alert them periodically,
  3. inform them about the length of their gaming session.

It also usually contains information about the changes that have occurred to a player’s balance. With these periodical interruptions, such a player will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not it would be best to continue gambling.

Session Limits

It can be pretty easy to lose track of time when you engage in gambling online. Have you ever spent more time than you planned on your favorite casino games at an online casino? If so, the session limit tool can be a valuable tool for you. The simple truth is that most gambling enthusiasts who gamble online tend to get into the excitement of the activity that they often forget themselves. When this happens, such gambling enthusiasts will spend more time than they previously planned to play their beloved games.

The session limit tool lets players know how long they would like to spend logged in at a gambling site, especially online casinos. Once the specified limit is reached, the player will be automatically logged out of the account. This tool is quite similar to the time alert tool in that they both serve as a reality check to players, keeping them aware of how long they have spent gaming online. However, unlike the time alert tool, the session limit tool goes further and logs a player out once they have reached the time they previously planned to spend gaming online. Thus, this tool is helpful for players who often find it hard to keep to their planned gambling duration.

Cool Off Period

Whether it is placing bets on your favorite sports or playing casino games, gambling can be addictive. Unfortunately, many players have become addicted to the rush of high-risk stakes without proper management and control. A helpful tool available to help players prevent getting addicted to gambling is the Cool-Off Periods tool.

Using this tool at a gambling site will lock you out of your account for a specified period, thereby giving you a break from gambling. Naturally, once the specified Cool Off period is over, you will be able to access your account and go back to playing your favorite casino games or placing bets on sports.

Self-Exclusion Tool

For some, an extended break from gambling activities is needed. For such players, the cool-off period is not nearly enough, which is why the self-exclusion tool is quite essential.

The self-exclusion tool allows players to lock their account at a gambling site for an extended period, usually between 6 months and five years. Once an account is blocked with the self-exclusion tool, you cannot perform any activity:

– betting on sports,

– playing casino games,

– depositing,

– withdrawing funds.

Although the self-exclusion tool can help a player stop gambling for a while, commitment on the player’s part is required. The reason is that the self-exclusion tool can only stop you from playing at that particular site. It doesn’t stop you from going somewhere else to gamble.

Product Restriction Tool

While not as common as many other safer gambling tools, players can also use the product restriction tool to stay in control while gambling online.

Most gambling sites online today often feature different products to their players. You will find many sites that provide both sportsbooks and casinos, with some even providing virtual sports alongside. Some players find that while they can gamble responsibly on one product, they find it hard to do the same on another. So, for these types of players, many gambling platforms feature the product restriction tool.

The tool allows players to block access to a particular product, whether sportsbook, casino, or virtual sport.

External Safer Gambling Tools

Aside from the self-help tools available at gambling sites, you can take advantage of many external safer gambling tools for responsible gambling.

Blocking Tools

While the self-exclusion tool blocks players from accessing their accounts at a particular gambling site, it doesn’t stop them from registering at a different casino. Blocking tools is the scheme that takes exclusion a step further and allows gambling enthusiasts concerned about their gambling to restrict themselves of access to most gambling sites. Several third parties offer software that restricts access to gambling sites. Some of the external tools available for blocking your gambling activities include:

  • Beta-blocker
  • Gamstop
  • Gamban

Help Organization

Besides using tools to control their activities, gambling enthusiasts also get help from external help organizations. Many helpful organizations are set up to help promote responsible gambling while reducing the possibility of problem gambling. On these organizations’ sites, you will find relevant information about gambling addiction, which will let you know the risks that gambling poses. You will also find services like self-help groups, forums, and therapy services, aimed at supporting and helping individuals already affected by problem gambling. Some of the help organizations that are available to gambling enthusiasts include:

  • Gamcare
  • BeGambleAware
  • National Gambling Helplines
  • Gamblingtherapy.com, etc

In summary, we all know that gambling can quickly get out of control. By taking advantage of these tools, you can safely control your gambling activities and ensure it doesn’t become a problem. Do make responsible gambling a priority and opt for safer gambling tools.


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