What Makes Cricket so Successful in India?

April 14, 2022

Cricket is the most followed game in India by all age brackets, and its success is as old as history. British sailors who introduced it in the 18th century never knew they had planted a seed of national heritage in India. They formed the first cricket club in 1792; the sport has grown in popularity to an extent where it is played in the streets and rural areas.

In 1952 Indian cricket team tasted its first victory, and the team showed its success in the 1970s when there was the rise of players like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, and Gundappa Viswanath. The Indian national cricket team has won major tournaments like the Cricket world cup, T20 world cup, and ACC Asia cup. The Indian Premier League also attracts lots of sports betting enthusiasts. That being said, it’s recommended to bet only on the best cricket betting sites online.

Cricket success has led the game to be like a religion to Indians, and most of them plan their events when there is no tournament because there might be a low turn up if there is a cricket tournament. Here are things that make the cricket sport more successful than any other game in India.

Facts why Cricket is Thriving in India

Just like any other dominating sport in a country, some factors make cricket so successful in India:

Cricket Rich History

Walking through cricket history, India has been the most popular sport since the 1800s, and everyone watches and knows about cricket. It’s played by almost everyone in every school, street, and anytime there is cricket time in the streets. Its popularity makes India a pot of cricket talent.

From the streets emerge some of the best players and young people play it and discover how good they are at the sport. Its popularity and its rich history of victory after victory have made cricket the most successful sport in India.

Many Fans

The sport will not be enjoyable without a fan base, and Indian fans are crazy about cricket teams because 93% of the Indian population support cricket. Cricket fanatics in India are fully dedicated to supporting the sport and the players. Every new cricket victory in India makes the sport thrive more every day as fans celebrate, sponsor, and buy tickets to support their favorite teams and players.

Heavy support from the fans makes a big difference to tournaments and cricket games. The cricketers work extra hard knowing they have the entire country’s support and wouldn’t want to let them down. And having the moral support from the fans, they keep winning.

Talented Players

India has the best cricket players internationally. The players have unmatched talents where they play exceptionally at the national level and amazingly in international arenas. India has performed so well that every international cricket fan knows about Indian top international cricket players.

Indian cricketers have been the backbone of the sport for over 150 years, and with every generation, there is a rise of a powerful team that represents Indian locally and internationally. The new players’ incredible skills and abilities make this sport a success all over India.

India has a Good Cricket Infrastructure

The cricket infrastructure has significantly boosted the success of the sport. Did you know each town in India has a cricket arena? The cricket training and coaching centers have magnificent coaches where people can; learn cricket. The wonderful facilities make it possible to produce the best talent for national and international platforms.

The training centers are an excellent environment to nurture and polish young talent, giving the young generation a chance to train in facilities with professional coaches. Compared to other sports, cricket has more coaching than any other sport in India.

Kids engage in the sport at a tender age because of their passion for the game. And since cricket is easy to play, kids learn the rules and play it skillfully when they are still young.

The Media Coverage

The Indian media sector had been a significant boost to cricket success; without the media, the Indian national team would not have such an enormous fan base. Most Indian publishers air the live games, and the fans always look forward to it and cancel their appointments to watch the cricket.

The heavy endorsements of cricketers and their lavish lifestyle attract most fans and inspire the youth to work hard and be like their favorite cricketers.

Good Governing Body

The BCCI governs cricket, which is efficient and well organized. The body takes careful steps to protect and bring more success in cricketing interest in India. The body has been doing its job, and cricket remains the most popular sport after so many years.

BCCI, formed in 1928, has the authority to select the best players to take part in international tournaments and control them. The body has done everything to ensure cricket players get what they deserve and have made it possible for their success.


In India, cricket has attracted many sponsors and advertisements since it is the most-watched sport. You will find many cricketers endorsing different products commercials earning them enormous money.

Companies attach themselves to cricket because of its followers, and they are ready to pay any amount for publicity between the game and sponsor clubs to go public.

Bodies like AIFF, IHF, and HI are functional and neatly organized to govern the sport, and their strong backing has been one factor that makes cricket successful and dominant in India.


Social factors have contributed to India’s cricket success, but the Indian national team has also played a huge part in making this sport so popular and lovable to many. Cricket will still be dominant because of its performance on the international stage and the rise of new talents that keep rising. 

Some Indians would say cricket is the only sport in their bloodline, and that’s why the attachment despite having other sports. The victories give the fans the zeal to support, sponsor, and bet on the game more than any other sport on online betting sites.


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