What is the Point of Buying an LoL Account?

October 13, 2021

League of Legends is perhaps one of the best MOBA games in history. Since its launch, the game has gathered millions and millions of players, and you can imagine how competitive it got in the meantime.

LoL is one of those games that you’ll need an account in order to play. Since many gamers in the world can’t hit the top ranks, the reasons for you to buy an LoL account are plenty. If you’re a die-hard League of Legends player and used to have a high-ranked account, this is the way to do it if you don’t want to waste your precious time ranking from scratch.

In the article below, you’ll find all the reasons and the point of buying a level 30 LoL account and all the benefits along with it. So, let’s start rolling; the Summoner’s Rift awaits!

Why Should You Buy an LoL Account?

The list of reasons to buy a League of Legends account is pretty big. Nowadays, there are hundreds of reasons why you should purchase an active and leveled-up LoL account. As we’re here to guide you, we shall deliver only the most important reasons why you should buy a new LoL account for yourself.

Let’s be honest. Only a handful of players have the time to make new accounts and reach their old Diamond ranking. If you’re not one of them, then purchasing an LoL account is perhaps the best choice you have right now.

In the text below, you will learn more about the reasons to buy a League of Legends account and more.

Check out what we got for you!

Testing New Champions

If you already own a high-ranked account and wish to test new champions, buying an account is ideal. For starters, if you choose to try new LoL champions on your account, the possibility of losing games and lowering your rank is high. Testing new champions on your main account can cause you to lose ranking since you’re playing with unknown characters against highly-skilled players.

In order to avoid this, you can buy a new level 30 account and try out the new champions without worries.

This is perhaps the perfect way to test the newly released heroes without losing your rank, and this is the most common reason why you should buy a leveled-up LoL account, unrankedsmurfs.com has lots of those in stock.

You can always create a new account and test champions that way. However, you’ll get matched up against rookies that you will most likely demolish. So, to polish your skills and properly learn new champs, getting an account based in Silver, Gold, or Platinum is a solid choice.

You Can Play with Low-Ranked Friends

Let’s imagine a scenario where you can’t play with your friends because they own low-ranked accounts. Some of your friends might not be hardcore LoL gamers like yourself, as they are not chasing the glory as you do.

In order to have a good time with them, you can’t use your main account, as your rank is way higher than theirs. If you choose to buy an LoL account with a lower level, you can start playing League of Legends with your buddies in low-ranked brackets.

Buying a low-ranked LoL account can also be used to try out some things that you can’t possibly do on your main one in fear of losing a rank by any chance.

Different Skins For You to Enjoy

All experienced League of Legends players knows that in-game skins are fantastic. Every champion in the game has its own unique set of skins that stand out among others. If you wish to try out new skins without paying for them, then purchasing an LoL account is the best way to do it.

However, not all accounts you purchase will arrive with the skins you want. So, it would be best if you discussed this topic with the seller before buying the account. Ask them, for example, whether they have Star-Guardian Ahri onboard. If they don’t – simply look for another seller that offers an account with this skin.

In Case You’re Banned

This is one of the main reasons why you should buy a new LoL gaming account. If you get banned for a week or permanently in the rarest case, you should definitely consider buying a new LoL account. Once you get banned, you’re going to lose some of your rankings, and in the most extreme case, you will never be able to log back in. You should always consider purchasing a new League of Legends in case you’re banned – something we never wish to happen to you.

You Can Easily Switch Regions

Let’s say that you’ve met some new friends, but unfortunately – they play on another server. If those gamers play on EU Nordic & East, and you’re on North America, you won’t be able to play with them until you change your server, which costs 2,500 RP.

For this particular reason, you’re going to need a new account that is going to be registered on EU Nordic & East. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to create a new account and level it up, or you can just purchase an already existing one.

Buying an account is the easiest solution in this case. Yes, 2,500 RP isn’t all that much, but once you transfer and want to go back, you will have to spend another 2,500 RP. So, having two accounts is always a better idea.

To Avoid Long Queues

If you’re punished with a low-priority queue because of leaving too many games during the champion select screen, buying an LoL account is a good idea.

Waiting in queues for longer than 5 minutes is genuinely a waste of time. By purchasing an account with picture-perfect ban history, you will always belong in the high priority queue; thus you will never have to wait for too long again.

However, even if you do decide to buy an account, you should never forget to remain calm and never tilt. Avoid those mistakes, and you may not have to buy an account – ever!


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