Vexel Crypto Card Review

June 23, 2022

Crypto debit cards allow individuals to make purchases physically or online or withdraw money from ATM machines with Bitcoin, although sellers and ATMs do not accept virtual currency. Instead of exchanging Bitcoin for normal currency, as a cardholder, you can preload your debit card with a cryptocurrency amount that is automatically converted upon purchase.

Vexel Wallet is licensed to work with cryptocurrencies.

Vexel is a unique tool that combines the functionality of a cryptocurrency exchange, a payment service, and an online wallet. Purchase cryptocurrencies discreetly, securely transfer, withdraw and store funds, profit from money exchange, and pay for services – all through one platform. A website, mobile app, and Telegram bot are available for your convenience.

It is Your one-stop app to securely store, buy, sell, trade, and track cryptocurrencies.

Download and register on the app in just a couple of minutes to order a crypto card and use all the possibilities of cryptocurrency in your daily life!

What You Can Do With the Vexel Crypto Card

With the app you can: ⁃

  • Safely store your crypto assets in any amount- Order a crypto card and use it in everyday life, replenishing it with crypto directly from the app
  • Receive and transfer crypto without limits- Buy the most popular cryptocurrencies by bank transfer or bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay)
  • Instantly withdraw the most popular cryptocurrencies to your bank accounts or cards, with automatic conversion to the desired currency
  • Make a cryptocurrency exchange at the best price
  • Instantly fix any cryptocurrency in fiat, in any amount in your account

Cryptocurrency loans will also become available very soon and virtual MasterCard release.

The Vexel crypto wallet application allows you to perform all basic operations with cryptocurrencies:

  • Buy the main currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, and others by bank card or bank transfer
  • The transfer within the system is instant and without commissions
  • Track exchange rates in real-time

Service availability depends on local laws.

Since compliance with all regulatory requirements is a priority for, user identity verification becomes impossible if you are in an area where cryptocurrencies are prohibited/limited by local laws.

If you have questions and comments, you can write to the support chat in the application or write to

How Vexel Crypto Card Works

Creating a Vexel

This is the initial step. After downloading or signing up, you need to get a unique code and number made up of 34 characters, which is vital for your private account in the system.

Withdraw or Deposit Money

You can deposit any sum in your preferred currency and exchange it for another preferred currency or Bitcoin.

Divide the Vexel or Change Currency

You can now change the currency in your account with the best rates, divide your card into various parts, and set up a portfolio from multiple virtual currencies.

Store, Deposit, Withdraw

You can deposit on your card any amount, withdraw cash, or just store your cryptocurrency as you wait for the perfect exchange rate to sell.

Why Choose Vexel

The Vexel crypto card brings a lot of convenience and reliability. With it, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Security– Several security features implemented by the platform make it easier for you to conduct safe transactions. These include character protection, password protection, and two-factor authentication.
  • Anonymity– You will enjoy top-level anonymity when using this card. No registration is required. All you have to do is input your code and number into the system.
  • All-in-one-service– Thanks to Vexel, you can easily convert your currency on the go, make cryptocurrency payments leaving no marks in the blockchain, and easily manage your assets from your mobile phone.


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