Use Your Writing Skills to Earn Free Crypto

July 27, 2022

Everyone’s eye is on the increasing demand for crypto; investors are winning billions of dollars from this market, seeing that more and more investors are entering the market. It’s a highly rewarding and risky gain, so everyone can’t earn through this market. As this market runs on a unique technology, the feature of applying stop loss is not available. You won’t get anything if you lose the game, so getting into the market without proper knowledge can be very painful. You need to plan a good strategy to earn from this market, so not following a strategy can lead to huge losses.

If you lack adequate knowledge and still want to enter the crypto market, then you should join our pool. You can earn crypto while writing for our website, and in return, you will get rewarded with free BTC coins.

Our crypto exchange is probably the first to allow users to earn free crypto by sharing their unique content with our audience. Our exchange is hiring a professional content creator who will get rewarded with free BTC by submitting their unique written content. Every writer will get a chance to earn free BTC every month. 

Gift for Skilled Content Writers

Our exchange offers this event once every month. Creators get the opportunity to select their topic, and once their content is selected, it will be worth $500. As per the rule, an individual creator can win a price of 3 content every month.

We only accept English content, but our developers are working on it; they will soon come up with other languages too. 

How to work with us

  • Select a topic 

You can visit our website to choose a topic for yourself. Our developers shuffle the topics weekly so our clients don’t get bored writing the same article. So our exchange provides a chance to win free Bitcoin every month. Please go through our norms to know everything in detail.

  • Start working on the content

You can write the article in your way, be sure that the writing is not a duplicate copy, and you can add other attachments to make it lucrative. For any further information call our customer support team. Use our tips to increase the creativity of your writing. 

  • Bring it public

Introduce your work to all the social media platforms, and don’t forget to tag us.

  • Verification 

Our professionals will check your submitted work, and the one with excellent writing skills will take away all the company. You will receive your free BTC on the 15th.

  • Use our platform

You can use our exchange to invest or trade in crypto, the best trading platform. You can keep track of Bitcoin price through our website and compare the different coins to gather information before investing. 


Don’t waste your time; visit the top-class crypto exchange and start investing to earn extra profit. Our platform is verified and follows all the norms an exchange should follow. Our forum is free from fraud and only allows original coins to participate in the event.


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