Top Flavors Every Hookah Enthusiasts Loves

June 10, 2021

Hookah is becoming a popular hobby and entity nowadays, and everyone is making this a part of their routine. This has compelled the makers to constantly keep adding some distinguished flavors to the market. There has been now a lot of brands and flavors available in the market, and picking up the best one has now become difficult.

Looking around for reviews about each flavor or asking around is a lot of hassle. But, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have got you covered. We have compiled a list of the top hookah flavors with the help of our friends at Icon Hookah, that are widely available in the market.

Before we start knowing the flavors, let us look into what a hookah is first.

What Is a Hookah?

You may already know the answer but let us just cover some basics to help you understand it better, in case you’re new to it. In simplest words, hookahs are just like a water pipe used for smoking with varying flavors such as coconut, apple, chocolate, and many more.

Now let us have a look at some distinguished flavors of hookah that you should definitely try and shouldn’t miss out on.

Al Fakher Mint

Besides the fruity flavored hookah, mint has been very dominant in the market for a long time. Several reputed and well-known brands have been offering mint-flavored hookahs including the very popular – Al-Fakher. The name itself is a synonym for mint-flavored hookah. Just imagine sitting at your place and blowing milky clouds of this hugely popular product. There is no doubt in saying that one of the most iconic and famous flavors for hookah till now is Al-Fakher and almost everyone loves how it tastes.

Star Buzz Pirate’s Cave

Have you ever had a chance to taste tasted the soft drink, Mountain Dew? If yes, you’ll immediately associate this flavor of hookah with it. Star Buzz Pirate’s Cave tastes almost the same as Mountain Dew. The initial notes taste like fresh lime which refreshes the smoker. It is followed by a candy-like taste that is super sweet and sour at the same time. This is also one of the most utilized flavors because it offers a perfect balance of sweet and sour!

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Nakhla Double Apple

Are you fond of traditional hookah? If yes then Double Apple should be your next choice. Keeping alive the original Hookah taste that hit the market, it is still a top favorite. The Double Apple has become an important part of every hookah lover’s collection. This flavor is being produced by the use of unwashed dark leaf tobacco that gives the real and traditional taste. This flavor also has a higher percentage of nicotine, so you should expect to feel a little disoriented after having a few whiffs is something that you should be ready for.

Star Buzz Blue Mist

Another flavor from the Star Buzz that is quite popular among Hookah loves is Blue Mist. It is an absolutely perfect combination of sweet blueberry and cool mint. Blue Mist is produced with the help of washed blonde leaf tobacco and has a lower percentage of nicotine, therefore it can actually be the best choice for you if you look to enjoy hookah simply as a way to relax and unwind.

Fumari Ambrosia

This flavor of hookah is very unique and can be only bought at some specific stores and bars. Their flavors are extremely fresh and compel one to enjoy the most out of it. It is a subtle blend of pineapple and melon and is also accompanied by a little blend of oranges and mandarin. This sweet-smelling and fruity flavor is one of the top choices of hookah lovers.

A lot of people around us have now become very fond of smoking hookah, and it has become a part of their lives – a part that not just helps them spend good time with friends, but to relax from the tensed routines. Several flavors that have been introduced in the market that has attracted more individuals to it and compelled a lot of people to give it a try at least once in their life. After giving these tries, a lot of people get fond of it, and it becomes a part of their life.

Hookahs are quite popular among people who don’t smoke cigarettes, primarily because they come in flavors – unlike cigarettes. This makes hookahs an excellent option for anyone who’s only looking for occasional, recreational sort of smoking.

While keeping a fun element in your mind, we should also consider that excessive use of narcotics can affect your health adversely. Therefore, before you choose the best flavor for your hookah session, check if the flavor is having a lesser amount of narcotics. Choosing the right hookah flavor that not just tastes well but also has a lower level of nicotine and tobacco makes smoking a hookah truly an experience. With so many flavors, there’s something for everyone!


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