Top 7 Insanely Funny Birthday Cards Ideas To Try This 2023

September 7, 2023

They say laughter is the best medicine, and it’s just better when shared with others, especially during events or parties as grand as birthdays.

This 2023, we’ve collected seven funny birthday greeting ideas you haven’t seen before. And it doesn’t have to do with posting lengthy captions on Facebook or Instagram, bombarding early birthday messages on WhatsApp or Messenger, or even sending them a text with multiple emojis.

This time, we’re kicking it old school. We’re bringing back birthday greeting cards to the table—but with epic upgrades, so it’s way more fun and party-worthy. Check these ideas out below:

7 Ridiculously witty ideas for your birthday cards

1. Insert candid photos of the celebrant

What better way to share laughter than to make the celebrant the main source of laughs—but not in a condescending or demeaning way, of course.

We know you’ve secretly taken and collected candid photos of the birthday celebrant for the past months (or years!). And today’s the best day to print them out, compile them, and stick them together to make funny birthday cards for that fun surprise.

They wouldn’t have the slightest idea what’s in store for them until they open the card, and voila—a collection of their funniest and wackiest faces they didn’t know existed will surprise them.

2. Add a goofy video of the birthday star

This might sound impossible, but you can add a video to your birthday cards. And it’s so simple, really.

Here are the things you’ll need: the internet, a smartphone or a laptop, and an online card maker software that offers video messages as its feature.

You can create and customize your video greeting card in just a few clicks and taps for free. This makes adding an extra fun factor to your birthday card much easier.

The card comes with a smartphone-scannable QR code that will reveal the epic video you’ve been meaning to share with the birthday celebrant or other guests.

You can either download, print, and hand the card to the celebrant or have it shipped to their doorstep if they’re miles away.

3. Collaborate with friends for video compilations

If you think item 2 is crazy, wait ‘til we tell you more about how you can collaborate with your friends to compile videos into a single birthday card.

Using a free video greeting card maker, you can customize a birthday card in less than 5 minutes. You can also send a link to your friends or family members so they can join the fun with the card you’re working on.

And just like that, you can collaborate and upload videos into one card. A QR code will route your recipient to the compiled videos, which they can Like or comment on.

4. Show off the meme lord in you

Sending memes and greeting cards is a love language. Put these together, and you get a meme-themed birthday greeting card curated only for the birthday star.

You can fill the first page with your all-time favorite meme, make it your card’s background image, or use the celebrant’s face as a customized birthday meme idea for that extra personal touch.

5. Poke fun at them getting older

This will really be ideal if you’re with someone younger than the celebrant. Even more fun is you can congratulate them on getting a new year in their life while highlighting that they are indeed older.

Here are some birthday message ideas:

  • “Happy birthday! You’re getting vintage. Way to go!”
  • “We’ll need a much bigger cake to fit in all your birthday candles.”
  • “Your birthday surely is becoming a fire hazard.”

6. Record an unexpected audio message

You’ve already got videos and images. What’s next? Audio. Yes, you also get to send them audio messages. Whether it’s a drunken birthday voice message or a sober one, it’s never a bad idea to include something like this in your cards.

All you need is a voice-recording greeting card from Amazon or Etsy. You can also personalize the card’s entire aesthetic if you’re up for it, just to add some razzle-dazzle.

7. Give in to pop-up greeting cards

Who would forget the pop-up birthday card projects we made a couple of times in primary school? It sure was hard, especially if you don’t have a knack for the artsy stuff.

This is exactly why pop-up cards are a great idea to bring out the fun!

You can learn how to layer in the papers, make the right cuts and shapes, and glue the sides to get the right pop-up angle. This might seem childish, but this might just be the wackiest birthday card ever received by the celebrant on their 60th birthday.


While it’s true that parties can be chic and classy, it would never hurt to burst the bubble with a little humorous birthday greeting card. It’s practical, easy to make, and quickly brings out the fun.

Plus, we guarantee the celebrants will shed tears of joy once they have this in their hands.

Check out some of the best online card makers today to start the fun.


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