Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas For Newbie Entrepreneurs

September 24, 2021

When you are ready to start a business and have arranged for the capital and insurance through, the only thing keeping you away from starting the business is articulating the perfect idea. Indeed, coming up with the best business plan is a challenging task. A great idea is the key to a successful and profitable business. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to explore the following ten ideas.

1. Advertising agency

A small advertising agency or digital marketing company will demand minimum investment. And you don’t need office space too. Stat working from home. The chief job is to understand the promotional requirement of the client and plan advertisements accordingly.

2. Web designing company

Open up a web designing company if you are good at website designing and want to explore your creative ideas further. Together with a team of software developers, you can take charge of the online presence of many business organizations. But you should consult with the EEOC lawyer to understand possible legal complications when bad employees raise false accusations.

3. Residential and commercial cleaning

Believe it or not, residential and commercial cleaning projects are abundant these days. Property owners are always looking for the right professionals who have the expertise to do the job. All you need to do is hire experienced cleaners and manage the schedules accurately.

4. Online teaching

With the pandemic shifting schooling mode to the online platform, the demand for online education is higher than ever. Online education has become a wide possibility for entrepreneurs who are looking to start independent ventures. You have to be knowledgeable in the subject you choose to teach and recruit teachers for other subjects.

5. App developer

Big brands, grocery stores, and marts are coming up with applications to interact directly with clients. If you know computer languages, then you can start app development. With smartphones being the daily accessory for people, there is a huge demand for mobile apps.

  • These are easy to access
  • Customers loyal to the brands can avoid the confusion of selecting from a wide range of brands.

Also, the applications reduce unnecessary competition with competing companies.

6. Online bookkeeping

B2B entrepreneurship is a great idea for start-ups. Bookkeeping has gone online along with the digitalization of every sector. You can now offer bookkeeping solutions to multiple companies using special accounting software and various other tools. You have to impart training and also provide all types of services related to bookkeeping and accounts.

7. Language translation

Despite the outstanding improvement in machine translation, skilled human translators can still beat machines. Building the clientele in this industry is a slow and difficult job. You can contact them as direct bloggers too, as they might give you a scope to translate their blogs into other languages.

8. Affiliate marketing

This is indeed an ideal business if you are interested in starting up with a very low investment. You need to become the affiliate partners of brands like Flipkart or Amazon and help the companies to sell their products. You will get a commission depending on the sales value. In addition, channel partnerships are a great way to stretch your marketing budget with another business that aligns with yours. Look into platforms for partner relationships that can support the ecosystem model.

9. Real estate agency

As the global population level is on the rise, the demand for residential and commercial properties has skyrocketed in the past few years. If you have knowledge of real estate, then being a real estate agent can be a lucrative business option. Your company can help people find homes for purchasing, renting, and maintaining.

10. Dropshipping

With online shopping being the dominant shopping procedure these days, many companies need drop shipping services to fulfill their needs. If you want to work through the dropshipping model, you will simply purchase the item from a third party to ship it directly to the customer.

  • The minimum capital investment is necessary.
  • No need to maintain the warehouse or inventory.
  • No headache with packing and shipping products.

As you know about all the basic business ideas, think which suits your personality and thoughts well. Depending on the skills you have, it is time to move forward and start the business. Of course, it will be a challenging experience as being an entrepreneur has its stress. But at the end of a hectic day, you will feel satisfaction and excitement to do something independently.


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