Top 10 Disney Facts That Will Give You Childlike Sense Of Wonder

October 2, 2021

Can you remember that black character with white gloves on hand and round nose- Mickey Mouse probably the only mouse girls were not afraid of. This childhood memory was created and animated by Disney, an animation production company that works with other infamous companies like Marvel.

Disney was founded by Walt Disney and with a lot of ups and downs, he was able to create that masterpiece. Now, though Walt is dead, they own Disneyland, a theme park, and many other organizations.

When it comes to cartoons or movies, we may know all about story, plot, and twist. We are going to talk about some unknown Disney facts that successful studio holds.


The infamous cartoon Mickey Mouse was first proposed to Louis Mayer, who dropped the project. He thought that most girls are afraid of mice and it will not be a good idea, however later on he felt it was a mistake. He was sure it would be a failure because it was natural for a girl to be afraid of. So why go with an idea that lowers your audience.


The word “Animation” is a French word that means soul. The basic idea behind the animation is giving life to ideas or characters. We can see that all animated characters have birthdays, names, appearances, and even heights. People get offended if someone talks bad about them even though they don’t exist. That’s the realization of the dream on which it was named.


The first movie which was created using 3D modeling and is fully featured is “Toy Story”. After which this 3D modeling has progressed so much that it has become difficult to distinguish between the real object and the animated one in the picture. These all action-magic featured are all thanks to that pioneer movie.


You might have noticed that animated characters have four fingers. It’s not just an accident but actually, it’s relatively easier to render four fingers and it’s visually suitable. Can you imagine how much time and money that four fingers have saved? If they had worked hard once, it would be necessary for others to follow the standard which would increase the budget. This small ignore saved millions of dollars.


“Lion King” whose second version is created recently, its scriptwriter had not that much belief that it will be successful. He was not so much interested in creating that movie as he thought “Who would watch it?” When animated again, it was watched worldwide and liked equally by adults and kids.


We all love that beautiful girl with long hair, but can you believe it’s the most expensive animated film in history. The problem was created in the program which deals with her hair and it took 9 years to develop that program. You can imagine why they spent so many, because “Tangled” movie without long hair, how would it sound? Terrible, right?


The more you are passionate about something, the better that thing is. The creator of “How to train your dragon” went to summer camp where he studied Physics. It was to understand the dynamics of flying. It was to give more detail and a more realistic view that how dragons fly, which he was able to.


The first-ever digital 3D hand which was launched in public was the hand of the creator. Something just becomes a part of history even though they are not intended to. The creator thought to animate his hand but who had thought that it will be remembered.


The robot that compresses and compiles rubbish was named Wall-E in the movie. In actual this name was inspired by Walter Elias Disney. Can you imagine giving the name of the person who is related to the person who owns the company? Although this movie is a masterpiece on its own.


It’s always seen in American movies that hints for other movies or characters are given in some other movies. Like at the end of “Ant-man” most of the characters vanish while MC is stuck in a quantum level. This scene was related to Avenger when Thanos snaps his finger. In the same way spot goofy, Mickey and Donald Duck are present as an audience in the concert of King Triton.

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