Tips For Beginner Instagram Bloggers

March 9, 2023

It can be tough, primarily for novices, to map out, arrange, prepare, and optimize Instagram content. The platform is constantly evolving, and social media managers and bloggers must keep up with new trends to adapt. But don’t worry – we have your back!

This guide takes a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach to tackle the three fundamental pillars of successful IG blogging:

  1. Content Creation
  2. Marketing Techniques
  3. Management Strategies

All of our tips are up-to-date, so you can rest assured that you are getting the most current advice. Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Creating High-Quality Content

A captivating Instagram page depends on creating attractive and fascinating material. It’s essential to have an intentional content plan that incorporates the following elements if you want to excel on the platform:

  • Feed
  • Stories
  • Live
  • Reels

You can raise your chances of being seen by your viewers by utilizing all these features initially. However, to uncover your most successful posts, it’s essential to analyze the metrics. You can create material that connects with and captivates your viewers by taking note of their opinions.

Feed Posts

Think about utilizing carousel posts when you post on your feed, and really focus on the initial picture that you pick. You can put a reminder in the caption to ensure that everyone notices all of the images in the carousel.

After you’ve selected your photographs and themes, you can easily produce IG-related material by using the photo crop tool. Here are some ideas for your posts:

  • Personal story – you can create a carousel post to share a personal story or experience that your fans can relate to.
  • Share insights – things you revealed and want to share with your community.
  • Share bonus codes – you can create a promo code that offers valuable info to your followers.
  • Tutorials – a step-by-step guide on how to do something, such as a recipe or gym exercises.


In addition to feeding posts, stories are a creative and exciting way to show your individuality or product. There are numerous features such as pics, clips, words, stickers, polls, GIFs, music, and more that you can take advantage of to make story posts.

The following ideas for your stories posts should help you get motivated:

  • Before/After – you can show the transformation of something, such as a room, a product, or makeup.
  • Inspirational quotes – you can share motivational quotes that relate to your brand’s message or values. This is a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level.
  • Story highlights – things you think are important for your potential audience, you can create categories for easy navigation (your story, book recommendations, product features, or Q&A sessions)


Utilize the Live feature to reach a maximum number of individuals. Your posts will be the first thing viewers see on their feeds, and your supporters will be informed when you start broadcasting, raising the prospect of them engaging with it. As well, you can store your Live video for future use.

Consider the following tips to optimize your live sessions:

  • Demonstrate your proficiency in a certain area
  • Announce the launch of an imminent product
  • Utilize the “connect with a friend” ability to chat with someone
  • Answer questions asked by your audience


In 2023, it’s hard to ignore the impact of reels on your account’s growth potential. This feature is a powerful tool to quickly expand your audience. Within the IG app, you can make short clips of 30 seconds in length that involve music, captions, and effects.

If you are seeking advice on how to integrate Reels into your feed, consider these options:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Show a comparison
  • Generate tips and tricks
  • Embrace a popular trend

2. Targeting Your Audience

It’s common knowledge that Insta is the most popular platform for advertisers. Despite this, simply producing excellent and fascinating material won’t assist you in rapidly enlarging your account. Pinpointing your followers is another task you should strive for. Here are a few conventional techniques for accomplishing it.

IG Ads

This is an excellent way of boosting your blog’s audience without devoting a significant amount of energy to the task. Contrary to the misconceptions of some, these actions are easily doable and not excessively costly.

As such, you can use IG ads to direct people to your blog, a most recent article, or a website page that is set up for conversions. Furthermore, there are lots of sites where you can obtain Instagram followers; some of the top ones are provided here.

Other Ways

Aside from commercials, you have the choice of tailoring your demographic or allowing Instagram to perform the aim for you. Utilize current hashtags in your posts to detect influencers with whom you can work together. Then, begin observing these influencers and interrelate with their posts by leaving remarks and favoring their info. You can also check out popular brands in your niche to see if they have an active presence on Insta.

3. Planning & Scheduling

In addition to knowing what to post, it’s also important to consider when and how often you should publish to maximize your reach and engagement on the platform.


Consistency should be your #1 priority when devising and organizing your posts. Stay away from the mistake of being too eager and distributing content daily just to suddenly vanish from the platform several weeks later. Instagram people attribute importance to consistency, so once you settle on a posting timetable, your supporters will trust you to stick to it. Your follower count and interest will decrease if you don’t follow through.


You can boost your Insta views, interest, and devotees by adhering to a standard posting plan. You can select from one of the four techniques depicted below to pick when to post your image:

  • Pick your favored time regions
  • Work out when your followers are most active
  • Try different posting occasions
  • Keep track of your industry trends

We hope these simple tips will help you in starting your blogging journey and assemble your community.


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