The Prospect of Using VR in Online Dating

December 21, 2021

It seems like the plot of a science fiction film. A single male decides he’d like to flirt with another guy or gal who happens to live in some far-flung location. So he puts on a special headset, accesses the appropriate link via his favorite dating platform, then establishes a connection in the “virtual world.” The background both parties choose for this liaison could be a tropical island paradise or some futuristic-looking apartment offering views of a spaceport. When he enters this location, an avatar awaits. Now the respective parties start flirting, just as they would if they’d arranged a rendezvous at their local bar. It might surprise you to learn this scenario isn’t a fantasy. Virtual reality (VR) is increasingly being offered as an option on dating sites. Let’s take a deeper dive into the world of VR dates, examining just what’s involved and then assessing how viable it is for online dating.

VR Devices for Online Dating

With the development of technology and online dating, in particular, no one can really predict what awaits us in the near future. Looking back, it was hard to believe that someday anyone would be able to use the Internet to find a date with just a couple of clicks. Modern dating websites can give you the chance to find literally anything you want, from romance to casual flings. The matchmaking platforms work for both straights and gays, and this can be called another breakthrough because it used to be hard to imagine that gay singles can safely and easily find each other in a gay chat room on a dating site. Dating technology is evolving, and now the digital space is demanding more and more innovation to surprise and satisfy the curiosity of people looking for gay dating as well as mindful or casual dating.

What if we could go further and start using VR technologies in online dating? The question is, how does this technology translate to matchmaking websites? The key to an immersive experience for VR users is the unique sensory experience that is provided by the VR headset or glasses. These work by offering twin stereoscopic displays in front of the subject’s eyes to create 3D space to explore. Now let’s consider how that would work within a typical digital matching resource.

So say you had asked the question, “where can I arrange a gay date near me?” You would sign up for the appropriate casual encounter service, one aimed at gay men seeking exciting partners nearby. Currently, you would have the option to interact via emails and texts by joining chat rooms, phoning, or video chatting. VR elevates this interactivity to a vibrant level. You can have a lot of fun, not only conjuring fantastical backgrounds that will play out during your virtual rendezvous but also what the “avatars,” or animated representations of you both, will look like.

It might be a good idea to check out some of the VR setups beyond dating sites, such as computer games or flight simulations. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when you enter these simulated environments. Armed with this information, you can then embark on a quest to interact with a prospective partner from a position of more authority.

But sticking with VR in dating scenarios, the next piece of kit that is likely to begin coming to the fore in enhanced gay matchmaking is sensory gloves. These will give you an even more realistic impression of interacting with whatever you imagine you are seeing via that headset. The wearer will then experience the sensation of touching and caressing the avatar inside this virtual connection, making for an even more realistic encounter. When this technology is rolled out to VR get-togethers in gay dating sites, the emphasis going to be on providing a wonderfully rich environment where guys can mingle with other men in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago.

A good tip would be to keep abreast of the developments in this technology by referring to news bulletins or blogs. The tech behind VR is fast-moving.

VR Dates – How Near the Future Is It?

Online dating is benefitting from the rollout of enhanced communication systems, with 5G already available in major cities across the globe. With faster and more secure channels, the ability for customers to tap into VR is becoming higher. If you’re keen on computer gaming, then chances are you’ll already have been exposed to VR. The technology that immediately preceded it, augmented reality (AR), involved everything from filters on Instagram posts to Pokemon projections hitting the street. VR is a whole new ballpark, offering people wearing appropriate headsets to enter super-realistic environments. Right now, you could be standing on a narrow platform overlooking a vast cityscape resembling Blade Runner while fending off the attentions of incoming missiles with a lightsaber!

Online Dating Experiences – Real or Fake?

The truth of the matter is that a raft of VR streaming services is being developed and is likely to be released in 2022. Developers are already designing a wide range of backdrops for virtual dates, including enchanted forests or wondrous exoplanets. It might seem like a cliché, but “watch this space” has never carried more of a weight of thrilling possibilities. Singles choosing to upload their contact details to dating sites have been doing so for decades in the hope of meeting compatible individuals from exotic new locations. No longer tied to seeking partners from their neighborhood, site users are becoming increasingly eager to forge relationships with singles from much further afield.

VR could open up a whole new chapter for digital dating. The benefits are immense, and the good news for anyone tempted to give this form of interaction a try is that advances in technology are only going to keep improving the sensation. The innovations in augmented reality currently being pioneered by the medical sector are likely to inspire adapted formats to be adopted throughout the dating industry. As VR-orientated websites grow in popularity, the cost of the basic components – headsets, glasses, gloves, software – is going to become even more affordable. As with any advance, users would be well-advised to pay even closer attention to the potential for their networks becoming the target of unwelcome infiltration, so computer security should run in parallel with the enhancements to entertainment systems. But as long as you take advice on board and take adequate precautions, fantastic dating experiences could be just around the corner.


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