A New World Through the Eyes of Video Gaming

August 31

The popularity of video gaming has surged especially in the wake of the pandemic. For example, League of Legends had 50 million monthly active players before the pandemic, while now it was more than 100 million active monthly players People all over the world have started considering gaming as one of the most preferred career choices. It is one of the emerging industries continuously expanding the scope of technology and entertainment to result in more refined gameplay. Moreover, the ease of accessibility with which the gamers can play games on different devices like mobiles, computers and a variety of platforms like offline and cloud gaming has made it more popular. Video gaming has become one of the famous inclusive platforms where players from different backgrounds and age groups come together to play as a team and earn considerable revenue.

Here, it should be mentioned that the video gaming industry is one of the booming sectors and is worth multi-billion dollars. Moreover, the industry is worth more than a combination of the music and the film industry. Research has mentioned for a fact that 34.6% of the global population has spent as much as 174.9 billion dollars on the gaming industry. It has also been estimated that the gaming industry will receive around 200 billion dollars or more during the year 2023. One of the contributing factors to the boom of the gaming industry is the pandemic, which has redefined the meaning of work and leisure along with high-end innovative gaming consoles. Now, let us look into some potential factors by which the gaming industry is changing the world.

Positive impacts of Video Gaming 

There are several potential reasons, which have led to the surge in the popularity of video gaming. Let us look at some of these reasons.

  • Video gaming has recently been added as one of the mediums for enhancing the grey matter of the brain. This is because playing these digital forms of play directly impacts the areas of the brain that affects the memory, information storage organization, and other crucial brain centers, which lead to an increase in grey matter.
  • Video gaming is also being experimented with for remedying clinical conditions or mental disabilities and diseases. Experts mention that video gaming sessions can benefit patients with such ailments.
  • Moreover, the different genres of games instill different types of skills and qualities among the gamers through the gameplay. For instance, through strategy games, one can learn about problem-solving skills strategically.
  • Video games are increasingly being used for educational purposes to teach about leadership, team building, team management, goal setting, and achieving such goals with optimum utilization of resources.
  • The field of physical exercise has been reshaped with the help of video gaming. Moreover, people belonging to all age groups especially the aged ones find it especially beneficial to lose weight or to complete their fitness regime in the wrap of a fun game.
  • Moreover, video games have become one of the commonly used platforms for marketing and advertising as varied gamers from diversified locations and dynamic backgrounds can be reached quickly and cost-effectively through the gaming platform.

How the new-age technology is changing the face of video gaming?

Long gone are the days of classic games like Sonic and Mario. The modern age of gaming is ruled by action adventures or strategic games. Moreover, there is an unending list by which technology has been incorporated into video gaming to make it more interesting and enhance the game playing experience. Some of the recent innovative features can be listed down as follows.

  • Innovative modern high-tech gaming consoles, which enhance the virtual experience of gameplay.
  • Cloud-based platforms for gaming.
  • Constant updates and bug fixes to increase the quality of the gaming model.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use VR headsets.

Foreseeing the future of the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is gradually moving towards digital globalization free of borders, all-inclusive platforms that might be used for business marketing and advertising. The recent trends and market conditions have led game companies to make their content available on cloud-based platforms. This means that the term exclusive will gradually transform itself into inclusive user-friendly games. Moreover, the revised and redesigned versions of the older games will come back with new content and storylines. Another, important factor to consider in the case of future games is a world made up of mixed reality as in the popular game Pokemon Go. Another popular video game is Warframe. If you’re not familiar with Warframe, here are the best tips to farm platinum in Warframe.

The gaming industry will change the world, as we know it. Moreover, the virtual world with its pros and cons shall become one of the most popular places to dwell in shortly to come. Therefore, a perfect blend of technology and innovation will expand the scope of future gaming.


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