The Must-Have Poker Apps For You In 2021

April 4, 2021

With limited travel, lock-down in various states all over the world. Life can be a little- well, slow. But not to worry, there is a way you can virtually travel, meet people and make some extra income on your bed by a simple visit on an app-store and voila! Creators of poker app have been forced to step up this season, and they have done a tremendous job.

Now you can e-visit your favorite casino, stay as long as you want! Play as many games as you can manage and get this; still make the excellent cash! Are you as excited as I am? I hope so because I have just the tips and tricks to get you up and to earn!

Before we move on, allow me to set your mind at ease by stating that YES online poker apps are very legal. They are not illegal, as most people have tried to insinuate.

Types of Poker APPS

There are different types of poker apps for your choosing. I am going to list below some poker apps that would be well suited for a beginner. These apps are free and provide a good ground for you to learn and become a master at the trade. All you need is an android device or iOS-enabled device some interest, and you are set to try. Here are some examples.

 Beginner Friendly Apps

  • Poker copilot – this game is compatible with windows and mac. This game is engineered to not only highlight your game but your opponent’s weaknesses. It’s an excellent practice game for you.
  • The Tournament Poker game- marries well with your android and iOS devices. As you start this game, you will meet a few inbuilt coaches who will mentor you and reward you each time you play a good hand. It’s an excellent selection to help you practice.
  • How to Poker – accessible only to android users. This game lives up to its name by allowing you to learn, practice, and emerge a real poker hero. It has a high rating from android users, which only indicates that it is definitely worth the hype.
  • SnapShove App – this game can be played by both android and iOS users. The beauty of this particular game is the ability to interact with you in real-time. Furthermore, it has another version that includes a call-in button that will get a professional to answer your questions. However, this version is not free as it gives your bank a small dent of roughly $19.99 to download. But worth it if you ask me.
  • Poker Omaha Hand Trainer- Android users can play this game. This app will help boost your confidence as it embodies a lot of tips and tricks.

 Free to Play Apps

  1. World Series of Poker (W.S.O.P) this game is available in the united states and worldwide. You can play these games with friends and family as well as different gamers in the world. The hidden gem in this game is the daily tournaments. The winners of the matches are awarded bracelets as the price.
  2. Poker Stars. Easily downloadable on android IOS and desktop appliances. Poker Stars is the largest poker site for Poker, and you might even call it poker heaven. Bright tip, you will need poker chips to continue to play your online games. When you run out of your chips, there is something you can do to get more. Something straightforward, continue to join in the live tournaments.
  3. Poker Heat: This game is so beautifully pieced together. The only downside is that it will hit you with a lot of free ads. They can come off as annoying initially, but don’t let that deter you from playing for free.
  4. Governor of Poker- this game is readily available on Android, iOS, and steam. Like all other games, you will play with chips. However, once your chips run out, they will be replenished if you manage to come first in the daily tournaments.
  5. Zynga Poker- available on all mobile apps as well as on Facebook! The only disadvantage is that it comes embodied with lots of advertisements. However, it is fun to play with beautiful images on the site that keep you captivated and sell the feeling of being in a casino.

Money Making Poker Apps

GGPoker Mobile App

This app is available on both android and iOs appliances; however, for iPhone users, the download has to be done on the site. There is a bit of a nuisance on this game because they do not allow any United States player. Otherwise, this app has consistently produced easy winners all the time. You could also call it the easy money maker.

PokerStars Poker App

This app is available on all devices all over the world. Once you win, you can easily withdraw the money in 24 hours, wherever you are. It comes with a super-efficient satellite that enables users to join in live tournaments. There is, however, one slight notable issue, the games are complex! It will take not just luck but intense hard work to win.

PartyPoker App

The developers sure know how to throw in an excellent welcome note. You will receive $30 in chips once you register as a player. I will let you discover the crazy loyalty programs and rewards present in this application. Once you make some money and wish to check out, you can withdraw the funds in 2 to 6 hours! The only disadvantage is that the software isn’t as appealing as its competitors.

Tiger Gaming Poker App

If you want to make some quick money, but you are still a newbie! Please feel free to indulge in this app. It is created to help the beginners practice and win cash round the clock. Once you land your first win, you can withdraw in 24 hours or if you wait a little longer, get double money out. The downside is that it has a relatively small network of people.

 Our verdict.

Poker is a relatively complicated game to play. It is, however, fun, engaging, and doesn’t forget a quick fix for your money issues. Take time to practice your hand on the free games not to lose all your hard-earned money at the game. It can be a good pastime for both you and your friends. Don’t beat yourself too much when you lose. Remember that winners lose sometimes. Happy playing.


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