The Influence of Tech Innovation on the Online Casino

June 21, 2022

This article will take a detailed look into how tech Innovation has influenced online casinos. We will aim to provide you with information surrounding the implied topic. Upon reading this article, you will be informed about tech’s influential status in the iGaming industry.

The Influence of Technological Innovation

Tech innovation has had a huge impact on online casinos in multiple ways. Of course, we will look at these particular reasons in further detail in the following sections, but first, we will shed some more comprehensively on them.

The first reason tech innovation has impacted online casinos is the increased accessibility for people worldwide. With the advancement of technology in both hardware and software formats, people worldwide who did not have access to online casinos are gaining easier access methods. One country which has seen a huge growth in the iGaming market in South Africa. Searches for online casinos have seen huge increases in recent times (Google Trends). This is in part to the increase in accessibility due to mobile play innovation.

There are a number of applications for different casinos and websites, all of which can be accessed with a simple click of a button. Every best online casino has all of these features and many more.

Another big way tech innovation has influenced online casinos is the customization factor. To explain simply, it is now possible to choose exactly what you want to play throughout hundreds – if not thousands – of different games and game lobbies. You can even access real live-streamed table games, which can bring the casino experience to you, saving you a potential bit of traveling!

Biggest Online Casino Innovations

We will dive deeper into the specifics of some of the biggest tech innovations in the online casino space. This will shed some light on it in more detail and give you extra insight, so make sure you read everything properly.


HTML5 is part of the Hypertext Markup Language family tree and comes as the fifth and final major version of HTML. It was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium and, and WHATWG. Essentially, it is a markup language used to describe the contents of a website.

At first glance, this may not seem important concerning online casinos, but it is one of the biggest swaying factors. The biggest positive of HTML5 use for online casinos is that it allows games to be played on both computers and mobile devices. This vastly increased the intake of online casino games worldwide, with many countries gaining access to mobile devices.

Mobile Payments

Another aspect of the developing digital world is mobile payments. The addition of mobile payment methods has removed the necessity of having your bank card on hand and makes it much more efficient to pay for things online. Payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and Neteller have drastically improved the online casino gaming experience, making it much easier for people to load money into and out of their gambling accounts. Typically, mobile payment methods have a near-instant response time, meaning your money hits your account as soon as you request it.

Mobile Applications

Mobile devices have many applications designed to make the user’s life easier or more exciting. In terms of online casino games, mobile applications such as Bet365 Casino, Sky Vegas, and the PaddyPower app have all created new ways for users to enjoy the casino gaming experience. It is possible to play casino games such as slots and table games on all of these applications, meaning you can take the experience around in a portable format.

Advantages of Online Casino Mobile Play

There are some advantages to mobile and online play, and in this section, we will look at these in a bit more detail to bring your attention to the facts. We will look at portability and the different gambling controls you can set for yourself to ensure you are always sensible and responsible with your online betting.

Play Whenever & Wherever

When you think of Table Games, your first thought will probably be about playing in a real brick-and-mortar casino, sitting around the table with other players, facing the Dealer, and waiting for your lucky run of hands to bring you some winners. That is the vibe we all want from casino table games, and now with the advancement of technology, you can experience this vibe anytime in any place!

The ability to play live casino games from your mobile device means that you are fully portable, and your entire experience is immersive and personal to you through your screen.

The other type of game that you can play through an online casino or casino mobile application is Slots. Slot games, again, are more commonly known as Fruit Machines and are physical machines typically situated in casinos, bars, and arcades. Digitalized versions of slot games add a new layer to the gaming experience and again give you the option of portability.

Gambling Controls

One of the most important things to all casinos is the safety of their players. For this reason, they have a lot of safety measures in place. These safety measures allow players to control their gambling better and include things such as Deposit Limits, Cool-Off Periods, and Self-Exclusion. These three methods of safety have different levels of extremity, which we will explain to you now;

Deposit limits are essentially how you can prevent overspending during a certain timeframe. Typically, you will be asked to set a deposit limit when you first sign-up for a new casino, and the standard timeframe will be Monthly.

Cool-off periods are a short-term ban on your accounts that stops you from depositing and playing games for a certain time. These are good if you feel a problem building and want to establish a break in your pattern quickly.

Self-exclusion is the most drastic measure you can take and entails banning yourself from the gambling site for a long time. This can range from 6 months to three years and is a very good way to stop any problem you can feel growing.

Responsible Gambling

Despite the previously mentioned safety measures, keeping your gambling under control is important before a problem arises. The easiest way to ensure responsibly gambling is only to bet what you can afford to lose. Remember that gambling comes with a risk; in most cases, the reward favors the casino rather than yourself. Gambling should be a fun experience, not a daunting or repetitive task that takes up a lot of money or time.


Now that you have finished reading this article, you should have insight into a few things. You are now aware of the influence of tech innovation on online casinos and the safety measures that come with gambling online. You should also be aware of how you can help yourself and ensure you stick to responsible gambling guidelines while still enjoying yourself on the online casino journey.


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