The Impact of Software Algorithm in Online Bitcoin Casinos

A good number of online bitcoin casinos are harnessing the power of technology to change things in the online gambling industry. Random number generator technology is not new in this industry and most online bitcoin casinos have adopted it to revolutionize how games are played and the payout method.

Provably fair algorithms are slowly impacting these casinos and are proving beneficial for both bitcoin casino owners and casino players. In this article, we will explore how RNG and provably fair algorithms are impacting the online gambling industry.

The Random Number Generator

In simple terms, a random number generator (RNG) is basically a mathematical construct that is aimed at generating a random set of numbers. The numbers generated are not required to display any obvious patterns both in their generation and appearance.

Random number generator is often used in coding games like slots, roulette, and blackjack for gaming sites. A random number generation can be somehow frustrating since it can take a while before the random number is hit or obtained repeatedly. However, this technology sees to it that gamers get satisfactory payback from the casino providers.

The built-in mathematical construct takes into consideration the hit frequency. This helps to determine the right percentage for the frequency that a player gets a payout.

Because of this, random number generation technology has been adopted in bitcoin gambling to ensure the fairness of games by lowering the chances of predicting how the game operates. This technology has also come in handy to prevent issues of rigging on either side, especially for randomized games.

The most reliable online bitcoin casinos use RNG to promote fairness for all their games. These sites use the algorithms to code basic slot games and complex casino games as well.

Provably Fair Algorithms

Bitcoin casinos that are committed to providing transparent gambling to their players use the provably fair algorithm. This means that the games are certified by an independent organization that uses the random number generator to deliver results. When the RNG is run, a random number is selected and is hashed with a secret number, which is also developed by the provably fair algorithm.

A result is then generated and this is known as a fingerprint. The result developed by the algorithm is unique and cannot be copied so as to ensure transparent gambling. This means that there is fairness in the percentage chances of winning.

Some sites offer a third-party tool to determine if the provably fair algorithm is functioning well. Also, players can check whether the bitcoin casino they are considering is using the algorithm. Unlike in the past, RNG has made it possible for players to determine whether a particular game or online casino is fair or not.

This is essential owing to the rise in the number of rigged games in untrustworthy casinos. Therefore, this new technology has given players the ability to verify a game’s fairness before they can get started. Consequently, this will reduce the number of people losing money to online casinos.

How are Traditional Online Casinos Different from Bitcoin Online Casinos?

Unlike traditional online casinos, bitcoin gambling has adopted the new algorithms and this offers more benefits to its players.

  • Lower House Edge

One scenario is in the case of house edges. Normally, most online casinos use the house edge formula, where each player is subjected to lose a small percentage of money, about 5%, each time they play.

However, reports that compared to traditional online casinos, online bitcoin casinos have 1 to 2 percent lower house edges. This means that they take a smaller amount of money than traditional online casinos.

  • Game Fairness Verification

As we have already tackled, most bitcoin online casinos allow players to check the fairness of a particular game. On the other hand, traditional online gambling does not offer this option to its players.

  • Payment Method

The other difference between these two online casinos is in the payment method. Bitcoin gambling allows for use of cryptocurrencies rather than conventional fiat currency. With this, players can place bets and get awarded with payouts much quickly.

This is unlike in the case of traditional online casinos that use fiat currency. Hence, players have to wait for days or even weeks for banks to process the transfers. Plus, the payment processing fees can be high.


Thanks to the recent modern innovations, the online bitcoin casinos have strong grounds to promote fairness and enhance their player’s online gaming experience. Better yet, players have the power to prove whether the payout they will be awarded is fair and acceptable.

While the implementation of the random number generator may not be as easy as it seems there is no denying that it will take online bitcoin gambling to another level. There is also a likelihood that land-based casinos will also apply these algorithms.


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