The fight of the year is coming on February 19th, 2022

January 12, 2022

The Kell Brook and Amir Khan February 19th fight is not just a competition between two boxers it is a contest that will settle long scores that have existed between the two fighters. It is not just the two fighters who are eagerly waiting for the big contest, sports betting experts including Kate Richardson say they have been waiting for the day and finally in two months the arc rivals will have their day.

Kate Richardson says she has had a hard time rooting for any of the fighters as they are equally tough. She adds that as the day nears she will be in a position to decide on the Manchester boxing fete. Kate Richardson writes a comprehensive analysis of boxing and other sports. Her profile can be found at If you want to learn more about her and the comprehensive analysis she makes on various sports and betting scenes click here.

It’s not just a fight

Amir Khan has accused his arch-rival of being bitter and hateful of his achievements and success. Khan insists that all this is due to his achievement in the boxing field.

The name he has built for himself, the celebrity status that he has achieved over the years. Khan insists that Brook’s bitterness is about the great performances that he has had the world titles he has won, the name he has made in America, and lots of other things that have come from boxing.

His hate is my motivation

Khan encourages Brook to keep on hating as this will only make him train hard. “He can hate me as much as he wants,” said Khan in an interview with Skysports. He promises to beat him, adding one more reason why he should keep on hating him.

The longstanding rivalry will be settled

The February 19 fight in Manchester will finally settle the scores. The event which will be broadcast live on Sky Sports is touted to be the biggest fight of the year outside the heavyweight division. Apart from being the event that has been covered widely in boxing news the Kell Brook and Amir Khan boxing event has also set a new record.

The Manchester Arena was sold out minutes after the tickets were inaugurated. The pre-sale event saw fans sign up for the available tickets with spots taken in just four minutes. The rest of the available tickets were sold to the public on Monday and within six minutes they were all gone. This means the entire bout was sold out in less than ten minutes across two days.

Many boxing fans are waiting for this fan and this may explain why the tickets were sold out within minutes. The two fighters have not met before. They have verbally clashed on several occasions throughout their careers but now they will meet and physically settle their deep-rooted scores. The event is dubbed as the fast-selling boxing meet in British sports history. It also stands as the biggest box office take for an indoor event.

Lutador, Luta Livre, Quadrinho, Homem, Pular

Their rivalry can be traced back to the 2004 Olympics in Greece Athens where Khan won silver and established a platform for successful years. He was selected in the Great Britain lineup ahead of Kell Brook justifying Khan’s sentiment on the boxer’s hate.

Both Brook and Khan are former world champions and are top welterweights in Britain. Khan says he has operated at a higher standard than Brook. He adds that he is stepping down a couple of levels. He does not recognize this as the biggest of all the fights, to him there are bigger names and tougher fights than Kell Brook’s but he has to accept just to show Britain who is the best. He says this fight is for the British fans and that is why he had to step down and give Kell Brook a beating and show the British public who the best fight is.

Brook on his part says the fight is personal. He admits that the hate part is not made up; they truly dislike each other. He describes the fight as the grudge match of his career. Kell Brook sees himself as the best, his age notwithstanding. He compares himself with Terence Crawford and Shawn Porter both of whom are in their mid-thirties but have had epic fights.

Brook says he still got:

  • the power,
  • the timing,
  • and experience

He is eagerly waiting for the February 19 Manchester fight. He calls the fight the best of his performances, a fete that will give whoever wins the bragging rights. Whoever will lose the fight according to Kell Brook will have to live with the defeat for the rest of their life. He promises to train hard so that on February 19 he can prove to the world that he is the best.

He claims that Khan never wanted the fight, he was afraid of being humiliated but Brook pushed him to a corner until he backed up and agreed to a fight. It seems the fight means more to Kell Brook than his rival, he has waited for it for years, and now the time has come to prove himself he is the king. The February 19 Manchester meeting will help sort out the issue forever, declare the boxing king and give one person the bragging rights. Experts at MightyTips will be waiting to see who will be crowned the winner.


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