The best tips to get more followers on Instagram

September 24

Today as today it is above all public figures such as sportsmen, actors, or models who fully exploit the potential of the service, using this platform (on which from 2013 even short video clips can be uploaded) for marketing purposes: thanks to the daily publication of selfies and images of moments of one’s life, both private and working, gain followers on Instagram and therefore credit in terms of marketing.

Some companies remain skeptical of the social potential of the application, as there is not yet a specific type of profile for companies. In any case, the usefulness that Instagram has for the marketing activities of some companies should be emphasized. The principle remains the same, whether it is a company profile or a VIP: the greater the number of followers reached on Instagram, the greater the scope of the social activities undertaken and consequently the greater their effectiveness.

According to a large number of articles and tutorials on this topic available on the net, getting many followers on Instagram in a short time is not particularly complicated: 500 new followers in an hour, 10,000 in a week in a few simple steps. Furthermore, as with other social media, suspicious offers are often received for the pure and simple purchase of followers.

The big problem with these methods of acquiring followers is their short duration and by adopting them you lose the advantages derived from having a large social following. In fact, it is not enough to have a high number of followers, it is necessary that these free Instagram followers are active: only when the published contents are commented on and shared, your range of action increases and allows you to generate other followers. Furthermore, users do not automatically receive all the posts of the profiles followed, but a filtered selection through the Instagram algorithm, based on the relevance achieved: if a user is not interested in your posts, or does not comment on them or give you alike, in the long run, it will end up not seeing them, even if it continues to follow you.

The goal should be to win followers who read your posts and, at best, even leave a comment and share them with their acquaintances. We have collected a number of tips that will help you achieve your goal and receive more free Instagram likes.

Create original content

Those who create captivating and original photographs and videos always manage to stand out. It should be noted that some photographs, with certain characteristics (such as a certain brightness, with dominant colors) are more performing than others. Only if you manage to intrigue with your content will users follow you.

Stories with posts are also effective. The stories, which are videos of about 15 seconds visible to followers for a period of 24 hours, however, are better able to build loyalty among their audience. These are tools that can improve engagement, as they are tools with a high number of views.

Use filters

Filters are not always necessary, especially if the photography is professional. In other cases, however, it can be very useful. There is, therefore, no precise rule, but the choice of their use is personal.

Be interactive, be social

If you have thousands of followers but zero likes it won’t lead you to success. For this reason, engagement is very important. Increasing likes means increasing the visibility of your profile and therefore the possibility that people will follow you. Instagram, in fact, not only evaluates the number of likes you receive but also their quality.

Being active on Instagram with more Instagram followers free therefore does not only mean posting frequently but also interacting with other users. You have to be social!


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