The Best Android Paid Apps Worth Spending Money On

July 15, 2022

There are about 3.5 million titles on Google Play. You can download most of them for free. However, paid products are mostly worth their money because they offer a unique user experience. So, what are the best-paid apps for Android? Asolytics experts analyzed all the products and made the top 10 best items.

Stardew Valley

Farm life sim Stardew Valley is not a new game, but it regularly makes top paid Android apps lists for its thoughtful world. You need to revive an abandoned farm, set up production, make friends with your neighbors, and expand your business. Its pixel retro graphics deserve special praise.

Monopoly — Classic Board Game

The name speaks for itself. The famous board game has been moved to the mobile app format. The standard rules have some additions, and players have the opportunity to access themed boards. You can play it with friends or fight alone with AI.


This game can be called the best Android paid app in terms of the vast possibilities that it offers to users. You can build your own world, compete with other participants, visit virtual libraries or museum exhibitions, and even get an education. That is why the game gets into Android’s top useful paid apps.

Poppy Playtime

The spooky horror puzzle game has become one of Google Play best paid apps in a surprisingly short time. Chilling adventures await you in an abandoned doll factory. Ingenious puzzles, riddles, and unique gameplay made it popular among fans of this genre.

Rovio Classics: AB

Angry Birds is a timeless classic. The developers have re-released the popular puzzle game for new devices to let us enjoy the irreconcilable enmity of birds and pigs. The remastered version includes favorite characters and levels, and some premium features have become publicly available.


Among the best premium Android apps, you will find an incredibly realistic flight simulator that fully lets you appreciate the pilots’ work. Turn your smartphone into an airplane cockpit and immerse yourself in aircraft control’s nuances.

GTA: Vice City

One of the most profitable PC games was ported to mobile devices relatively recently, in 2019. Even though it is not new, it is still considered an Android app worth buying. It has a little bit of every genre: shooter, racing, puzzles, open world, freedom of choice, etc.


Terraria is another fairly old game that has been ported from PC to portable devices. This sandbox has an extremely high degree of replayability, so it retains its popularity even as a mobile game. Pixel graphics and a chiptune-style soundtrack are its hallmarks.

Geometry Dash

This musical platform game has made millions of players suffer from losing hard levels. Jumping over numerous obstacles to the dynamic soundtrack was not easy at all. In addition to ready-made levels, users can create their own unique locations.

Iron Marines

It is the last title in this top 10 paid apps for Android but not the last one worthy of your attention. This real-time strategy game will make you give it all. Space exploration has never been so exciting and challenging.

These paid games and apps are really worth the money. Try them now if you haven’t done it yet. Follow the changes in the lists of the best items to keep abreast of new products.


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