The 2022 Review Of The Bigbangram Facebook Video Downloader

March 3, 2022

Today, it seems that not being present on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more will mean you live in a cave and do not know what “reality” is. Since social media is said to have started in 1997, according to Maryville University, it has only become bigger and bigger as the years go by. Statistics reveal that the social media users in 2020 have reached more than 3.6 billion people and are projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.

There is a lot to see on social media, such as video content that people consume daily. This video content is massive, and if we are going to count how many of them are on social media, we would never end. With several stunning videos to watch on social media platforms like Facebook, many people want to obtain copies of these videos that they can keep to themselves. How to save a video from Facebook, among many other social media sites, is possible. Believe it or not, this way is often also offered for free, so you do not pay anything.

How to save a video from Facebook is not possible within Facebook itself, so you need to have a Facebook video downloader or a similar tool. Searching around on Google, typing “Facebook video downloader” or “download Facebook videos” will take you to several search results listing down these Facebook video downloaders. When discussing tools for specific tasks, you may come across these platforms requiring fees, or they are not free. However, you can find several free Facebook video downloaders, so you can download your favorite videos from Facebook without paying anything.

One of these is the Facebook Video Downloader by Bigbangram. This easy-to-use Facebook video downloader lets you obtain a copy of videos from Facebook and save them in your device’s drive, for instance. In this discussion, we will provide you with a comprehensive review of Bigbangram’s Facebook Video Downloader. We start with an overview of the tool.

The Review

Our review on the Bigbangram Facebook Video Downloader starts here. Read on.

Obtaining Copies Of Facebook Videos On Your File

Facebook has been a platform that goes beyond just seeing and catching up with your friends, relatives, and loved ones by visiting their lifes’ whereabouts on your social media feeds as you scroll through. This popular social networking site has also become a place to see a wide array of video content across several topics and subject matters. According to data and insights published on the software company Sprout Social website, 15 percent of the entire Facebook content is video. Between native and Live videos, video content makes up 15 percent of all content on this platform. Furthermore, several businesses worldwide use the power of videos to market their products, services, and offers.

With several video content creators improving their video content day by day, there will be times you would want to provide yourself copies of the videos you have watched, either because they caught your attention, are so beautiful you want to cherish them in your files, or more. Nevertheless, even with the wide range of things you can do on Facebook, Facebook does not allow you to acquire a copy of its videos from the platform itself. Yes, you may find a “Save video” button when you click the three-dotted button located at the right-hand side of the video. Yet still, this feature only lets you save the video in a place you can revisit later on via Facebook.

You Need A Facebook Video Downloader

Many people find a Facebook video downloader capable of downloading the videos you want to download from Facebook and get copies of. One of the most popular Facebook video downloaders is the Facebook Video Downloader by Bigbangram.

What Is Bigbangram?

Bigbangram is a service provided for individuals and businesses alike. They have been in the digital market for seven years already, and this service, according to their website, is used by many renowned bloggers, alongside the more than 27,000 users utilizing their full range of services. Bigbangram describes itself as “the best service for social media promotion.”

They offer the most advanced tools for those who want to improve the popularity of their posts on Instagram, boost their sales, enhance their promotions, and save inspiring content from social media.

Bigbangram’s tools include the Instagram Downloader for photos, IGTV content, videos, Stories, and profiles; the Facebook Video Downloader; and the TikTok Video Downloader.

This is also where you can avail various online services, aside from where you can access the Facebook Video Downloader. Their services are focused on Instagram promotions. Under this are options that include Instagram bots, the hashtag generator, the fonts generator, the Instagram Story viewer, and the private Insta-stalker.

Easy To Use + Get More Services For Your Online Promotions

Among the most glaring capabilities that the Bigbangram Facebook Video Downloader can offer is very easy to use. It is like many of the Facebook video downloaders you can find around. Once you get into their websites, since many of these Facebook video downloaders are accessible in website forms, you will see a box provided where you will place the Facebook video link before tapping on the Download button to start downloading the video.

Once you have the copy of the video you downloaded, you can further use these videos now in your file or drive to get inspiration from when you want to create and publish your video content, analyze these Facebook videos to see how they perform online, and keep memories in video from your life’s events and occasions.

Bigbangram is also a place where you can get various helpful online services if you wish to promote your products, services, brands, and more to the general public. All of these are on one website. However, right now, Bigbangram is centered on Instagram promotions.

In relation to these, another thing is that, unlike many other websites that offer Facebook video downloaders around, Bigbangram provides a one-stop place where you can download Facebook videos and download other social media content such as from Instagram and TikTok. These, not to mention their social media promotions services, were enumerated in the earlier paragraphs.

The Cons

Suppose there are cons to Bigbangram and its Facebook Video Downloader. In that case, it may be that their website does not offer adequate information that tackles more about its Facebook video downloader, such as its features. You can find very few articles written about Bigbangram’s Facebook Video Downloader when you search around Google. Instead, you see a listing of its other tools.

Beyond these, however, unlike other Facebook video downloaders, Bigbangram provides details via its website on things like what a Facebook video is, why you need it, how to use the tool, how to use the content you download from Facebook. Most asked questions that users may have, among many others.

Though Bigbangram is generally like other Facebook video downloaders around, you should not miss trying out their Facebook video downloader when you want to obtain copies of Facebook videos.

Our Verdict

Using the Bigbangram Facebook Video Downloader is easy and will not require you to learn any technical skills. Like downloading your favorite music from the Internet, perhaps your favorite movies too, there are not several steps to go through when you want to download Facebook videos using Bigbangram’s Facebook Video Downloader.

Plus, Bigbangram is not only a website that offers a Facebook video downloader. It is distinct compared with other websites with Facebook video downloaders because it is also where you can avail yourself of online services, particularly on social media promotions. These services are perfect for individuals and businesses that want to promote what they offer to people, such as products and services.

Bigbangram may be only one of the many Facebook video downloaders you can find around that offer an easy way to download Facebook videos. It appears that many video downloaders are quite the same when it comes to how you can use them. Yet, Bigbangram is unique compared with other websites with Facebook video downloaders because the Bigbangram website is also a source of other Internet services you may want to avail of. Plus, they present their team for netizens to see, and they have a blog page where you can read valuable insights in relation to the services Bigbangram offers. Bigbangram is undoubtedly among the best places where you can download Facebook videos.


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