How to Use Google to Perform Reverse Phone Lookup?

June 5, 2018

Many times in a day, you may receive calls from unknown numbers. The number displays on the screen of your device may not be saved and hence you can’t recognize the person calling you. To further investigate the number, you can use the advanced feature called Reverse Phone Lookup. In short, it is the number search engine which shows you to the details of the number that has just called you.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

The Reverse Phone Lookup is the feature or a process that can help users to track down the phone number simply by typing the phone number into the search engine, especially Google Search Engine. It is the easiest way to track any number and you can see the listings that come back connected to that particular number. You can see who is calling or texting you from an unknown number.

There are in fact a variety of ways to lookup a phone number on web. But today, we will explain how to Use Google to Perform Reverse Phone Lookup. This is the popular search engine to track any phone number on the web and it comprises the largest database of information and hence you can easily track the number online with ease.

How to Use Google to Perform Reverse Phone Lookup?

The Reverse Phone Lookup can be used with Google via its Phonebook Search Operator. However, in the year 2010, Google shut down the phonebook operator service officially, because the number of people searching number online was increased in Google’s Index and in a bid to reduce the requests the step has been taken by Google.

Owing to this fact the service of Reverse Phone Lookup has been removed from Google which made tracking of phone number a bit less intuitive. But, still, interested people can use Google to perform Reverse Phone Lookup. You can follow the below steps to perform Reverse Phone Lookup on Google.

Step 1: Type The Unknown Number

You need to launch the Google’s Phonebook Search Operator and type the full number along with the area code into the search box for example 555-555-5555

Step 2: See The Number Listed

The search result will have multiple numbers listed in different phone directories. This happens because Google has changed the way it lists the phone numbers and hence it works this way to provide you the search results.

Step 3: Check The Number and Confirm

If the number that you have entered is related to a business, then the business will show up in the first five search results in the list.

Step 4: Household Number

If the number is attached to any private household, then the search result will show up most of the address details attached to that specific number. If that person has set the number anywhere across the online platform, including the social networking site, then the listing will show up that as well. It also gives you the information that it extracts from online resources.

How to Use Google to Find Address and Phone Number Using Reverse Phone Lookup?

  • Type the full address along with the zip code of the person for example “John Smith 97204”

  • You will get the search results where the name, phone number, address and a Google Map with directions will show up. This is only possible when the person you are looking for has made his/her address publically available and this can help you to get the roadmap of their address, making it easier for you to reach the destination through Reverse Phone Lookup.

Removal of Your Number from Google Phone Directory

Google has removed the service of public phonebook listing and hence you are not required to worry about getting your phone number public. But, it is still possible for you to remove the information and phone number from the directory if it is listed.

  • You need to visit the Google Phonebook Name Removal Page to remove the information and phone number from the listing. You need to keep in mind that this method will only remove the personal information stored on Google, but not from anywhere else where the information is stored with or without your consent.
  • Click on “Request to Have your Name Remove from this List” and your number will be displayed and you can remove it from Google Phonebook.

Is It Possible to Find Phone Number Using Google Reverse Phone Lookup Always?

Many people have achieved success in using the Google to Perform Reverse Phone Lookup, especially in finding a phone number, address, and details of a person. However, finding a phone number using the service is not foolproof.

If the number you are searching is not listed or originates from cellular operator, then the number can’t be found online, even through Reverse Phone Lookup.

PS: You must not pay for any of this service if asked as these services can be used for free n Google and you can perform Reverse Phone Lookup via Google for free to find any details or number for free.


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